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hey MOMYS, I had dd in Ontario and my midwife was happy to attend if I was around 36 weeks. She was fairly relaxed though - which was good because I declined things 'required' and 'suggested strongly' by the legislation left right and centre
There's a strong focus on informed choice in Ontario wherein they give you the facts, but you are held responsible for making the final decision. Not that everyone adheres to this. . .yay bullying tactics
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I did the initial bloodwork (just checking antibodies, iron level, etc). I don't do the genetic screening or the AIDS test, no reason for me to. I'm glad I did the initial bloodwork since my iron was very low as well as my vitamin D. My mw put me on supplements and I feel SOOOOO much better.
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Originally Posted by DahliaRW View Post
I did the initial bloodwork (just checking antibodies, iron level, etc). I don't do the genetic screening or the AIDS test, no reason for me to. I'm glad I did the initial bloodwork since my iron was very low as well as my vitamin D. My mw put me on supplements and I feel SOOOOO much better.
Good to know. I still haven't gotten through all of the reading, but I have felt very tired and kind of fuzzy minded lately. I might just go ahead and do it. She would collect at my next appointment and have the results some time in the next week for me.
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If you think your iron is low, there is no harm starting a supplement like floradix in the meantime.
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Hi! I'm planning a homebirth but would prefer unassisted. Due to a very painful ovarian cyst, I had to have an ultrasound at 7 weeks, and now I have to have a care provider in order to get a second ultrasound to check on the cyst (it still hurts so I know it's still there). I will be meeting my homebirth midwife for the first time tomorrow. I'm past 14 weeks now.

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second child, second planned home birth. me and DH are excited:
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This will be my first homebirth. My son was born at a free standing birth center with a CNM. This time around we are in a different state. We will be having a CPM attend our homebirth. We are SO excited for this!
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We've been watching the sale papers and the corner whirlpool tub that we were looking at was on sale so we picked it up with our tax refund!: I keep going upstairs to look at it and thinking our baby will be born in that tub. I feel like any doubt that I had about homebirth has melted away.
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Hello! I am having my first baby and planning a homebirth with midwives. DH and I are super excited. I had the prelim. blood test, but am skipping any ultrasounds, unless something comes up.
I'm glad I had the blood test (which checks CBC, RH status, and iron level.) I was glad to find out that my iron level was excellent. (my fatigue is just normal preg.stuff)
We did hear the heartbeat on Friday! So joyful!

I'm so glad to find you guys! I don't know anyone (other than my midwife) who has had a homebirth.
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I'm so excited to meet my little "nugget" this July and I'm equally thrilled to be planning a homebirth. I am a doula and I also had the joy of doing the midwifery assistance workshop with Ina May Gaskin at The Farm in TN last year-- very empowering, positive and educational. I've approached this (my only) pregnancy with an "all is well" attitude. My 1st MW appointment was at 13 wks (I might have gone earlier, but my DH & I were relocating from Switzerland to NY) and I think the "don't stress out" mentality is helping...at least with the pregnancy, I just trust and feel that everything is going to be fine. Thank goodness I can feel like this with the pregnancy because I am 21 wks pregnant and househunting in CT so that we can move sometime in the next 4-8 weeks into a new home...I can't even imagine the unpacking since our Swiss movers packed and labled all our boxes, in German, while I was busy having all-day-sickness, good times! I feel the baby all the time and am just today discovered heartburn for the 1st time...need to find an all natural remedy for that!
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How is everyone? I just finished up a hypnobabies hypnosis session and I'm feeling fabulous about my homebirth! A friend of mine just had a 2 hour long homebirth- she posted online like 20 minutes before her son was born that she "thinks she might be in labor" LOL. I also just went to a birth video night with my local AP group and loved seeing all the fabulous homebirths and just be surrounded by women who BELIEVE in the bodies ability to birth naturally and trust that homebirth is the best place to give birth. I am feeling very empowered about this birth and I am not going to let ANYONE get into my "bubble of peace" (hypnobabies term haha).

I haven't started preparing at all for the actual homebirth, but I have lots of time for that. Still trying to think what to do with my DD who will be then 2 yr 5 months. If my birth is as fast as my friends' was maybe she'll just be sleeping or hanging out with us?? That would be my ideal I think!

Still deciding on a doula. I thought I for sure wanted one but now I don't know. I have a MW, MW assistant, and then DH. Our house is SMALL. Do you think the MW or assistant would mind taking a few pictures?? I know it's not really there job or anything but it seems silly to have a doula there if all I really want her to do is take pictures and man the video camera... or is it?

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I could have written your post! I'm doing hypnobirthing and am feeling really good about my decision to have a home birth. My ds is 2 years and 4 months old, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with him (he was pretty disruptive at our recent hypnobirthing class, which makes me wonder how he'd be at the birth - he wanted my attention when I was trying to meditate). I also plan to have a mw, mw assistant and my dh there and wonder about pictures. I want them, but who will take them?

I have no answers. I just wanted to say that I'm right there with you.
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: here I come!

I am so excited that I found a midwife who will attend to my HBAC...not an easy task where I live! And I am so grateful to have found this warm, wonderful network of like-minded mamas who understand how I feel!

It gets kind of tiring answering everyone's questions about safety, dealing with the eye-rolling and apprehensive body language when I talk about homebirth. Its nice to have a place to go where I don't have to deal with that. Thanks, mamas and happy homebirthing!
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Congrats on finding someone supportive for your hbac, Tracymom! That's awesome
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2nd baby, 1st homebirth!!!! :

We are so excited. I just know it will be better than the awful hospital birth I had with ds. I ordered my birth tub and birth kit yesterday!!!!
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We're planning a homebirth, only problem is, we don't have a home......

My husband lost his job a couple of months ago and we had to relocate and move in with my parents temporarily. Hubby's still looking for a job, so we haven't signed a lease yet.

I am getting really impatient to get into our own home so that I can plan for our birth and nest.

I know everything is going to work out. I am not due until the end of July, so we still have time to get it together.

On the positive side, I LOVE my midwife. I think she would come to my birth if it was in a tent in the woods!! ( Who knows, maybe that's what will happen )
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We're looking at having to move before the baby comes. I know exactly how you feel about wanting a place to nest in!
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We are planning a homebirth (5th planned homebirth, but with 2 of them the little ones came to early and I ended up having them at hospital). Only thing is that my midwife (in Ontario, Canada) can only deliver my baby if I get to 37 weeks. Given that I have had 3 of my 5 bio kids before 37 weeks, I am seriously praying that we can get to 37 weeks.

There is no reason why I had my other babies pre-term. They had no medical issues (born at 36 weeks; 35 weeks, 4 days; 35 weeks, 1 day) at all and needed no medical assistance.
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That really sucks that you have to get to 37 weeks! My son was born at 36 weeks, and was perfectly healthy and ready to be born! (he was born at home).

As a midwife in Oregon, I'm allowed to attend births as early as 35 weeks.
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Just thought I'd raise my hand.
I'm planning a home birth too!
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