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How to arrange photos up a staircase?

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Looking for any photos or tips on how to arrange photos going up a staircase.

We have a two story foyer with a huge blank wall leading upstairs - just begging for photographs. I found this guide, but I would really love to see some pictures from inspiration.


Thank you!
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We have several big, awkward wall spaces which I have been putting off decorating bc the pics need to be just so....
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Here is a guide to hanging a group of pictures. It is not on a staircase but it should help you set up the pictures without drilling tons of holes and to get the placement and spacing right.


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I think you have to have an eye for it, and if you possess this 'eye' you probably know it If not, enlist a visually-minded friend to help you lay them out on the floor. It shouldn't take long at all, then you can do the hanging/drilling afterward if your friend doesn't want to stick around.
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Since my house has ancient plaster walls, I didn't want to drill lots of holes in the wall that would have to be patched later. But I've always wanted to display new and old family photos up the stairs. I used the STRIPA shelves from IKEA to group family photos together. These shelves are very inexpensive .

Here are some pics:



I just recommend using wall anchors and a level to mount the shelves properly. Pleas post pics of your finished project, whatever you decide to do!
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I have an eye for picture placement, I guess. DH cringes every time! LOL I look at the wall and I look at my framed items and whack nails in the wall. It is rare I make more holes than necessary. DH measures everything to the nth fraction of an inch. LOL When it really matters (shelves and wall-mounted cabinets and such), I let him go at it his way. He rarely makes more holes than necessary, either. It just takes way longer.

We also have a LARGE blank two-story foyer wall alongside the staircase. I have a large, framed, old map at the bottom of the stairs. The rest of the staircase walls are empty. I kind of like it. I may add some things later on, but for now I like the blank walls in this area of the house.

Elsewhere in Home Management, I posted tonight about wanting to do something about our large, blank wall in our kitchen, though. I know what I want, but cannot find it and I have enlisted many friends and family in my search. LOL Meanwhile, I am looking for a short-term, low-cost alternative. I have a wire with clips from Ikea that I may use. If the hanging mechanisms are too intensive or the length of wire is too short and looks weird, I may go with framing our family art night masterpieces and I am considering the ledges.

My neighbors have a wall of photographs alongside their staircase. They nailed strips of wood in level horizontal rows all the way up the staircase. It may be 1x1 or 2x2 or something along those lines. Then they hung all the hundreds of framed pictures from nails hammered only into those strips of wood. The strips are painted the same color as the wall, so they visually blend in nicely. They are grandparents and great grandparents and have a LOT of photographs! It looks pretty good considering how many pictures there are.
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We have a big blank wall in our family room/entry way that I put frames up. They aren't too close together like the ones in that blog link. I think they look better a little spread out. I also didnt do all that measuring and planning- I just put them up!

The frames are a combination of black/white/silver all different sizes and textures. I love pictures on a wall- it really adds to a home and makes it warm and homey I think.
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I read somewhere, that you can make brown-paper-bag cut-outs of the size frames you're planning to use, then just masking-tape them to the wall to help plan. That way you can step back and get a good look at the massing & dimensions of the frames within the space-- white space versus filled-up space, all that.

Seems easier than taking up and putting down the frames themselves!

If you don't have the frames themselves yet and are still at the planning stage re: what size frames and pictures you're going to have, I reccommend going big-ish. Little 4x6 or 5x7 frames will just look fussy in a space that large...
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