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Tell why I really need a 6 wk PP checkup

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I wasn't thrilled with my doctor. After the birth, I feel....hmmm....turned off? I can't seem to understand my feelings. He just made me uncomfortable during the delivery. violated maybe?

I don't have another Ob/gyn yet. Do I really need a pp checkup? I feel good (normal). This is my 3rd baby.
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I don't honestly know, but I don't think so- after my DS was born, the 6 week visit was all about baby, nothing about me. In fact I did not get ANY physical exams in my 6 weeks of pp care - just a few questions about how my bleeding was etc.
If you feel that uncomfortable with your OB but still feel like you'd like a checkup, go to your family doctor for it.
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If you're feeling good and not having issues I see no reason for it.

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I felt fine not going in personally. They did send me a few letters & called a couple times saying they HAD to do my postnatal check up & pap, but I never went back in. I got a pap a few months after the fact from a midwife with her own home office.
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I went in for mine, but I had a few issues I wanted clarification on. I would think you know your body best and if you think you'll be ok without it then you'll be ok without it.
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I'm not sure what the point of mine were....with either child. I guess some OBs "check you". My OB is very very hands out. So I guess my checkups was more about birth control and making sure I didn't have PPD.
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At mine with ds, they checked me over to make sure that everything was healing properly and that I was hormonally ok. I had one stitch so they wanted to check that. It had very little to do with the baby. If you feel like skipping it, skip it. I wouldn't, but that is me. I feel better knowing that everything is the way it should be.
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They hardly did anything at my 6 wk appointment - they were mostly just upset that I didn't bring the baby for them to see! My MW offered to check my stitches if I thought that things weren't healing properly, but I felt fine so I declined.

If I didn't like my MW, I certainly wouldn't go back just for the 6 week appointment if I felt everything was fine.
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Well I have hbs so my mws don't do anything but weigh the baby and ask how my bleeding is. Usually ask if I have attempted dtd. Ask how the baby is nursing. They don't examine me.

If you didn't feel comfortable with him skip it. If you feel you need an appt make one with someone else. I don't think you should be expected to see someone you are uncomfortable with.
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both times he checked to makesure there weren't any openings in my vaginal wall, measured me for a diaphram, prescribed the mini-pill etc. Asked how nursing was going, wanted to know if my anti depressants needed dose adjustments, and massaged my uterus to make sure it has shrunk back properly.
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I think the 6 week check is useful for following up on any issues that may have persisted from the pregnancy (ie if you had hypertension or diabetes or an abnormal pap in the pregnancy, that should be evaluated postpartum). It's also useful for screening for postpartum depression and for prescribing a birth control method. If you had a good relationship with your provider, it's also a nice time to review the birth and kind of 'wrap up' the pregnancy'. (Okay, for me that means I always have to get a little sniffly in the midwives office because I'm not one of the pregnant ladies anymore).

If you had a healthy pregnancy and don't have any pressing medical concerns that need to be addressed, then I would definately skip it with this particular doctor who makes you uncomfortable. But perhaps you can find a midwife or a nicer doctor so you have someone for your gyn care.

Congrats on the new babe. Sorry it sounds like you didn't have such a nice experience with your provider.

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When ds was about 4-5 weeks he had a nasty wheezing breathing problem, so we went to see our family doctor. She told me she never once went to her 6 wk pp checkup (three kids) and told me not to bother, if things seemed normal to me.
eta: she's been my doctor since I was 16 and knew all my medical/pregnancy/delivery history, so she knew I had no birth control/gestational illness issues.
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I did the check with my first one, and since it was a teaching group, a student did the exam, and then he couldn't tell if my cervix was closed, so he left he speculum IN ME while he stepped out for a minute to grab a higher up doctor. She finally came in and said right away "Yep, she's closed!"

So second baby, my midwife asked if I felt like I needed to be checked. I said no. She said ok. I didn't have any stitches that time, and my bleeding had stopped at 3 weeks, we had resumed dtd at 3.5 weeks, and everything was very obviously fine.

I won't get checked with this one unless I think I'm having a problem.
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I don't get the pap thing, from what I can gather, during pregnancy a pap can give false results and 6 weeks PP it can still give false results.

Here (UK) I was told that the above and was to book an appointment for a pap 3 months PP.
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I was thankful for my pp checkup because I still had retained placenta after my first daughter was born. He was able to get it with a D&C.
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If you've had other checkups, like 4 weeks or whatever, I would guess you don't need this one. But otherwise maybe.

My midwife checked my fundal height with each PP checkup, and at one of them - 3 or 4 weeks PP, can't remember- my fundal height had risen and she was able to catch an infection right at the start, and with antibiotics we were able to get rid of the infection. The nurse I saw after my midwife sent me in told me that left untreated a PP infection can be life threatening. My only other symptoms besides a rising fundus, at that point, were feeling more tired, and 'off'.

I don't see any reason you should have an internal, unless you feel like there is something you want checked.
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