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2nd PKU?

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Necessary or no? Baby had the 24 hour one. thx!
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It's up to you to decide. According to our state labs, the first screen catches about 90% of the disorders and the second one, usually done around 2 weeks, picks up the last 10%.
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I think that depends on your state - some states recommend waiting until 48 hours. It can also depend on the type of testing that they utilize. Another determining factor would be how well the baby was eating, etc? The key thing to remember is that this test tests for more than just PKU.

Personally as someone who now has three children with PKU - yes I would test again just to make sure, but that is me - had I never had kids with PKU I might answer differently, but considering I do I would say to go for it
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Yes, it tests for WAY more than PKU, in all states. The test is no longer called 'PKU'. It is called the newborn screen, or the newborn metabolic screening (though it tests for more than metabolic disorders in my state).
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I would check with your ped. Ours believes that the test they use here is much more accurate after a few days, so we decline the hosptial test and go with the office test at our first visit. It doesn't make sense to test twice if the first one isn't as accurate.

But I like to minimize what isn't absolutely necessary, drug and needle wise!

Congrats on baby!
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