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getting established in Mahwah, nj (bergen/rockland cty)

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My family just moved to Mahwah, NJ. I wonder if anyone can recommend some good restaurants, places to buy organic food, points of interest, good schools, yoga schools, holistic doctors, continuing ed. programs etc. etc. We are trying to get settled and don't know where anything is. Also, we're on the edge of Rockland county (NY). Any recommendations for places/services would be very much appreciated!
Thanks very much!!
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Whole Foods in Ridgewood is probably the closet place to buy good food. There is also a Trader Joe's on 17 not too far South of you. Dr. Raida Shor is not exactly holistic but she is good with delayed or no vaxing, slow to provide antibiotics, and in general more open to other things than traditional medical care. She's a sweet little Russian lady and shes right there in Mahwah just off of 17. There is a really good yoga studio in Nyack, NY but I can't remember the name of it right now. Also you might be interested in the Childrens Museum in Paramus, also just off of 17. It's a bit pricey but if the get the Parent Papers (usually at the local library) you can usually get a free adult with a paying child coupon. Barnes and Noble has story hour on Monday and Wednesday. I'm afraid I don't know anything about schools as we homeschool.

Welcome to the area.

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Hi we are moving to Sufffern in the next couple of months and have been looking for the same info!
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Hi there. Check out the thread from a few days ago about moving to Suffern.

Hungry Hollow Food Co-op is in Chestnut Ridge, NY, and is a great food co op. It's part of the Pfeiffer Center, which is affiliated with a Waldorf School (Green Meadow, I think.)

The Mahwah library is great and has good kids programs.

We don't go out to eat much but we would occasionally splurge on Indian or Thai food in Ridgewood. The Mason Jar on Rt 202 is noisy and a good atmosphere if you're taking noisy kids. The food is just ok and the prices are the same. Make SURE to enjoy the thin-crust pizza at Kinchleys on Franklin Tpk. They're in Ramsey, and kid friendly too. It's better to eat in since the crust is so thin, it doesn't stay hot for take out.

There is an overpriced Organica cafe/natural stuff store on Franklin Tpk across from Don Boscoe prep school. Not a place you want to shop regularly but it can be good in a pinch.

I'll write more if I think of it. We lived in Mahwah for 9 months in 2007. Our daughter turned 1 that May.

Check out www.localharvest.org for CSAs. There is one that delivers to the synagogue on Rt 202--Catalpa Ridge CSA. And there may be others. Lori Gage runs a natural foods buying club...I'll try to find her # for you somewhere.

Happy moving!
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The True Foods Cafe in Chestnut Ridge, NY is a nice little place. They just opened another location in Nyack.

How far are you willing to drive for activities?

NJ has lots of museums to enjoy.

How old are your children?
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Thanks Dakota's Mom, Kewb and Chamisa for your very helpful replies!

Kewb - I have a 4yr old and am pregnant right now. I'm quite happy to drive a fair distance so that's not a problem.
Chamisa - a CSA is a great idea. I tried to join Sun valley farms but it was full. I'll check into this other one you mentioned. The natural foods buying club also sounds interesting.
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I just found an organic store - Mrs. Green's - on 59 in Suffern right before you get into the town of Airmount. It's a little pricey but they had a lot of stuff on sale and it saves the drive to Whole Foods in Ridgewood.
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There's a Holistic Moms' Network group that meets in Ridgewood. (Check their website for details). That sounds like it would be up your alley and maybe those mamas will have even more tips for you.
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Thanks for the info happymomna, I'll have to check the store out! I would also be intrested in a natural food buying club.
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I am in Glen rock,not too far from you.I go to trader joes and whole foods in ridgewood.Mrs greens is way too expensive IMO.
I have a four year old boy as well as a two years old,six year old and one on the way!!
Ramsey in a nice town to take a walk through.There is a butcher there that sells natural meat.There is a nice nature center in Wyckoff.
Midland park also has a natural store.

I have an account with Frontier for wholesale prices on most things available at wholefoods dry goods,like organic spices,flours,vitamins,shampoo etc.PM if you wnt to be added to our group.I place an order every couple of months.
I am placing one nex week if anyone here in bergen wants in

There is a great prk in Paramus called van suan(sp?)has a petting zoo etc.All of these are just off 17 which is easy access from mahwah.

We are around most mornings if you would like a playdate pm me.

I had no one to show me around,tell me good places when we moved here two years ago.So I am more than happy to share,it is no fun not knowing anyone,or anything about your area.
We also go to the fellowship for lunch on friday in chestnut ridge.It is part of the waldorf community.There is a little farm there,they make beeswax candle on site (smells divine)they have great fairs and there is also a fab little naural toy store there.

