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What term of endearment do you call your LO? - Page 3

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DS1 we call Noogey, Noley, and Noley-bear...DS2 we call "DB" or "Dylbee"
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DS1 was Spud, but now he's Mr. Munchkin Man.
DD is Fairy or Muffin.
DS2 is Fatty or Mr. Milkers.
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Originally Posted by atobols View Post
Most of the time when I talk to Parker I call him bug or bugaboo.
Yeah, I use bugaboo sometimes too... it just rymes so well with "I Love You!"
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Love reading all the nicknames

Dd is and has always been little bug or just bug, at night when we're putting her to be she's cuddle bug. Sometimes she's Sydney Lu too

I've started calling ds bud, and I hate it! don't know why I call him that, I wish i would start calling him something else though!
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[QUOTE=holothuroidea;13026793]My mom's nickname for me was pooterbutt. My mom's nickname for me is STILL pooterbutt. Of all the names that stick, really!!! :

Oh dear! I feel terrible for laughing at this...
Poor you!
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I call my dd boo bear, or boo
Ds is called bugger.
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Pumpkin. Or Punkin' butt. DH calls her his little pig-skin when we used to nurse in a football hold all the time. We also call her Houdini-feet whenever she kicks off her socks.
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Originally Posted by pisceanmomma View Post
not pumpkin.
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DD is Bean, or Rhea Bean. Or Cuteness, Sweetness, or Love.
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When DS was a baby I called him Chubby Bubby. My DD who is 5 months is called StinkerBell or Bitsy.
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DS= Bubby, Sweetpea
DD= Punkin, Princessa, Meeka
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Ds1: Bubby/Bubs
Dd: Beanie/Beanie Weanie/Lou/LuLu/LuLuBee
Ds2: Baby Bear/Punky/Punky-pie/Punky Sir/Baby man
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8.5 month old DS we call chunky monkey (because he is) and I call him sweet pea and sweetie pea. 8 yo DD was called rugrat by my husband and we both still sometimes call her little one, although she's not so little anymore.

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I loved reading these! In my birthing class group for my now 2 year old, we have a Teapot, a Cupcake, a Booger, and my son Punkin (or sometimes Punkin Noodle Head - not sure where that came from).
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mocha latte, chocolate smooches, honeybutt........
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I tend to call her "Sweet Love" most of the time. I'm not quite sure why, but I do, and she seems to smile
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I call DD Bunny, Lovey, Baby Girl or Nomi (her name's Naomi). That's about it.
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Fatty, the Snortlepig, The Dude or just dude (my dad always refers to her as the dude or 'dudey' now, it's cute; my sister invariably greets her with "Yo, dudely one!"), Tiny, Tiny Tard (DH's) , You Tiny Thing, fishie, squishy one, little Gordita, Gordita-creeter, Sir Stink-a-lot, Tiny Pesk, Fatcheeks, the HMS Crazybaby, Shuttlepod 1, chicken-child, Dribbly Pig...

Now I look at the list, they all seem a tad derogatory. Poor kid. And DH and I are always interrupting her baby gurgles to say "Little dude, your opinion is very tiny". Meh, at least if she grows up broke in the head we'll know why.
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We call the baby Sissy. That's what Nate calls her, so we use it too.
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Bugaboo, Mr. Monkeypants, Scooter (since he scoots around on his bum)
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