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Moving to Pittsburgh

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Hi PGH mamas! I hope there are some of you here on MDC!

We'll be moving to Pittsburgh this spring. Though I grew up in the South Hills, I have lived away from PA for 10+ years. I hope you can help me with resources that will make our transition easier.

First of all, are there any good places to meet (AP) moms? I noticed there is a babywearing group that meets in Regent Square. Please throw at me any ideas for meeting other moms and babies!

Secondly, does anyone have any pediatrician recommendations? We are currently a non-vaxing family and we'll be living in Squirrel Hill. On the same note, has anyone dealt with the non-vaxing and waiver issue in PA?

Any other tips/tidbits?

Thanks so much!
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Hello and welcome back to the Burgh! I don't have much input because I'm not very close to the city. However, if you search through this "finding your tribe" there have been several threads about the questions you asked.
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Thanks! I searched when I posted and didn't see any info on how to meet PGH moms. I did find a name for a ped who isn't in the city but might be worth driving to.

Where are all the PGH moms?
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We're all out enjoying the beautiful weather.

Just kidding, this week has been so miserable (at least in my opinion, I hate the cold and snow). Welcome back to Pittsburgh.

There is a big yahoo group, I don't know if I'm allowed to post it though, but maybe someone else will. I've met a few of the people that are on that list. And there are several Pittsburgh pediatrician threads around here. I should have looked for one for you before I started posting.
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Here is the one link I was thinking of:
I know there are more, I will try to locate them.
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Just saying hi! I live in Regent Square- I think the babywearing group meets in Point Breeze.
I looked up the Pittsburgh AP group on meetup- if nobody steps up I'll take on as organizer. I'm very AP, but only slightly crunchy, so I haven't been much of a joiner. Most of my friends are pretty mainstream.
Anyway, Sq. Hill is a great location!
Talk to you soon!
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I just moved to Pittsburgh last year. Unfortunately, I don't have any answers to your questions.

Just wanted to write to say there are other pittsburgh moms out here.
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Welcome back! I do love living in Pittsburgh. I live in the North Hills and work in Oakland.

There is a babywearing group that meets once a month - the third Saturday, I believe. It used to be part of NINO, but I think NINO disbanded or something. But the group is still going. MonteMama (the owner of thebabywearer) and another mother run it.

Since I live in the North Hills, I can't help personally with the pediatrician information, but I know a lot of moms who lean toward AP/NFL who use Dr. Hildebrant (not sure if I'm spelling his name right or not). He's in the East End near Trader Joe's - Point Breeze or Wilkinsburg. I see a pretty mainstream pediatrician near my home, but he's fine with us not vaccinating. We just sign a refusal when we go. We are hoping to send my boys to a private school and they are fine with an alternative vaccination schedule, just some papers to sign. I haven't dealt with public school or the state waiver yet, but I hear it's pretty simple.

There is an AP meetup group. It was pretty slow and only had a few meetups each month, all during working hours, so I left it before my membership fee was due. But if you will be a SAHM, it might be something you'll want to look into. I belong to a big mom's group on meetup (Burgh Friends and Family). There are all kinds of moms there, some more mainstream, some more AP, but there are tons of activities and get togethers and I've been very pleased with that group. Membership is free until June also, so you can always check it out with nothing to lose.

Feel free to contact me if you want more info on anything else. You'll be in a nice area in Squirrel Hill!
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I forgot about Pittsburgh Mamas too. There's a yahoo group, I think a previous poster alluded to it. Here's the link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PghMamasNetwork

I believe crunch abounds there. I'm not active though I am a member. Too much on my plate though I've always wanted to start being more active with that group.
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Welcome to the 'Burgh!
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The Pittsburgh Mothers Center is pretty active once the warmer weather comes around. Lots of meetups at the playgrounds near Regent Square/Squirrel Hill area (I am horrible with where one "place" ends, and the next begins). They also do sort of "field trips", as well. They have their monthly meetings close to the Regent Square area (or did, last time I checked).

As for peds, not sure on that front.

