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Dreams are such a powerful tool in unlocking some of the little questions in life. I try to really tune in to them when I remember them and I sometimes even write them down in a dream journal, which is really nothing more than a couple scraps of paper by my bedside. Last night I had the most beautiful dream. I had just had a baby girl who we named Emme and she was just beautiful. I was nursing her and rocking her and my oldest DD came in and asked me to sing a lullabye. I sang a beautiful Norwegian lullabye and both girls fell asleep next to me. It was so simple, but so real, I could feel the baby and the softness of my older daughter's hair. I could hear her voice. I'm now convinced I'll have another baby girl and she'll be named Emme.

Awhile ago I had a dream about my deceased grandfather, and to make a long story short, he convinced me to heal a rift between myself and my older cousin. I have and I feel better about my life for doing so.

I have so many other examples to share, but won't bore you

Do you ever have dreams about future children? Dreams that have made an impact on your reality?