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so happy!

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I got my VBAC, had an incredibly healing and empowering natural hospital birth--and got an amazing healthy baby girl out of the deal! I'll post a birth story at some point later, but I wanted to share my joy! My doula, midwife and the hospital nurses all worked so well together *with* me throughout--I never would've imagined I could've experienced what I did in a hospital. It was amazing and I'm still on a big high from it, five days later--even through the hormonal weirdness of my milk coming in.
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Congratulations to you!!

How wonderful! ::
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Congratulations!! Welcome baby girl!
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Congradulations :
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Congratulations! Yay for your VBAC! :
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Congrats!! So glad you had the birth you had hoped for! :
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That's wonderful! I just had a similar VBAC experience - though in a BC - and it's been awesome. Congrats!
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: congrats!
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Congratulations!! I'm glad that you got the experience you were hoping for.

I've had two spectacular drug-free hospital births, so it can be done with the right people around you.
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congrats on your vbac and little one....::
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