As for meeting other people, I threw out an invite here on MDC to one of the library storytimes, and I actually met one of my bestest friends that way (Heya, Amy ). Once you get settled, you're more than welcome to drop me a line (I live in Greentree, work in Glenshaw, and generally end up in all ends of the city within a week).
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Yay! Thanks for the info and welcomes, everyone! I will certainly look into the PGH Mother's Group, etc.
I am happy that we'll be living in Sq. Hill, b/c we'll be able to walk to Frick Park and the shops on Murray! I feel a play date coming on already, Mamas!

Your helpfulness is reminding me why I love Pittsburgh - everyone talks to everyone! :
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Originally Posted by kjoy2 View Post
Your helpfulness is reminding me why I love Pittsburgh - everyone talks to everyone! :
I always take that for granted. Is it not like that in other places?
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I interviewed ~10 peds in the area, and we did end up with Dr. Hildebrandt in Penn Circle. He’s very gentle, supportive of extended bfing, co-sleeping, very respectful of parental insight and opinion, and not pushy, at all, about anything, ever…at least, so far. He will give you the, as he refers to it, “vaccine summit” if you don’t want to vax, but as far as I know, he respects parental choice in the matter. He gave us some great advice and support when DD was just a few days old and refusing the breast—he came highly recommended by the midwives and LC at the Midwife Center. He often closes our visits with “if you want to bf before you get on the road, go ahead and use the room, just leave the door open when you’re done.
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I don't know the answers to your question, but I'm posting just to say I'm jealous. Dh and I are *dying* to move closer to SQ Hill area.
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Originally Posted by Hopefulmama View Post
I always take that for granted. Is it not like that in other places?
Oh, dear, no. I've lived in some places where people are more friendly and laid-back than PGH, and other places where people are much more closed-mouthed, rude, and rushed - for example, Wash D.C. and, now, the Bay Area in CA.
I am so excited to get back to a more sane pace of life and people who take time for other people. And NICE drivers. Wow. I miss nice drivers.

Time for more joy - ::
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I live in Squirrel Hill. PM me when you get settled, and we can get together sometime. My son is 4 now. We enjoyed the babywearing group when he was a baby and toddler. Another good way to meet moms is La Leche League. There's a group that meets monthly on Tuesday evenings at a midwife's office on Murray Avenue, as well as having daytime meetings that I don't know much about because I WOH.
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I've been searching for mamas in the area, too, and just found two groups that I've joined on www.meetup.com. I joined the Attachment Parenting group, and the Hip Mama group. I haven't made it to a meet up yet with the weather we've been having, but am planning on going to an event on Feb 10th that I'm really looking forward to. I know that the AP group meets at the Toy Lending Library a lot, which is pretty neat but a little too old for my daughter atm.

I assume you bf your dd, but I do want to throw out a big ol' recommendation to the Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh (in Squirrel Hill) in the event you'd have any latch problems, etc. Diana, a lactation consultant there, was so incredibly fantastic with us and all the problems we had in the beginning of breastfeeding.

Welcome back to the 'burgh!
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Hello! Another Pittsburgh mom, here. Welcome back! I lived in the Bay Area for a while, too, (before having kids) and it just didn't have that same neighborly feel as Pittsburgh. I live in the West/Southish, so I'm not much help with the pediatrician recommendation.
I believe the babywearing group also meets the last Tueday of every month at the Panera in Oakland. My boys are 6 and 3 1/2 and I haven't been to a meeting, but I with may baby due next month I may be checking one out this month or next. I second the Burgh Friends and Family meetup group (Hello, Joelene!). It's not ap, but, as Joelene said, there are a wide variety of mom's in the group and lots of activities.
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Hi, Amy, it's Jessalyn!

The Yahoo! Pittsburgh Mamas group meets the last Friday of every month for an Indian food lunch in the west end/south hills area. I used to be in that group, but kinda got into it w/ another member and left. The other mamas were all nice and the lunches were good. The baby wearing people are nice, too, I've been to one meet-up to try different carriers. I dont know anything about other meet-ups b/c I have never gone to any, haha! I should probably get out more

There is also a fabulous elimination communication group that meets every month w/ out babies/kids! There are only a v few of us who attend meetings, we always look forward to meeting other moms of potty babies! Uhh, I believe meetings are the second Thursday of every month? I forget, but they are in the West End/Crafton area.
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