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homebirthers tribe

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How are you ladies doing? I actually don't have my first appt w/ my midwife until 16 weeks (I'm 14 weeks) but I am so excited about homebirth!!

I just watched Orgasmic Birth last night and oh man, everything I watch/read/look at just reaffirms my belief that this is the BEST way to birth my baby. YAY!

This will be my 1st homebirth, 2nd baby. First was born with a hospital CNM that was far from "natural" in my opinion.
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I am here I am planning a UC, but am going to see a midwife sometime next week (14 wks) to get all of the initial blookwork done, because of my RH status. So, hoping that all comes back good...
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I'm planning my first home birth, my third babe. I had one appointment so far at 11 weeks and my second is on 1/26 at 16 weeks. We didn't hear the heartbeat at the first appointment and I fought the urge to go in for an u/s with my old ob. I've been feeling movement now so i feel much more confident. We are in the middle of converting our duplex into a single family and I told dh that as long as the new bathroom with the big tub is done, this one will be born at home.
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2nd homebirth here! My first was a hospital birth. 2nd was MUCH better at home.

I had one appointment at 12 weeks. My next is the end of the month when I'll be 16. Hoping to hear the heartbeat then, though I have been feeling movement.
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Looking forward to my second homebirth. I feel much more confident and excited this time. The last one there was all this (underlying) anxiety of other's expectations. It was my first babe and I'm in training to be a midwife and so a big advocate for HB in my family/social circle. I was/am also the first one to be having babies so I felt this weird sort of. . . had to live up to the hype/had to prove it could be done. Ack! It wasn't all as overt as that, but on reflection it definitely coloured the experience of those last few weeks.
Anyway, I live with my preceptor who is also my midwife, so I've had two antenatal visits (sitting at the kitchen table with dd and dp wandering around ). Mostly just because I like to acknowledge the pregnancy and have it nourished and cherished in a set time just for me
I usually decline most testing, but had the initial bloods done - all good there.
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First birth - homebirth.

We've seen our midwife quite a few times already........ but that was only due to us chatting too much the first time... LOL

We'll go in for our second "check" appointment close to 17th weeks (Jan 29th)

Where are you all getting your birth kits from?? Are there places that are better than others?

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Originally Posted by QTRANDI View Post
First birth - homebirth.

We've seen our midwife quite a few times already........ but that was only due to us chatting too much the first time... LOL

We'll go in for our second "check" appointment close to 17th weeks (Jan 29th)

Where are you all getting your birth kits from?? Are there places that are better than others?

We are really lucky that the natural parenting group we attend is at our local free standing birth center. The owner has on file the list for my mw, so I just need to let her know when I am picking it up. Otherwise I would be lost.
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I'm here. I am really excited, and I really hope that nothing gets in the way of this being a homebirth. It's my second birth but my first attempt at a homebirth. I've seen my midwife 3 times now, and so far I love her and I love the experience of going to a midwife instead of an OB!
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Count me in! I've been reading Ina May's guide to childbirth every night, and I'm so excited to have a homebirth!! And they say it can't be done

I just felt baby kick for the first time last night (during the national anthem at a college basketball game) and again today when my dog was sitting on my lap baby kicked the dog!
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Here! I'm almost 17 weeks and have had two appointments at this point. I do talk to my MW regularly though. I had PIH last time and my odds this time aren't looking good for avoiding it. I'm just a total stress case for a number of reasons. Sigh. Anyway, HB is awesome...wouldn't do it any other way!
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We're meting with a new CNM tomorrow to discuss our options (she mostly does home births), I'd really like this one to be born at home...all 7 of my younger siblings were born at home (I was there for 6 of the births) and I helped my mom at a friend of her's home birth...it's so beautiful and just such a nice atmosphere.

I had a hospital birth (different practice) last time, and it was alright, but I'd rather give birth at home...if for no other reason, the peace after delivery.

