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For Fun: Foods You Regret Eating?

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Today, I ate four little bags of M&Ms. Four. In a row. And then later I ate two mini Hershey's bars. In a row.

I also took a few bites of my friend's pizza, even though I am a vegan... it was like the cheese was overpowering to me. AND I took a sip of her (caffeinated) Coke, I forgot completely about the caffeine -- and I've been off caffeine for months and months now. And now I have heartburn and my stomach feels G-R-O-S-S... but I can't help it. It's like the foods that are the *worst* for me have been calling my name all day long.

I am tempted to just call it quits for today and then convince DH to order a big cheesy NY style pizza -- a one-day splurge, one-day off the wagon? (And what better day than the inauguration of Obama -- the whole day just feels like a festival or something!)

Anyway, well, that's my confession for today. Anyone else been pigging out uncontrollably -- on bad things?!?
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last nights dinner consisted of onion dip and potato chips
the packet of onion dip was left over from 4th of july and I
KNEW it was in there...had to have it
paid for it today--headache, itchy skin, not focused
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Um, not too bad. I didn't eat well this weekend, but that was before I knew I was pregnant! I didn't eat terribly, just ate out a few meals, and I try to avoid that just because of the calories and $!

Dinner tonight was home-made potato soup (potatoes, chopped onions, cream of mushroom soup, milk, peper...very simple) and it was *SO* yummy! But I'm feeling even more gassy now...might pay for that later! All the dairy, I think.
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In the beginnings of all my pregnancies, I get really strong fast food cravings. I normally don't eat fast food, but for some reason I start craving it bad, and nothing else sounds like I could keep it down.

For a few days all I could eat was Indian, and that was great - I could order it or cook it and it was healthy(ish).

But the fast food.... not so much. Luckily this phase doesn't last too long.
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Originally Posted by greeny View Post

For a few days all I could eat was Indian, and that was great - I could order it or cook it and it was healthy(ish).

But the fast food.... not so much. Luckily this phase doesn't last too long.
All I wanted for a few days was Indian food!

I splurged on fast food last night. I NEVER eat it!
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I've also been craving fast food and junk carbohydrates (strawberry pop-tarts --yum). I wasn't able to eat for like a week, and so now when I crave my strawberry pop tarts, I just eat them. This can't last all pregnancy, right? My appetite will return to normal and I will again like healthy grown up food? I hope. Please? Someone tell me it gets better...
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I am terrible. I never regret eating. Life's too short and food's too good. Moderation is key.
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the only thing I can keep down are carbs...and not good ones....white bagels, saltines, rice krispies...you know, anything that is highly refined and has little nutrition! I so look forward to being able to stomach more healthy foods!!!
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i had doritos for the first time in 2 years on monday.

and i ate a LOT of them
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I haven't eaten anything I regret so far, however I'm amazed that everthing you've all posted here sounds SOOO good to me. I could totally have ripple chips and dip and strawberry pop tarts for supper.

Oh man if I had a car I would go get them right now.

back to my veggie soup. blech.

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I ate very well today...until dinner! Oatmeal after my early morning workout (brown sugar cinnamon mixed with plain), cottage cheese and honey dew melon for lunch, a banana for a snack. Then dinner...ran through Fazoli's drive through, but I did get a chicken pasta veggie bake, so it could have been worse! And right now I'm eating some skittles, but they're my comfort food, they never "count"!

Oh, and I did well with hydrating today...16 ounces plain water during my workout, 32 ounces vitamin water before lunch, two mugs of home-made cappucino (decaf coffee poured over sugar free hot cocoa mix with a bit of dulce de leche creamer added!) plus some more water tonight (but I wasn't counting how much)
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I bought and ate a bag of Cheetos for the first time in over three years the other day. It was delicious while it lasted (MSG and all) but I had the worst heartburn ever for hours after.

I normally don't eat junk food or fast food, but lately, it's all I want. I'm trying my best to avoid it though.
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Gah, I regret eating most of it. It gives me heartburn or makes me feel queasy. Just about everything. The bagel I had today was manna from heaven. It was the best thing I've had in a month. Just a plain cinnamon raisin bagel and some OJ. Otherwise french fries are consistently good. Everything else I regret just about. Either too sweet (can't do sweet now), doesn't taste right, gives me heartburn, doesn't have enough taste, doesn't sit properly, anything.

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before getting pregnant i lost 17lbs on weight watchers and i plan on sticking to the diet with 300 extra calories or whatever my midwife recommends to help me eat enough, but not too much this pregnancy.

Usually I make dinner based on whatever points i have left for the day and don't think twice about eating it all even if i am full.

So i made total pregnancy food. A cheesless pizza made with spicy chicken, pineapple, olives, red pepper, spinach and sauce with a tortilla as the dough. I had enough points for four. So I ate FOUR high fiber tortillas. Oh my poor tummy is crampy!
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i regret whatever i eat the meal before. ill crave something, eat it, then regret eating it, and think it is the most disgusting thing ever, wondering why i ever wanted to eat it. lol my husband is mad i refuse left overs now!
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i was wondering if we crave junk food while pregnant more out of stress/comfort than the actual substance of the food. anybody else wonder about this?
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Wow, great responses, mamas! Good to know I'm not the only one...

That's an interesting question. I definitely have felt much more stressed out this week. I have a deadline looming that I haven't been able to work towards because I've been sooooo tired and sick and just... unfocused... and DH has been out of the house a lot this week so I've been kinda mopey. And then feeling bad because I really wanted to be energetic, happy, healthy with this pregnancy -- especially if it was going well!! So, this mild depression combined with stress *definitely* could be contributing to me eating M&Ms and croissants like they are going out of style.

But, I have managed to keep the junk food craving to one meal a day. Last night I ate homemade mashed potatoes and spinach tossed with garlic, even though it made me feel super-sick. As for my lunch, though.... : :
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I have a different kind of regret... I keep having ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. They sound sooo good, then I get about 3/4 of the way through, and I know if I take another bite, I'll puke. Last time I was pregnant, I had MAJOR egg aversions. It seems I do this time, but then I'm craving them at the same time...

Like everyone else, I've been craving carbs and "comfort foods" big time. It seems like all I want to eat is creamy soups, pizza, fast food, and chicken pot pie. I guess I'm not the only one, though!
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Can I pre-regret foods I know I'm going to eat??

I am hosting a social event tonight, and I will be eating Buffalo Chicken Dip and baked brie. I know the brie isn't really a danger, but sometimes, afterward, I do think "What if 'they" are right and I shouldn't eat ANY soft cheese, regardless of the fact that it's pasteurized and properly stored??"

As for the dip: how much heartburn am I asking for??

Well, surely the homemade carrot cake makes up for all the other choices. Right?
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Originally Posted by citizenfong View Post
Can I pre-regret foods I know I'm going to eat?? ?

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