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Please join us on the new ONE thread!! It's a shortened version bc there was some confusion ... I am going to keep this one after all, since no one else wanted it and Beaugeek will pick up next week instead! http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1033769
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CD2, gettin gover the heartbreak, again, and trudging on to another month.

Please place me in waiting to O. Thanks!
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AFM: CD7 here... just hanging around and havin' a bit of ... um ... "fun"...
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Please move me to waiting to O.

I feel like we suck at TTC We have never ever been a couple that does it every day, or every other day, and now we've been married almost 5 years and work opposite shifts at times so that really doesn't help. Last month we tried to do it 2 days in a row for TTC and it was so awkward and embarrassing. My O date is consistently CD 14 or 15 and I've been telling him it's time on the early end of the window, hoping to BD at least twice. Last 2 months it has not worked out and I think it's wrecking my odds. Next time I will just ask him on CD 13 or 14 and if we do end up doing it twice, great, but if not, at least we'll be closer to O day.
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Originally Posted by musicoholic View Post
Thank you! This was the first month where I actually have had a couple teary days. It's been hard to see my son at 9-years-old... he loves me so, and kisses me, holds my hand and adores me...except the new thing of not in public. When we are out and I put my arms around him and hug him or kiss him on the head he says "Public..." At first we thought it was funny, but I'm starting to see this is his gentle practice detachment, and it's been breaking my heart, though I now it is all good and right.

CD3. This is gear month.

Doing: CB Fertility monitor, OPK sticks, FertilCM, FertilAid for men (DH), FertilAid for women, Ferning lipstick microscope, took FSH test-strip today (CD3) - negative (hoo-rah), temping, checking cervix, fertilitea, pre-seed, insemination device for one of my "high" ovulation days, just to see if we can get the swimmers in the right spot (got it on ebay), and who knows what else I can come up with the next couple of days.

I suppose I am generally discouraged, but at the same time I'm getting pretty good at my daily fertility-tasks, and I can't seem to "quit the habit" of TTC, so we'll keep on until...well, who knows.

(sorry, copying and pasting for 2 threads as I've a lack of original imagination this day...)
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Hello all,

Put me into waiting to O too.

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Hey GUYS!!! Come check out the new One thread--- its from the 28-31st!
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