I guess we'll see what DH says after our appointment tomorrow.......
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I'm so happy to be staying home for this birth. My last one was born in a state where homebirth is a lot more common. But here it's like a foreign language
It's so great not to have to sit in a waiting room forever and then undress for an unnecessary exam. It's great not to have strangers standing over you when you are in labor and trying to tell ME what I should be doing..... After ditching the hospital birth last time it's so hard for me to imagine why anyone would want to deliver in one (high risk aside of course).

I do have some friends that are using the same mw for a homebirth so at least we have our own little local tribe of 3

My big decision now is whether or not I want the birth tub or not.
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Originally Posted by QTRANDI View Post
Where are you all getting your birth kits from?? Are there places that are better than others?

I would ask your mw. Mine has one set up at a specific site with all the basic supplies she wants me to have. And I wouldn't order it yet. Usually you want to make sure you get it by 36 or 37 weeks (at whatever week your mw can do a homebirth), but I always figure better to order it, say after 30, just in case a complication comes up and I end up not needing it.
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I'm here! This will be my second homebirth, second baby. I'm really looking forward to it!
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This will be the 6th time I will give birth, 2th homebirth!

I am not expecting a pain free birth, but I know for a fact that things go soooooooo much easier when you are in a familiar and peaceful environment.

I was watching a little about the orgasmic birth thing, but I wonder if it also depends a lot on the woman's personality and mindset. If DH were a women I am sure he could come to such a state during labour because he is such a relaxed person, but I am a panicker by nature, making it that much harder for me to focus...
I did have an O while I was pushing my second baby out at a hospital with midwivs (but the rest of the labour was very painful). The only thing I did different was to NOT push because the midwives told me I was not "ready" so my body expelled the baby.

Anyway, sorry for going off on a tangent here :
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I'm here too! Things are rolling along and I'm really enjoying my first UP. My belly is getting bigger and I randomly feel little baby flutterings so this pregnancy is becoming more "real" all the time.

We had our local freebirth group's monthly potluck last week and it was fantastic to be surrounded by my likeminded friends. I feel very fortunate and secure having a support networt like this where I can call up a friend and chat about questions or concerns.

I watched the Orgasmic Birth film recently too and I wonder how this birth will be. With DD's birth, I got to the point where the contractions were sensations, not pain, and I stepped into them instead of pulling away from them as I did in my first birth. I'm kind of excited to see how things play out this time around.
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Count me in!

This will be my third birth, second homebirth. I've seen my mw twice already (I'm 12 weeks) and heard the HB. I'm also seeing an OB who is monitoring other things, and agreed today to be my emergency back up. I have to say he is wonderful; I asked if there was any reason I *couldn't* safely repeat a homebirth and he said no. : I feel very lucky--my mw said he's the only homebirth-friendly doc in town...

As for birth supplies, the mw recommends inhishands.com (and the prices seem very reasonable), but I already have so many of the things on the list, I'm going to ask around and see if anyone has any leftovers from their homebirths.

Can't WAIT to feel the flutters and kicks!:
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I watched the 20/20 segment on orgasmic birth, but where/how did you all see the full documentary, I thought the 20/20 segment was pretty well done and definitely interesting.
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I'm here! Still not totally sure that I'm having a homebirth, but definitely leaning that way at this point. Assuming I do, this will be my 3rd homebirth.

I haven't seen my midwife yet, but we have been in touch. I need to make an appointment. I have had a few appointments with an OB, who has actually been pretty good. I haven't had to wait at all, and haven't had to get nekkid at all either . He was very respectful and all that. The thing is that even if he does everything I ask, just being in the hospital will pretty much suck. So... I'm definitely thinking this one will come at home just like the last two.

The things I really love about homebirth, that just wouldn't be possible in the hospital are...
-being able to be alone, or only with people who I really want to be around,
-NOT having to drive anywhere during labor,
-being able to do what I want, when I want- be in water when I want, however long I want, eat/drink whenever and whatever, push in whatever position I want,

My last 2 labors have been intense but very short. I worry that if I had this baby in the hospital that being there would really slow things down, and that's when all the interventions start.

Well, the kids that are already born are needing me, so gotta go!!
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