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I need a blog host (blogspot, xanga etc...)

But Im looking for one where I dont have to download components (like for wordpress) because I will be using multiple computers.

I would also like one where I can tag or organize entries into different segments and perhaps make some of them not viewable to the public.

Does anyone know of a good host that fits my needs?

Oh..I am so not html saavy - so i dont need or want ones that I need to heavily design or upkeep.
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i like blogger, but I don't think I can make some posts private and others not... I think that part is all or nothing. Otherwise I think it would fit the bill for you. Mine is full of custom html but you certainly don't need to know any html at all to make a nice blog.
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I think you should still look into wordpress.org. All you really have to do is download once, then everything else including software upgrades and plugin installments can be done through your admin panel without further downloads.
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Is there a place to read reviews of all the blogging options?
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I'm using wordpress.org and besides the initial dowload/setup I can access my admin/panel and do everything from any computer.
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I use Wordpress, and I did not have to download anything. I just do it all from the wordpress website.
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There are two ways of doing wordpress: wordpress.org (not hosted, download required) and wordpress.com (just like blogger only mo bettah in some ways).

I found some good articles on choosing blog hosts, but I have to go to dinner now, I'll try to find them again later...
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