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Daddy has a sniffle..

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We're at home, and have been for a month and a half. Tomorrow is actually my son's four month birthday, although he's one month adjusted (I just realized that right now!).

Anyway - Daddy's got a little bit of a head cold. There's nothing colored coming out of his nose, he's not coughing or sneezing, just a little stuffy with a headache...and I am TERRIFIED. Dad's been kicked out of the family bed and is sleeping in the nursery, I'm making him wash his hands even more than we normally do, and the only time he's held the baby all day is when I really, really needed a five minute shower.

How have you gotten back to a space where you realize that a small snuffle is not going to kill your baby? Gwyn is breastfed, we're careful about washing hands even when we're healthy, his dad doesn't routinely lick his head, and he gets the Synagis shots..I know this paranoia is just NICU holdover. I'm not going to do my family any favors by burning myself out, but I'm so scared of the baby getting sick and needing to go back to the hospital, which is my worst nightmare.

Thoughts? Am I crazy for letting my husband stay in the house? Am I crazy for feeling so scared that I thought of making him stay with a friend? Have I completely lost my mind? What would you do?

Thank you so much..
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My DD (2 months early) is in day care 3 hours each day, and she has had a very minor cold each month! It's not optimal, but she's receiving Synagis and doing just fine. I wouldn't banish my husband from the house, but I would do exactly what you are already doing: making him keep his hands clean, no kissing on your baby, minimal contact just to be safe.
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Last week our whole family caught our first cold since Zephan was born 2 month ago at 31 weeks. Even Zephan had a cough and a runny nose. He was about a week late for his Synagis, so I was terrified it was RSV. But after a quick trip to the doctor to confirm that it was actually just a normal cold, we relaxed. A few day later, we are all fine.

We do try to limit contact with family members who are sick, but with two little boys, this is almost impossible. We do encourage handwashing, but even then it's hard! My main strategy is to try to expose myself to whatever the older boys have so my body will produce antibodies to help Zephan fight it off.

We're also trying to support everyone's immune systems. We use herbs, probiotics, vitamins, and homeopathics as needed to try to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

I think your husband is fine staying at home. Your child needs to get used to his germs, and most likely they are a lot less scary than the germs at the hospital. I'd much rather little Zephan catch a cold from his brother's than RSV, the flu, or MRSA from a nurse who forgot to wash her hands after treating a baby in the adjoining room...
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I'm terrified at the moment, because Asher was sick last week, Judah is sick today (with fevers and coughs), and Nathan has a little bit of a cough. He has had no fever at all yet and I am just praying that it stays that way. I'm doing tons of laundry right now, trying to rid our house of this virus. ugh!
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I got sick when Ridley came home, but she didn't get anything. Since then DH and DS have been sick, with no problem for her. That's not to say that she can't get it, but as long as we do our best with washing hands and staying away from her when they are sick (I still have to feed her), then I just can't worry about it.

I think you are doing everything right. When DH is feeling better he can move back in, but keeping up with washing is so important.
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My husband and I were sick after Christmas but our little one was spared. He drinks breast milk so he received antibodies to fight the virus.
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