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how far ahead were you measuring in weeks 20-30?

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I'm with mamatoady... I'm suspecting twins (had a dream, am huge etc).

I had super high hcg early on (991 16dpo, 5200 19dpo, 18000 21dpo). I had an early u/s to rule out the possibility (at 9 weeks) but it was only a quicky and my m/w said its perfectly plausable to miss a 2nd baby at that stage if they didn't look around much.

So, at my appt with m/w last week (22 weeks) I was measuring 24-25 and baby (that we could feel) was transverse. I had also read that when they lay transverse that it makes your fundal ht lower because they're not end-to-end so to speak. I know that's not much bigger than the norm for where I am, but she actually told me that most twins don't really start showing themselves until after 20 weeks. I could just wait until I see her next month, but I think I'll drive myself crazy before then!

But, if you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love to know where your fundal height was measuring during your weeks 20-30. My m/w told me its really only during those weeks even with a singleton that fundal ht is a reliable measurement.

Thanks so much!
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yay-- we can sit and wait together, lol! how far along are you?

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By 20 weeks I was measuring 5 weeks larger. It ranged from 5-7 weeks larger from 20-30 weeks.
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At my 16 week appointment I was measuring 20 weeks. They sent me to the ultrasound and I found out I was having twins. I hadn't had any ultrasound before that and didn't suspect I was having twins at all, though my friend had had a dream about me having twins. I don't think you sound big enough, I was always measuring at least 4 weeks bigger the whole pregnancy.
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I've measured 8-10 weeks ahead nearly this entire pregnancy. And one baby was transverse and the other breech at my 22 week u/s.
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I measured about 6+cm ahead. Baby A was vertex and baby B was breech-transverse.
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Another vote for "2 weeks isn't that far ahead and is within normal bounds for a singleton pregnancy."

I was at least 4 weeks ahead before 20 weeks. And both my babies were transverse. Does your mw have much twin experience? What she's saying is true of singletons (it's not the best measure until the baby's bigger) but frankly being way far ahead is often a marker for twins. Also, the 'can't tell twins before 20 weeks' seems kind of off to me.

By 30 weeks, people had been asking for a couple of weeks if I was due soon. By 32 weeks people just shut up or stared open mouthed.

While it's true that twins are OFTEN missed on an early u/s, you say the purpose of the u/s was to rule it out. Generally when they want to do that, they are looking closely. (It doesn't necessarily take long, especially at that stage).

If you really want to know, I'd get an u/s or a second opinion. There's no way an u/s would fail to detect twins at this stage unless you have an extremely incompetant tech (which could happen). If your mw is not experienced with twins, perhaps she knows someone who is who could give you a second opinion?
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Most of my pregnancy I measured 11 weeks ahead but got up to 14 weeks ahead in the last weeks.
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At 28 wks I was measuring about 34
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At 31 weeks I was measuring 45 cm.

I get measured again today, should be interesting to see if I've grown since last week.
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Wow ladies! Thanks so much for all the responses!

Sarah-I'm 23.5 weeks.

I was measuring a decent amount ahead all the way up until now, fundus almost at my belly button from 14.5 weeks on. Its a little closer now, which seems opposite to me of what it "should" be if there were 2.

I also wanted to add that I got pregnant this time on my first cycle after a m/c which I know can cause hormones to be whacky and release more than one egg...

And I had a twin dream in early pregnancy, and I just can't seem to "let it go" which kindof makes me think I'm on to something but my rational mind is just trying to "reason" it away.

My early u/s was just by a m/w I was interviewing and was really quick. I don't think she had much experience with u/s either. They just put it on, saw a baby, measured it, and then I told them to turn it off. So, if I had had it done at an imaging center then I'm sure it would have been much more thourough and definitive.

I emailed my m/w last night (different from the one who did the u/s) and just told her that she better put me out of my misery and order the damn u/s because I'm making myself crazy!

Tigerchild: The reason she said fundal ht isn't too reliable until after 20 weeks is that its normal to measure several cm ahead with a singleton too, which I was. Its so hard to "know" without proof because so many of the symptoms overlap!

Again, thanks for your responses! I'm going to cave in and have the u/s, so I'll let you all know!

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Many singletons were twins once. I think that sometimes people discount that with twin dreams or 'feelings', when they find that they were "incorrect". It may not in fact be incorrect, even if the end result is one baby.
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At 20 weeks I think I was measuring around 26 cm, and at 30 weeks, I was measuring around 40 cm.
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6-8w ahead. I don't think measuring 2w ahead is a sign of twins.
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From when they started measuring me, I was always at least 8 cm ahead. By the end of the pregnancy, I was measuring 13 cm ahead.

My best friend had surprise twins (at birth, 10 days "overdue"), and she never measured big. It's certainly possible, but less likely.

I think it's unlikely that they missed a second baby on your first u/s, even if it wasn't an expert u/s tech. Of course, there's always the possibility, but it's quite small.

By 24 weeks in my twin pregnancy, I thought that if I hadn't already known I was having twins, I would definitely be suspicious just by the type of movement I was feeling. Simultaneous movement way low and way high, feeling movement in four places all at once, etc.


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At 20 weeks I measured 30 cm; at 28 weeks I measured 38. The day I delivered, at 39 weeks, I measured 52 cm.
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I agree that measuring 2 weeks ahead doesn't necessarily means twins, for sure. I've known singleton moms to measure much more than that ahead. That said, I've been measuring between 2 and 4 weeks ahead, never more, and am currently 23 weeks pregnant with twins. So, it doesn't mean "not twins" either.
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I was between 2-4 weeks ahead the entire pregnancy. Fwiw, I had an early-ish u/s at 9 or 10 weeks and baby B was "missed", not to be found until 14w. MDC Gemelos had the same experience. Best wishes, either way!
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By 26 weeks and on, I measured 10 weeks ahead.
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I started measuring large at 18 weeks. I measured 27 weeks..
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