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Evening Primrose Oil during pregnancy?

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My ND set me up with supplements to take for TTC and pregnancy. One of them was Evening Primrose oil. I mentioned that I'd heard that you weren't supposed to take it during pregnancy, because of uterine contractions or miscarriage, or something like that. Anyway, he told me that was just not true, and that it's very beneficial to take during pregnancy.

Can anyone help me out here? I know I've read women on here saying not to take it during pregnancy. Are there any solid info. sources? What are your thought?

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I don't have any sources for info but when I was pregnant w/ #2, my midwife had me take it (can't remember the dose) at the end of my pregnancy, can't remember why she said to. Sorry, this isn't much help other than it was recommended at the end of my pregnancy.

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*I believe* I took it at the end of my pregnancy to bring on contractions.
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my midwife had me take it at the end of pregnancy. She had me take it orally I think and also insert it in my va jay jay. She said it would soften my cervix. She hasn't mentioned anything about it yet though. I'm sure it was just coincidence, but the first night I inserted it with my first son at 38 wks my water broke. Again I'm sure it was just coincidence.
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YOu can google it, but pretty sure it will ripen your cervix. As the PP mentioned you can take it orally at the end and put it in your Vagina.
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Yes, it soften and ripens the cervix, so midwifes and OBs don't recommend that you take it until 36-37 weeks at the soonest.
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
Yes, it soften and ripens the cervix, so midwifes and OBs don't recommend that you take it until 36-37 weeks at the soonest.
Yup, this. I wouldn't take it before 36 as it can work really well for some women. Personally, I wait until 38 wks.
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I took it during my last pg and now during this one AT THE END to get the ball rolling...it's supposed to get labor progressing and I think help thin/dilate cervix...can't imagine that's something you wan happening early on!
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It's an essential fatty acid. I took it throughout my pregnancy without any problems at all.
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It is an essential fatty acid, but from what I have read, GLA can have an effect on your hormones... Women, of course, use it for PMS and menopausal symptoms as well. The same is supposedly sorta true for flax seed oil, I believe that is considered a phytoestrogen, and too much can, again, affect your hormone levels. I don't know how much of a threat it REALLY is, probably not much unless you took copious amounts, but I personally am just avoiding it while pg. I take fish oil. That being said, you're ttc, and i used epo for that too. I took it orally it prior to ovulation, to improve cm. I can't say conclusively it was due to epo, but it only took one cycle using it, and we'd been trying for maybe 5 cycles prior? Good luck!!
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This is all very interesting.

My thought right now is that some have said they only take it during the end of their pregnancy, and it helps bring on labor, but how can we really know that? I mean, if you started taking it at the end of pregnancy...you were going to go into labor anyway. How can we know that it would have been any different if you weren't taking the EPO?

I wonder if there are any cases of women, going into early labor, that were taking a decent sized dose of EPO during pregnancy. Of course, that connection could simply be a correlation and not cause, but it would be interesting to know.

I'm just so interested, because my ND has told me I definitely should be taking it throughout pregnancy, and what I've read online (forums & random web pages) is simply not true.

Why the huge disconnect on this issue? Could it be that someone said/wrote something like "oh this might cause uterine contractions" (who maybe had no evidence) a while ago, and then someone told someone else, and then midwives told other midwives they heard it, and then someone wrote it on their webpage, and now all of sudden, it's a fact!

Hmm, I don't know....but I want to get to the bottom of this!
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I'm curious about the difference between taking it orally and putting it up there beside your cervix?
starting at 38 weeks I started putting it up there, but I never once took it orally.
Is your ND suggesting orally early in the pregnancy?
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Yeah, he's suggesting orally during TTC and then to continue taking it orally throughout the entire pregnancy.
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MomtoXane, do you remember what dosage you took? I just ordered some krill oil that has EPO in it (500mg). My instinct tells me that it wouldn't be harmful to take but idk. I would ask my naturopath but she is wary of any oils, which disappoints me because I am a doTERRA freak. Thanks!

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My midwife told me to start taking 500mg/day at around 36 weeks. I started around 32/34 because I thought- why not?! I didn't have any complications or real strong contractions or anything from it. I took it orally- only! When I went in to be induced at 42 weeks I was dilated to 6.5 -having absolutely no clue! I've heard that if you're taking when you become pregnant- it's probably safe throughout pregnancy- but not to start it once your pregnant. Who knows though. I'll still take it again towards the end of this pregnancy... though I'm not sure what effect it really has???!

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