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I think I was about 10 weeks ahead at that point. Two weeks sounds like normal variation in a singleton pregnancy. I hope your u/s shows you what you want to see!
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I checked back on my notes and I measured 10 weeks ahead by that point too. I also noted that I consistently measured 4 weeks ahead with my prior singleton.
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I was way ahead in the first trimester but then on par/ slightly under for a singleton by 31 weeks. I tend to measure significantly under with my singletons, so I was ahead for me.
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By 28 weeks I had reached the desired size of a singleton pregnancy, and then I went on to the grow to someone expecting twins. I didn't have the exact measurements given but was told I was always on target.
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Wow! Thank you for sharing your birth videos and pics. Such a beautiful family!!!

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At 20 weeks I think I was measuring around 26 cm, and at 30 weeks, I was measuring around 40 cm.
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measuring very large

I am currently 30 weeks and am measuring 45 cm. I had an ultrasound at 28 weeks to rule out twins, and they only saw one baby. At 28 weeks, I was measuring 42 cm.... so I keep on getting bigger. There isn't excessive fluid either. My babies tend to be on the larger side, which this one is too, I guess, but when I am used to haveing 10 lb babies, does this mean this one will be 20?? LOL. I too keep feeling like I have twins, and have the whole time. Could one have been hiding behind the other??? There is no explination for my size, and the baby they saw looked fine and healthy... Praise God! I am so confussed, and though I try not to worry or think about it, I cannot help it. We just cannot understand what is happening here. Is this familiar to anyone? Is 8 the magic number to make my uterus blow up like this?
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Is 8 the magic number to make my uterus blow up like this?
This is your eighth baby? I definitely think that could explain things! Especially if you don't have excess fluid, my guess is that you are measuring so big simply because your abdominal muscles probably aren't doing much to keep your uterus in place.

With my second (post-twins) singleton pregnancy, I measured just about the same size as I did with twins (51 cm. at 40 weeks, as opposed to 53 at 38 weeks with twins) and it was due to a combination of a large baby (10-10 at birth), excess fluid (no apparent cause), and a stretched-out uterus/relaxed abdominal muscles.

I think it would be incredibly unlikely that they would miss twins during a 28-week u/s specifically looking for twins. Twins have certainly been missed on u/s before, but generally NOT when they were suspected.

Congrats on baby #8!

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I mean, you hear about such things happening occasionally but I would be VERY shocked if a competent tech missed 28 week twins, honestly. There was NO WAY to miss we had two babies in there, and mine were stacked one behind the other (it was nearly impossible to get Baby B's HR).

I agree with Lex, that it's mostly because you have had a lot of babies. With #'s 3 and 4 I measured pretty far ahead and had an u/s to rule it out. Like 6-7 weeks ahead. With the twins I was anywhere from 8-11 weeks ahead and finished at 50cm at 38 weeks. I had had four babies in four years though when I got pregnant with the twins so I did MASSIVE ab work during my first trimester!
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Around 18 weeks I measured 23 weeks with DS1. Sent for an ultrasound to rule out twins. 18 weeks with DS2 I was in the ER for bleeding/contractions, measuring 24 weeks, had an ultrasound, another singleton. When I measured 24.5 weeks at 17.5 weeks with this pregnancy, I thought nothing at all of it, but my midwife encouraged another ultrasound. Twins. Go figure. At 22 weeks I measured 32 weeks, and they're both transverse.
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I was measuring 42 weeks when I delivered early at 30 weeks.
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