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Carrie, I've gotten the "real food" comment already as well. Actually it was DP's grandparents mentioned it to him, not face to face to me. Anyway, DP said they were asking how long I was going to breastfed and that G is so big, he can't possibly get enough with BM, he'll need food. ugh! DP told them that he's fine and will excusively BF for at least 6 months...and besides he's not ready for real food.
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Wow, Nora is already out of 3-6 months!

I have to share this b/c I think it's so neat...it's happened before with my other kids too but...

Annie was sleeping in this morning and had nursed 2x last night. My breasts weren't full with milk at all and I was just going about my morning. Suddenly I felt a let down and my breast got really full really fast. I was thinking in my head that Annie must be awake since this is happening so I went in to see and there she was...all perky and cute.

I just think it's so neat the connection we have to our babies.

With my other babies I have been out of the house and could feel that they were crying only to come home and find out that my 'feelings' in my breast were right on.
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Eleanor is now wearing 3-6 month clothes, and is quickly growing out of the 3 month clothes she's been wearing since she was about 6 weeks old and outgrowing her newborn clothes. She's getting cuter by the day, which is a good thing because she is just NOT sleeping. She'll sleep for 2 or 3 one-hour stretches during the day, then is getting up pretty much every hour during the night. This has been going on for almost a week. : DH has been great about taking her for a while during the day so I can nap, which has been a lifesaver.

I made spinach lasagna for dinner as an experiment, and DH says it's really good (thankfully, since there's a lot of it!), so I'm off to have some! :
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OMG, Carrie that Nora is out of 3-6mo clothes! Ally Rae is just now in 0-3 and some 3mo! It's so fun to hear all the milestones from everyone and how different babies born so close together can be. And, congrats on pumping so much mama! Ugh, and I just don't think people think before they speak! It's none of anyone else's business when your baby starts getting solids! I've had people offer Ally Rae a lolipop and a carrot already! Seriously?! Sheesh.

Rae, it's so frustrating that the people in our world (aka celebs) who have the most impact (as sad as it is) on our lives aren't more aware of what they say and how it will be received and how much power they have over what our society thinks and does! I love hearing about celebs that choose homebirth and VBAC or other natural things like BF'ing. I know there have been several lately but it's not as well known as those that choose the elective C Sections and tummy tucks all-in-one. It's unfortunate that NCB could be viewed as the "in" thing if only celebs would do it. Someday maybe. :

Jenn, so sorry to hear Hazel's day was less than great with Grandma. I hope today was better and continues to get better. I can only imagine how hard it must be. Good for you for only crying once at work though! And how great that you have someone to support you when things get hard at work.

AAM: DH is out of town for work until late tomorrow night. My step mom and sis are coming to visit from St. Louis tomorrow. My sis is graduating nursing school and has a job interview in Kansas City so they're going to stay with me. I'm excited to see them and have someone "knew" around.
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Originally Posted by sarah.astrid View Post
Rae and OrchideZ - that's too funny! I just bought a Girasol Big Sur on TBW. I love Earthy Rainbow too and will probably have one soon I also traded my Ergo for a Kanga-J -
We should form a TBW support group!
Haha- we are gonna be Girasol twins!
I love the look of Big Sur. I also really like Jungle and Forest Berries.
I am waiting to see Fresh Grapes. I saw the color scheme and I think its gonna be a nice one too.
I love the Kanga J- wow- never seen or heard of that one before. Myabe we should trade in our Ergo too...hmmm.
I also am loving the look of the Vanatai- just b/c I live in southern Cali and it gets warm here. Those are supposed to be great in warmer climates.

Orion: I wish I lived closer and could come to your play group. Sounds like fun.
I just joined up on a private online mama group in my part of LA- the eastside- its pretty cool...only one day in and I am getting lots of emails that are informative and also events, things to do.

Janasmama: That is so cool! Its like your breasts are psychic...

Carrie: can't believe Nora is already wearing 6-9! Wowzers.
Jasper is just now able to wear a few of his 3-6 month stuff that is smaller. He is getting longer finally- 24 inches- but still is a little guy.
Its so neat how our babies are all so similar but yet so different too.

Crabby: Jasper is on the same exact sleep schedule for the day. He is awake a lot of the time but yes, is pretty cute thankfully.

I just got back from Chinatown with my pal who is 36 weeks with her little girl right now. She is breech so we went to pick up moxibustion sticks for her to try to get the baby to turn. Tomorrow she has an interview to seeing about doing a version. I am getting excited that her baby is almost here b/c we want our babies to play together.

