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The Inauguration

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Anyone else watching? I've got it on live stream on CNN. Both my kids want to watch it but they want to see the actual swearing in, not all the stuff leading up so I'll call them at the last minute.
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Well, just as his speech started the live feed died, Oh well. We saw the swearing in, Aretha singing, the quartet and the other stuff.

Ah, history in action :
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My 4 year old son said "It sounds like Grandma B's funeral" during Obama's speech. We were listening to it on the radio. Don't know if I should laugh about that or be sad.
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We watched it. Josh I think has most of Obama's speech memorized. It was nice...the girls had this to say..."Ms Franklin has a very funny hat!"
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Here's the text of his speech, if anyone wants to read it... and what a great example this is of real-world learning. This is history in the making....

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That was awesome. Aretha's voice, and Aretha's awesome hat-- President Obama's (man, I love the sound of that) address...that benediction! Red man, ahead, man.
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Yeah, that hat was awesome

I loved seeing the old presidents come out first. When did Carter get so old? That took me by surprise. He's the first president I have memories of.
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Originally Posted by ShannonCC View Post

I loved seeing the old presidents come out first.
Me too
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Todays *history lesson* will be....Awesome awesome awesome!!!!
Here we have all been basically been stuck to the screen since a few hours before Obama took the oath. Yeah, President Obama = :
This is sort of a culmination to our endlessly obsessing over the election. And, yay, what a result. What a day. What a speech. What a President!!!

Congratulations to all Americans and to the whole world.
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My 4 year old son said "It sounds like Grandma B's funeral" during Obama's speech.
That is TOO funny!

We watched the entire event and really enjoyed it. I too loved Aretha's hat!!

The kids had ice cream for breakfast and watched the unfolding of history.
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DD and I got up early to watch it. DH hooked up my laptop to the television so we could watch the CNN live feed. DD got a bit bored waiting for the actual swearing in but otherwise, she was very much excited. What a unique time in history! I'm glad she could witness it.
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We've been watching the coverage on and off all day. My 10 yo and I are watching the Neighborhood Ball right now.
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We watched it yesterday and had some really great discussion. I think they lost interest and left about half-way through Obama's speech but they were initially excited and I feel like they really "got" the big ideas. I talked them through a lot of it.

A funny "educational" take-away...When Aretha was singing, "My Country Tis of Thee", I was telling the kids that it's the music from "God Save the Queen". My husband is British so I thought they would find that interesting. Later that evening, I heard my 5 year old singing the last line of the song, "God save the Queen...". That's what he took away from the patriotic American songs.

Good stuff. We watched history being made! And it was cool that MLK Day was the day before. The kids and I have had a lot of good discussion related to that.
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Neat stuff! I keep telling my kids, "This is history in the making!" We don't have specific politic leanings, but nobody can deny that this is BIG and an amazing event. It opens so many more doors of educational prospects for them.
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