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Texas Border Moms

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I am looking specifically for Del Rio or Eagle Pass moms who have experience with Acuna and/or Piedras Negras. Do you/would you go over there alone? I need dental work done. I have been over there twice to go to the dentist, once alone, once with my boyfriend (at the time). Both times everything was fine. Now I am more worried about it because I am a mom....but I REALLY need this work done. DS will be staying in Texas with my mom while I go. Anyone?
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hi! i'm in san antonio, but my BIL is from eagle pass and he and my sister travel a lot down there. my sis was telling me the other day that her MIL won't leave her house to head to the ranch (across the border) after 10 am. i think the violence down there has been increasing at a scary pace and more stuff is happening during the day.
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my husband is friends with several border patrol agents. they told us to stay OUT of mexico. i am near brownsville, weslaco border crossings etc. i personally would stay away because of the kidnappings...http://www.laredosmissing.com/home.html
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....oh Mexico is safe in a majority of places...i live here in MX we spent the weekend on the border...Reynosa, San Benito, Harligen...i crossed over two times over the weekend with my girl friend...very safe....your talking about very small border towns.....not much crime. Acuna is a very small town...not alot of crime either...as long as you speak spanish...and look like you know what your doing...you will be fine....The larger city's may have more issues..however
It's no worse than any large city in the US.
The media tends to overkill all events here in MX...I feel safer here than in the states...my kids run outside all day...walk to the corner store alone....it's nothing like the media portrays.
Here is a great little border town with lots of Winter Texans...white people every where...it may be a longer drive for you...but may be worth it...
It even has a list of Dentist's etc.
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My mom and 12 year old daughter went on a mission trip to Acuna last summer. Everything was fine. They were never worried, said everyone was really nice and never saw any violence.

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I would go in the morning, and not bat an eye. If Acuna is on par (size-wise) to Progreso, and If you are confident about where you are going, like you know exactly where it is, and walk with a purpose, then you shouldn't have a problem

I had my ultrasound in Progreso and never was worried.
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