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How do you decide which movies/music stay or go?

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We have a bunch of old tapes (music and VHS). I hold onto the videos (great movies like Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans, etc..) My husband holds onto CD and tapes (although he only listens to about 25% of his music. What's your criteria for keeping vs. giving away? I'm trying to declutter so that the available amount of space is what decides how much we own. And our music and movies are taking up too much space.
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are we REALLY going to listen to or watch it again? That's what I ask.

I recently sorted through all of my DH's cds with my kids and got rid of at least 100. We listened to each one - sometimes only the first 1 minute. If I didn't like it immediately, out it went. I did give DH a chance to reclaim them, but he probably only chose to keep less than 5 of the ones I rejected. I sold all of the cds for an average of $1-2 each at Half Price Books. That may not sound like much, but it did add up to quite a bit of money.

videos have gone to freecycle or to Greendisk for recycling - sold some of the DVD's. Same criteria, but the only things we chose to keep are things like Monty Python and some kids' favorites. I don't really see a point in "owning" movies. There is ALWAYS something to watch on tv, and we can rent a movie if we really want to. MIL always gives us movies, and it irks me.

now, if I could only get rid of books or arts & crafts ...............
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My husband has hundreds of CD's. His strategy is to keep everything. Drives me crazy!

My strategy is that I don't need to keep it if I haven't listened/watched it in a year. I can always get it from the library or Amazon later.
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Can you upload music onto your computer and get rid of your actual CDs? I have all of my music on the computer and have been able to get rid of some of my CDs (although I still have quite a few).
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I keep all the movies because I am a movie buff and watch them. I generally don't buy it unless I want to watch it. Music, *sigh* if you figure out how to get your husband to get rid of his, let me know.
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We have all our music backed up on two different harddrives (if you put them computer, make sure you have a second copy in the event of a harddrive crash). We got rid of the actual CDs years ago. We have a very small collection of movies. All of the VHS fit in a small drawer and the DVD's are in a large CD booklet next to the TV. I only kept the DVD boxes for a couple "collectors" box sets, or for kids movies that I plan to resell in the future.
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great suggestions..im thinking on this as in my decluttering i came upon a ton of cd's i rarely if ever listen to anymore. when i get my new computer i plan to DL the songs i like and then burn them onto a cd so i have the ones i like, but not all of the clutter of the cd's..
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I wouldn't keep any VHS, we don't even have a VCR anymore. We got rid of those 7+ years ago. We decided a few years ago we were done with owning DVDs. We donated most of them and sold the really expensive sets (some still in packaging) because I knew the library wouldn't get the real value out of them anyway selling them at the book sale. We stopped putting DVDs or CDs on our wish lists, our exception is kids DVDs, we will put those on the kids lists, because they will watch them over and over again and we do use them on long trips in the car. For us, we have a netflix subscription and we don't need anything more than that.

When we sorted through the DVDs, we had a big binder - first it had to all fit in the binder. Second, we kept the kids DVDs. Besides that, it had to be a movie one of us loved enough to watch over and over again, and HAD watched over and over again. If I couldn't remember having that 'Oh, I just really want to watch that old favorite movie' feeling and actually watching it multiple times, I got rid of it.
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I only keep the ones that I really love and watch/listen to at least every 6mo to a year which ends up not being that many for me. Dh though really likes to keep movies & cds. We have started a system where he puts a sticky note on everything that he watches/listens to this year (2009). In July, he is going to go through and look at getting rid of some of the ones that he has not watched/listened to. He has become pretty reasonable on this decluttering journey and I feel that once he sees how little of it he actually uses in 6mo, he is going to be more willing to get rid of it. At the end of the year, he plans on getting rid of everything he has not touched unless it is a rare exception.

Living with all of the movies and cd for 6mo to a year may seem a long time, but I am willing to live with this compromise because he has given up so much already and I trust him to stick to the deal.
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Originally Posted by rebeccalynn View Post
We have started a system where he puts a sticky note on everything that he watches/listens to this year (2009).
This is an excellent idea!
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Our system is that music always stays and movies always go. We have hundreds of CDs and I like having them right there in my face because then we actually do listen to them, and share them with the kids. We have most of our collection on iPod but I still like the hard copies because I enjoy looking at the covers and lyrics and such sometimes when I'm listening.

We never buy movies as we only have 1 TV, the kids don't watch, and DH and I never watch the same thing twice. Easy.
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I'm transitioning all of our CDs to this. I keep the front cover booklet & slide the cd in the same pocket. Then I get rid of the rest of the stuff.

For DVDs, I use this. I slide out the paper cover art, fold it in half, slip it into its compartment, then put the disks in the back. It has saved soooooo much space!

I now have 2 large binders that contain all my dvds & cds that used to take up bookshelves full of room. I love how easy it is to flip through & find a dvd/cd I want.


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Hubby took all his cds and put them into a huge binder with the booklets (about the same as the one at the link JTA mom posted). Mine, I've still got sitting in a cd rack. I need to go through them, though. They're starting to overflow. I'm a little afraid to transfer them to the computer, because I've had so many problems with my desktop. So, I may do the binder thing, too.

As far as movies, we have a bunch of vhs ones (they're just so darned cheap and easy to find used, we decided we couldn't justify buying dvds, anymore). Every so often, I go through and cull them. But, I have to be in the right mood. That's really what does it for me. If I'm not in the right mood, I want to keep them all. If I am, I'm overjoyed to be making space, and I easily recognize which movies I'll probably never watch again (or won't want to watch again for a few years). Timing, at least for me, is everything.
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One thing we've done is to designate an amount for each cd or dvd (what it would cost us to repurchase) and then buy back the items we really want. The money we 'spend' goes to charity (we took the ones we didn't 'buy' into a resell shop and because we got rid of so much more than we kept we still ended up with more money in our pockets even after giving to charity). It seems so much easier for me to make the choice of what to bring into my life than what to let go of, I'm finding.
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