My in laws live in rockland,new city.We head over to nyack a lot when we are visiting.There is alovely park by the water that we take our lunch to in the spring and summer.They have great street fairs once a months in the warmer months and there is a large holistic community there.Also a couple of good yoga centers.I do remeber there being a good yoga place near you but I can't remember right now.There is a great one here in my town that has been in yoga journal a few times.They have great classes.I am thinking about signing up for the prenatal and child classes soon.

alright,enough from me.Welcome:

I am going the join the holisti
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Originally Posted by twobears View Post
Hi we are moving to Sufffern in the next couple of months and have been looking for the same info!
I know that there is a csa share that drops off in NYack.not to far from suffren
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Hi there. You can contact Laurie about the buying club at lgage@juno.com.

My husband and I started Sun Valley Farm CSA in 2007! We moved to NY after that season to take advantage of a an amazing farming opportunity in the Hudson Valley. Another farmer took over Sun Valley Farm CSA last year. Alas, due to land lease issues, he won't be continuing. However, a nice guy named Pedro, who worked there last year, has started Bear Swamp Farm CSA. www.bearswampfarmcsa.org.
It's not right in Mahwah but you may be able to coordinate pick-ups with other members. Pedro is a really nice guy. I also believe there is a CSA at the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge. Check out www.localharvest.org.

I forgot about Mrs Greens, even though I went there pretty often! Funny. The regular prices are what you'd expect but I found that they often had specials on staples, so I'd stock up. There is a Suffern farmers mkt too.

Abma's farm in Wyckoff is a really nice farm stand and has a great little farm-animal exhibit area. They are NOT organic, however. They have a lot of disdain for the whole idea of organic! Other than that they are a nice family who has been farming there for ages. The Health Barn USA program at Abmas--a nutrition camp for kids--is run by a neat woman who is pro-organic and does great cooking and gardening stuff with the kids.

I forget the name of the place but there is a yoga studio right by the Dunkin Donuts behind Interstate Shopping Plaza, on Franklin Tpk in Ramsey. I knew one of the yoga teachers, she is excellent. There is also a yoga studio right by Mrs Greens in Suffern.

The Holistic Moms Network annual conference is right in Mahwah every October. I think there's a local hmn network in the area, too. www.holisticmoms.org, or something like that. Probably a very good resource.

There is a holistic dentistry place is Suffern, though I've never been there.
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As mentioned by minimunklemama- Van Saum is perfect for your 4 year old. We had a whole routine when mine were younger. Arrive at the zoo and ride the train. Walk the zoo (a great little zoo-easily walkable and well maintained), ride the train (again). Walk over to the carousel and after the carousel walk to the playground and finally -go home.

The Children's Museum in Paramus is okay but I did not love it. Certainly fine on a rainy, cold day when you don't want to drive too far. There is another one in NJ further south but the name is escaping me at the moment.
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Hi , I have lived in Mahwah for 31 years and my husband and I raised our daughter here.  She just bought a house in town last year.  Depiero's market in Montvale is lovely.  They also have alot of programs around the fall for the children.  They have a small petting zoo there all the time.  Their produce is mostly local.  Also in Wyckoff there is Abma.s farm still owned by the Abma family and all is organic including the chicken.  They also always have a petting zoo and fall activities in the field for children in the fall.  Right in Mahwah there is Secor's Farm owned by the Secor family.  They have delicious homegrown corn, raspberries and strrawberries.  On Goffle Road, it's either in Wyckoff or on the border of Hawthorne.  They have all types of organic fresh chicken and Turkey's.  It's a poultry farm owned by a man who grew up there on the farm.  When our daughter was little that is where we got her 2 newborn ducks and had them as pets for 5 years.  We enjoy the Restaurant L in Waldwick and Marcello's in Ridgewood not Suffern.  Also in Ramsey Morano's market has the most awesome sandwiches.  Kings market in Ridgewood, Trader Joe's on Rt 17 Paramus and Whole Foods in Ridgewood are terrific.  There is also a Trader Joe's in Westwood.  I do not know of a local holistic doctor, however Dr Annabell and Dr. Richard Lucani in Ramsey are very health conscience MD's   Dr. Richard is also a pharmacist.  Every Sunday throughout the summer Ramsey sponsors a vegetable farmers market which is lovely.  Once you get in the school system with your children, you will find out alot of info from other parents.  I don't remember the name but there is a vegan cupcake store in Ridgewood that is delicious.  Welcome to Mahwah.  September 28th is Mahwah day, you should go to that and October 12th  is Mahwah Parks Day you might want to go to also.  If you join Mahwah Patch, you can learn alot about what is going on in Town, both good and bad.  I have seen so much change in Mahwah.  When we moved here there were farms everywhere.  It certainly has changed, but we still love living here.  Welcome to Mahwah and hope you enjoy living here with your family.  Best Wishes, Terry       PS  Demerest Farms also  in Hillsdale is good , a little bit commercialized but worth going too.  Just that it gets extremely busy in the fall with the apple picking, hayrides and pumpkin picking.  Hope some of the info was helpful.

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