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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
i wanted to share a book that i found recently and its been really helpful to me. its called "breaking the spell of binge eating" by joanna kortink its a wholistic aproach to binge eating and it has some great exercises at the end of each chapter. its a lot about the deep reasons for binge eating rather than just saying "stop" i would really highly recomend it. i found it at my local thrift shop, but i know you can get it on amazon. i looked it up to see if she has any other books. she has a website too. o havnt checked it out yet.
Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm going to see if my library has it,
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I'm subbing so I can come back to read the whole thread! We are trying to eliminate sugar from our diet.
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welcome to our newcomers!!!

I'm doing very well with the moderation, although I have started biting my nails- I quit about 8 months ago after biting them for over 14 years. It was a struggle to give up, to put it lightly, and I'm nearly in tears over biting them again, and so ashamed of myself. Plus they hurt, I've bit then so short. I gained weight when I quit, and I'm back down to my biting nails weight.... so I don't know if that is a connection. I'm also REALLY craving junk- I don't know if I'm detoxing, or what. I'm going to cut back down, and hope that helps.
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I'm glad to find this thread!

I always struggle with sugar, and do so much better when I've eliminated it. I cut sugar out about 10 days ago (and for me, it has to be all types of sugar and sugar-alternatives). I realized I was just replacing sugars with raisins and white bread (homemade sourdough, but still), so on monday I started the South Beach diet. I actually wanted to check out the book sugar busters, but my library didnt' have that, and it did have south beach, which seems like it will do the same thing for helping me break the carb/sugar cravings and addiction.

Plus, I'm losing weight, which I certainly can afford to do!:
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Originally Posted by wendyland View Post
Welcome! The happy guys are cute! Eliminating dairy would be big for me. It's almost equal with sugar on my list, but I'm going to quit next week for at least 6 weeks. Once I'm successful at one thing, I gain a lot more confidence to try other things.
Thanks. Dairy is very difficult for me too! Especially living in Wisconsin there is dairy and cheese everywhere. I love my cheese and cannot believe how much I was eating. I did that for my daughter. I have been more successful than I ever thought so this is the right time to give sugar a try.

I have done very well with sugar for the last few days (including sweetners like splenda, sweet and low etc...) and they have been very stressful days that I would normally turn to sugar. I have had some pretty strong cravings, but eating fruit has actually helped me. I actually passed up cookies and brownies in the teacher's lounge yesterday and today! My triggers seem to be refined sugars, white bread, cookies, treats of that sort and soda. I wonder if it helped that I cut out caffeine and soda prior to trying sugar. I used to drink diet soda and seemed to trigger more cravings. My cravings for soda are still fairly strong when I am stressed. Eating a better breakfast has helped me too and I have been eating fruit with it. I have been trying to look at the ingredients of anything processed...I am a bit overwhelmed about what I should eat and what I should avoid. There is so much sugar/high fructose corn syrup in everything. Wow.
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One more thing. I found that ebook on firstourselves.com that was suggested. That is helpful, thanks!
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Originally Posted by momofPL View Post
One more thing. I found that ebook on firstourselves.com that was suggested. That is helpful, thanks!

ive been readfing it and doing the exercises. its really helping me.
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Wow, the last two days the cravings were very strong and difficult to resist! I did it though. This is amazing that I can even do this one day!!! I am not craving cookies, cake, stuff like that, but it is the white breads, pancakes that I want so badly. I have to tell you that my pancakes usually have chocolate chips in them. I guess it shows how much I ate. All I keep thinking is thank goodness I gave up soda before I began doing this! I know this will get better. Now I have to ask everyone...What do you do when these cravings hit? Sometimes I think I am eating sugar for other reasons like stress (my children have been sick this weekend) or because I am lonely. What are some things/activities you do to get your mind off of sugar? Last night I decided to read that sugar ebook to remind myself why I am doing this in the first place.
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to get my mind off it I allow myself a small snack, like homemade trail mix, that has some carbs and a little sweetness (from fruits). I put it in a bowl, which is important for portion control- I have only a small bit, usually less then 1/2 a cup. Then I do some sort of hand intensive activity, like knitting, writing/doing work, folding laundry, organizing/ cleaning. Then if the craving is still there I have a glass of milk or plain yogurt with fruit, and do something else. I just keep distracting myself and substituting a bad craving for a better alternative.

Cooking something healthy helps too, but if your kitchen is full of sugars it's best to stay away.
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I've been sugar-free for about a month now and I feel a lot better for it. I've also been gluten-free during that time. Great things have happened. My face looks so much younger and I don't have a sunken cheek look anymore. Dh comments all the time how good I look. My weight has stabilized whereas I used to tend toward losing weight and looking unhealthy, I now have a weight I really like and am ready to buy some hot jeans, lol. I don't lose or gain any weight, just a bit of PMS bloat.