Gonna take a nap with Jaspie now...wiped out!
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Babywearing PSA

I don't like posting from my phone, so keeping it brief. I just got an email that there is a 50 off sale on everything at luckychild.com. The discount code seems to be "BIGSALE" -but the email looks weird on my phone, so I'll double check. They have Ashley's wrap we were admiring on Facebook if anyone wants to copycat her.
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Originally Posted by crosscat View Post
I don't like posting from my phone, so keeping it brief. I just got an email that there is a 50 off sale on everything at luckychild.com. The discount code seems to be "BIGSALE" -but the email looks weird on my phone, so I'll double check. They have Ashley's wrap we were admiring on Facebook if anyone wants to copycat her.
Soooo guess who was up at 4 am and saw your post and made an order just now??

Stock is running low as you might expect on the carriers and "hot" items. I have been envying Ashley's purple GMBB wrap and would have ordered it but alas, they were out of stock on that. I got a GM gauze wrap in the red shade instead plus a bunch of bamboo clothing for Jaspie.
I couldn't resist them as I have eyed that brand Kicky Pants for a while and 50% off makes it very affordable. Got him a onesie, tees, polo pullover and coveralls in the moss, bark and fawn shades- love em!
Jeezus- now I have to get off this computer before I spend more.
ps- anyone into trying a GM carrier, they still had one more of the red in gauze and in the stretch, they have the "Isis" and a brown one left plus the swim wrap.
Thanks for the heads up on this sale!
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Thanks for the heads up, crosscat!

It looks like I'll be getting out some new clothes today. CD's make the sizes go so much faster! My SIL (in Idaho who takes care of her three and her sister's four kids during the day) just send 6-9 month clothes, and the one piece suits that Bryson wears are getting small in the crotch with that big ol' padded diaper. I think rather than making her get out a new batch I'll call in reinforcements from some of my friends in town here and see if that works. The used baby clothes store has barely anything for boys (at least the last two times) but I know I have friends who are hording their babies' clothes, so perhaps that's where these outfits are.

I'm spitting mad: DH made an off hand comment when we were talking about dinner last night and I'm still fuming. I was making his fav. soup (he used to eat this stuff for breakfast) and he requested garlic bread. I said I didn't know if I'd realistically be able to finish the soup and the garlic bread b/c it's Bryson's fussy hour. He said "Well, then if I have nothing to come home to, I guess I'll work until 5." (he got home closer to 6 after going to the grocery store for some junk food.) Yeah. nothing here except for a wife, daughter and son, not to mention a house that he's insisting on finishing himself. And this over garlic bread. How stupid! I went to bed without dinner b/c baby was fussy and I wasn't hungry, I was so mad, and then got up this morning to find that the soup was still on the stove and the bread I'd thawed for his garlic bread was just sitting there, and the garlic was drying out in the open air. Does he know how hard it is to keep garlic good these days?

I think we get really snippy at each other at about this point in the year, so it stands to reason, but come on!
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kelli, thats really unfair. my dp is lucky to come home to dinner most nights right now
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Kelli, I'd be livid. Men are just really dumb sometimes and don't realize when they say things like that it makes us feel like $h!t. Ryan is coming home later than ever since Ally was born and it only makes me feel like he'd rather be at work than at home spending time with us. :
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Kelli, that sucks! Wasting food too, I'd be so mad.
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Oooh, Kelli, I'd be SO PISSED! I hate when DH leaves dinner out and doesn't put it away! ESPECIALLY if I'm dealing with the baby! ARGH, I'm frustrated FOR you!

AAM - I had to do so much last night. I got home, and Chris ran out to the store, so I had Nora. What a fusser! She finally fell asleep in her swing around 7:15 and then I ran to the kitchen to do the dishes and load the dishwasher. Then I made dinner when DH got home. I barely ate 2 bites before I had to feed Nora, then I had to clean the litter box that's still in her room. Tayla's been using that one and we're sloooowly moving it out of the room (closer to the door each day). Then I had to run her bath and do a load of laundry b/c she outgrew all her clothes and needs to be in 6 month clothes now!

Argh i was so wiped out and didn't get to sleep till 11 ish.

Dh has also started doing something that's really annoying to me. He apparently "checks" on Nora during the night, even though she's sleeping on her back, either right next to me or cradled in my arm. It's sweet and I love that he cares so much about her, but he wakes me up when he does it. He's always like, "Move your arm, her face is smushed," or "Can she breathe like that?" or "Her head is tilted back too far,"... He wakes me up so many times a night doing this that the teensy bit of sleep I am getting is very disjointed and I'm not getting rest.

Different problem than those of you whose babies won't sleep, I know, but annyoing, nonetheless.
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Oh Lord, Carrie, that would make me nuts!! Have you told him that it really kills your sleep? I finally told DH to stop kissing Ally goodbye in the morning because he wakes her up every time now and she squirms FOREVER and frantikly looks for my boob before going back to sleep. That makes her grouchy when she finally wakes up for good. Ugh.

