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With my first birth (in FL), they did continuous monitoring (although they did have a telemetry unit and you could decline continuous anyway). The hospital I'm birthing at this time (in CT) does intermittent monitoring.
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For my first, the hospital required an initial 20 minute strip, then a quick listen with a Doppler every half hour. I don't know what they do during pushing - I ended up with a C-section.

My second is due in May or June, and will be a VBAC. This is the only hospital in the area to not have a VBAC ban. They will require continuous EFM. I'm rather upset about this. I know they have the wireless monitors - that's not my problem. I'm upset because the monitors use ultrasound, and I believe that it can cause problems. Both babies that tried to avoid the ultrasound when I get it. How stressful is it for the baby to have hours and hours of ultrasound (Doppler) and not be able to avoid it? I'm hoping to "agree" to it, then keep pulling it off for a "break". However, that will keep me in a more intellectual frame of mind instead of labor land where I should be. I have a doula and a supportive husband to help with this.
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didnt have an ob with my first, had a fp but the docs at the hospital made me stay on it, yes. they got highly pissed when i kept unhooking everything to go to the bathroom.

second had a uc at a bc.
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Nope. Nada. Not at all. Mine is totally cool without them. It is standard NOT to have them unless it is needed in truly high risk situations.
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Originally Posted by bella99 View Post
I was on the monitor for the first 10-15 minutes after I was admitted. Then it was removed and I was occasionally checked with a doppler.

That was it.
That's how my hospital does it too.
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Ours was 20 minutes every hour, so I would walk around for 40 minutes then lie down so they could get a read on the tape. At the very end, pushing stage, I ended up with the monitors on continuously, and then an internal monitor. Hopefully I can avoid that next time. I plan on talking to the docs in my practice individually and see how I can labor-down at the end, that is if they will allow different positions even if they don't go along with the monitors.
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Mine did 20 minute on admittance (this was the worst part of labor), then checked me with the doppler once an hour for 2-3 minutes.
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The HOSPITAL required a 20 min. strip at admin.. My midwife, thankfully, refused it for me, both times. It was a funny coversation (same nurse both times) "Midwife, we require patient to have monitering for the first 20 mins." midwife "No, we aren't going to do that," It was clearly a "CYA" moment for both of them. I can't imagine having to lay in bed for a 20 min. strip at any point in either of my labors!
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It's only required here if you have an epidural or pitocin, or if you are VBACing.

Moms who are low risk and laboring naturally only need intermittent monitering.
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Yes... continuous monitoring.... with no complications whatsoever...

14 hours of continuous monitoring before they started pitocin.... and then of course it didn't change from there. 7 hours and an epidural later I had my baby.

I'm homebirthing this time because of this....

My sister also just gave birth in November and they required continous too - well they didn't require it, but they kept coming up with excuses to make her keep it on. She never did get them to let her take it off in the 6 hours she was there. No complications, no other interventions.
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Nope. She asked for about a minute or two near the end of labor, but as soon as I wanted it off I just took it off.

They stuck to my birthplan and never once even suggested something that I didn't want.

Basically they just sat and watched and when the baby came out (while I was standing outside the bathroom door) the dove in and caught her (after I initially held her head in LOL!)

No IV (or hep lock) either and I went home the same day a few hours later. Oh she also mentioned that I was group B strep + near the end but agreed it was too late for anything anyway and just let it go.

This was my fourth baby. They were aware that I had a previous waterbirth (birthcenter) and homebirth (that turned out to be UC). I think they figured I knew what I was doing.
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Did your OB require continuous monitoring?

Okay, this is kind of funny, when I read the question in the thread title I thought you were asking about whether laboring mamas had to "continuously monitor" their OB's - like, making sure they didn't break your water during a routine VE or slip pitocin in your IV or cut an episiotomy without asking. I've heard so many stories like this, my mind went there automatically!

Too bad there's no machine that goes "ping" when your hospital care provider is about to do an unnecessary intervention. I'd definitely consent to THAT monitor. But I guess all the pinging would get pretty noisy and distracting in the average hospital!

My little jokes aside - my hospitals (both pretty mainstream) had a required 20 minute strip - after that you could do intermittent monitoring if your care provider said so. Translation: CFM was the default position. So I made sure my OB and midwife put a note for intermittment monitoring in my medical chart, which they were both fine with, no problem. As it turned out, arriving at the hospital almost pushing meant it never mattered.
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Nope! She said she would when I tried a VBAC but then she changed her mind! She even spoke up for me to the nurses and told them I didn't need monitoring yet or that there was no reason to check my cervix. I was allowed to wander the halls as long as I stayed in the maternity wing and returned to my room at a certain time for a few minutes of monitoring. It wasn't until my water broke that I was required to stay in my room - which makes sense to me!
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My Ob doesn't. He checked when I came in, and then checked a few times after that just to make sure. I was allowed to walk around, use a birth ball, birth pool, etc. When it was time to push you can change positions, use the squatting stool, etc. They don't push pain meds on you either. Any intervention is asked by the mom, unless of course a emergency c-section (which my Ob hardly ever does).
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i had MW's both times. 1st birth they only required the continuous monitoring once i had an epidural. this past time there was no epidural or iv, and no continuous monitoring. they used the doppler every once in a while.
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The hospital said it was required but I told them there was no way I would be able to stay in bed. They wanted me to wear the monitor for just a little bit anyway and sure enough I freaked (couldn't stand any pressure around my belly) and tore it off. They occasionally checked me with a doppler but even that became impossible after awhile (I was always moving!) and they gave up on that as well.

I was low risk and had an unmedicated birth...I'm not sure if it would have been different had I been on meds or anything like that. Just because they say it is required doesn't mean it will be enforced.
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No--because I was adamant about it, they respected my wishes. I did allow for spontaneous/intermittent monitoring.
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I had to have it with my daughters birth because I was induced and I hated it sooooo much!
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Yes and it was awful. Everytime my contractions got going really well, they'd stop me from walking and make me lie down for 20 minutes so they could run a strip. Then the contractions stoppped and I'd have to start all over again ....
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No, I had intermittent monitoring and I think that was pretty standard for OBs in my practice. When I was in transition and moving around a lot, I didn't even notice because my nurse manually held the monitor on me.
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