I cheated the other day and had a half of a Medjool date for dessert. It was heavenly, like caramel. I felt ok afterward. I started drinking diet Dr Pepper, one every afternoon, but the Splenda or whatever is in it makes me nauseous so I looked for an alternative and found a stevia-sweetened soda called Zevia. You can order it on Amazon, or your local natural food store might carry it. I really liked it. It's a bit spendy though. I picked up the book Potatoes not Prozac which has helped me enormously to cut sugar out of my life. The main focus of the book is eliminating sugar and balancing your blood sugar so you cut out cravings and alcohol cravings, and balance your moods and keep depression at bay. Highly recommended.
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yesterday was my birthday. i made myself a cake with xylitol and spelt/kamut flour and didnt even eat any. i just didnt feel like sweets maybe ill eat some today : things are good. im 5?! days wheat free.. im still eating spelt/kamut but not much. i made some flatbread with dinner last night that was yummy.

loving my life sugar free.
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I'm part-way through my 1st full elimination day. It's going good so far.

We just got our girl scout boxes yesterday. I need to hurry up and hand them out to people.
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wendy? how is it going??

im doing pretty okay on the wheat free. i have to admit that i ate a piece of bread yesterday with peanut butter. i was busy doing stuff and realised at 4:30 that i hadnt eaten all day, i had a headache and was about to yell at my kids. i needed something fast and it was right there. but i just had one piece (crust mmm ) and dont feel badly about it. im finding that im not taking enough time to cook myself good meals. i need to work on that. im just not eating much, which is good in some ways, my pants fit better! but not in other ways because im nursing and probably need the calories.
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I'm still trying to get to where I'm eliminating wheat. It's been a stressful week. I had a little bread today, but that's it. I'm going to work on my menu plan better this weekend.
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sugar free mams?

hiya. its been a while. i'm doing well with the no sugar. i tired some the other day, a tim horton's doughnut hole no less and i felt ill as soon as i had swallowed. not fun. it reminded me of why i'm not eating sugar or wheat for that matter. i was away all weekend in the city nearest my small town , about 2 hours away and these was a lot of temptation! i went from feeling great, a week plus into wheat free to eating all sorts of it (naan bread!!yummm) and just feeling bloated and icky after. my stomach was literally tender to the touch after. i guess its a great way to be reminded wheat isnt good for me.
im really clear that wheat and i are not friends.

the dairy is still hard. im eating a LOT less, but i love plain yogurt. i use it to make guacamole and in soups and for raita, tzatki and such. i like a bit of cheesee too, but im ok with just a bit.
its hard to say good bye to!

anyways, just wondering how you all are..
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I came on MDC to look for sugar free support and hooray! - a whole sugar free group! I gotta go get my yoga done while the kids are busy but i have read up to page 4. I'll be back when I have time to read the rest. So glad I've found this.
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Originally Posted by eco_mama View Post
I came on MDC to look for sugar free support and hooray! - a whole sugar free group! I gotta go get my yoga done while the kids are busy but i have read up to page 4. I'll be back when I have time to read the rest. So glad I've found this.
hi eco_mama! welcome!
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I'm doing horribly! I'm totally off the wagon. But I'm working hard to do better, even though right now it's not going too well.

anyone else off the wagon after doing great?
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I had been trying get off sugar for a few weeks, and really struggling with it. I'd go a day or two and then give in and binge. Then my brother and I tried it together, I lasted four days. Then I was out shopping and saw this chocolate shell topping for ice cream, and had to buy it. Had it with just a tiny bit of ice cream, and not only did it taste gross, but it made me really sick. The next day I had a bug or something and felt awful. It was one of those things where the last thing you ate before you got sick then repulses you no matter how much you liked it. So now I'm five days of no sugar or refined food, and I'm not really struggling with it. Just remind myself how sick I felt and any cravings disappear. I don't really crave though unless I get really hungry and don't eat right away, and that can be fixed by, well, eating! Easy enough. I've never had such a smooth and painless transition to no sugar. Just keeping fingers crossed that it can continue this way. :
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rebirth: its a process. i think the thing that has helped me the most is telling myself over and over that i deserve to feel healthy and to BE healthy. ive had a bad self image as long as i can remember and ive always been concerned about other peoples health but not so much myself. i decided that I need to be taken care of, and eating healthy is the first step. tell yourself that you are worth it. over and over till you dont need to anymore.

Smylingeyz: i had a vwery similar experience lately with wheat. i was doing great then i ate a bunch because it was convinient and i was awau from home, ie away from my wheat free healthy foods. i felt ILL. im so not even remotely interested in feeling like that anytime soon. i got home monday night and im onlky starting to feel like the effects on my body are going away. i dont know if its partly psychological because i had said NO to it before and then all of a suddden im eating it anyways, but i know at least some of it was a physical reaction.

i hope you are feeling better soon! when i read that post i thought right away . SHes pregnanT! not sure why.
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