I agree, it makes me so mad when DH doesn't clean up the mess from dinner! Dinner has always been his job! Especially now that Ally needs so much attention during the evening hours. I don't have time to clean up the kitchen before bed and if we leave stuff out, the cats get it and drag it all over the house. SO annoying. I hate waking up to find dried spaghetti noodles everywhere. Ha! Not to mention how difficult it is to get stuck on food off of plates and it wastes the leftovers (that make great lunches for me!)!

I got to clean the house and do laundry w/o Ally Rae today! YAY! She was really tired but wouldn't nurse to sleep like normal so I put her in her swing hoping the movement would knock her out. Sure enough! It couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 min before I checked her and she was asleep! Hooray!
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Kelli: I'd be so ticked too. I think he should cook supper for you from now on for making that comment!

Tara: Yay for a clean house and laundry being done.

Carrie: Nothing like being woken up at night by a baby and a husband! I will admit though, it is kind of sweet...annoying but sweet!

AAM: Kind of blah today. I'm just really missing DH and it's only been three days since he left...I still have over a month to go. But on a brighter note, my Mom has come to stay with me for a few days and she is ordering Chinese food for supper for us! :

Yesterday was my first playgroup at my house and it was so much fun. There were four of us that were pregnant at the same time so it was so neat to see all four babies together at once (check out the picture in my FB). It was so nice having other adults here to talk to!

Better run. I hear a couple of monkeys waking up from their naps!
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OMG she's GOT to be teething!!! When did the elves take my baby and leave a changeling?!? Cranky, refusing to fall asleep, gumming everything non-stop... even that homeopathic I posted about isn't helping anymore. Poor baby. And she was up every. single. hour last night from 3 am on. Poor Momma.

Ok, end whine.
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From memory, since my multiquote is craptastic.

Carrie- What does your coworker think you're doing in the conference room? Image: Spraying milk everywhere What a moron!

Tara- Your dh and my dh have been secretly conspiring against us. I'm sure of it.

Kelli- How dare your dh make a comment like that :

OB- I hope you enjoy the rest of your time sans dh a little more.

Originally Posted by Amber Lion View Post
OMG she's GOT to be teething!!! When did the elves take my baby and leave a changeling?!? Cranky, refusing to fall asleep, gumming everything non-stop... even that homeopathic I posted about isn't helping anymore. Poor baby. And she was up every. single. hour last night from 3 am on. Poor Momma.

Ok, end whine.
Awwww... Poor Addie! Poor Em!

Try Tylenol : Seriously, though, when I have a really bad headache and the natural stuff isn't doing sh*t I take Tylenol.

We've had a good day so far. Going to be taking my cat, Pagan, into the vet this afternoon soon. I think he has FIP, but am hoping it's only worms. Please keep your : for me.

Dh and I have a date on Saturday night. We have a reservation at a nice Peruvian restaurant we got a GC for during the holidays. My sister's babysitting. I'll be putting Hazel to bed before we leave and my sis can totally wrangle Olivia to bed

I had 22 oz of leftover milk to donate today. It was for a mom with genuine low supply and she uses a LactAid to supplement. It felt really good to donate it instead of dump it down the drain
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((hugs)) to those of you with teething/and/or fussing babies. I don't think we are teething here yet... but definitely fussy. Starting to think we may need the reflux meds adjusted.

Tara... yay for doing housework without a kiddo clinging to you!!!!! (wish I had more time for that myself lol).

Jenn that's awesome that you got to donate your milk..... I'm sure that was a wonderful blessing for the other Mama an baby !

AAM I am going crazy here waiting for my new wraps to arrive.. ahhhh! Yesterday and today both we received boxes in the mail.. and I thought for sure they'd be a wrap. Yesterday it turned out to be some vitamins (sigh), and today.... it was slacks for DH!!!!!!!! Today was especially disappointing since I waited several hrs to open it.... and was sooooo excited.. only to pull out a pair of slacks LOL!!!!!!

Well my 2 yr old just woke up... (right when I put the baby back to bed).... of course.
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Kelli - Sorry about that...my DH always leaves food out when I am dealing w/ baby and go to bed earlier just to help her get to sleep. It's so annoying.

It seems like we all have fussy babies on our hands. Definitely teething time. I wonder who will be the next to pop a tooth...Congrats to Carrie...it seems like Nora's first tooth didn't cause too much grief.

AAM - Can I brag...I ran a 5K today! That is such an accomplishment for me considering I have never ran that far. Yesterday I did a hardcore workout:

50 pullups
30 weighted squats
10 situps
10 back extensions

35 p/u
20 weighted squats
30 situps
30 back extensions

20 p/u
10 weighted squats
50 situps
50 back extensions

Boy...I was exhausted after that...it took me 20 min. to stop shaking and the situps made me cry. I feel so good getting it done. Oh yeah, my p/u's were assisted with a rubberband thingy.

I am determined to get fit and keep on going!
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I"m just saying hi... still around just super busy this week. Love!!!
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Oh wow..... that is Quite a work-out!

I don't do nearly that much at a time !

Hi Changed!!
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