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Originally Posted by Panserbjørne View Post
Plus, my thought process is once you have experienced healing-arnica is a fabulous example-you are more likely to lend credence to the modality as a whole. So why NOT start with acutes?
Worked for me!

Mammo2Sammo--I like the idea, especially if we can get a few reference books/website suggestions for easier, slower reading. I've asked in the past but my brain wasn't ready to absorb, but I think I am now. I was just wishing last weekend I had arnica, and realized I want to know more.
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Acute Homeopathy Study Group thread can't say I'm not open minded.

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Maybe I was taking it wrong? I put it in water as suggested and that seems to feel better. I've been looking into the individual flowers but I haven't decided where to buy them yet. My local store sells bach for $20 a piece.
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Originally Posted by Ackray View Post
Maybe I was taking it wrong? I put it in water as suggested and that seems to feel better. I've been looking into the individual flowers but I haven't decided where to buy them yet. My local store sells bach for $20 a piece.

I order from Vitacost.com They are about $9 each, instead of $16 retail locally, here. Vitacost has $5 shipping for any quantity. And their prices are great on most items. We order our health care stuff from them in bulk and it only costs $5 for shipping everything.

But, if you just want a couple bottles, that could get just as expensive as retail. If you know which ones you want, then I'd order from PB (the MDC mama and OP). I'd suggest getting a 'pick me up' mixture and a 'wind down' mixture. Like one for energy and optimism, another for 'relaxing and destressing'. Those are $18 each mixture (I believe), if you know which remedies you want, and includes the shipping.

If one wants to look at the photos and intuitively choose it's just the cost of the blend, much cheaper than buying 5-10 bottles! http://www.flowersociety.org/flower-...to-gallery.htm

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I have been feeling very holly the past few days and just so sad, angry and pathetic about it. I just realized it this morning and am hoping my trying it will help.
I just can't find my peace about my life. I want to much. Honestly I am really happy with our life choices (careers, home, etc), but it isn't my dream. I am feeling so bummed about not having my dream. I feel so childish about it though.
Hoping holly will help.
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Maybe check out willow. Holly is angry, rageful and jealous whereas willow is also angry, but is more resentful, wallowing and self pitying. It's a lower level anger in many ways than holly, but it still has plenty of anger. Sorry mama. Many hugs.
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Hope my mamas see this. It's been a while since we've been here.

I have waited till the last moment. My 7 year old is going on a big trip with his grandma and grandpa on Wednesday. It is for 10 days and it is traveling halfway across the country doing cool things like rafting and seeing Yellowstone.

Since yesterday he has been really unsettled. His usual not comfortable with his skin self. "I'm bored" about everything, and needs constant entertainment. He is utterly driving me crazy. For a while I wasn't sure if it was a food reaction, but I'm leaning heavily on it being travel anxiety. I am really bummed that I didn't get that travel remedy from the mdc mama, (pegasus products).

So I've been sitting here and so many of our remedies seem to be a good match. I could use some help narrowing it down a bit.

mustard came back really strong for right now - so I am focusing on that. I am really hoping this will give him some relief. it is a lot to be so excited and scared at the same time.

Focus on a bottle for the trip - any I should include or any I should take away?
star of bethlehem
cherry plum

oh and anything for me? for a mama who just has no patience for her suffering son?
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mustard seems to be helping a lot. He even asked to take more before bed. What a relief.

Still trying to figure out what to put in his travel mixture.
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Subbing! I don't know much about flower essences, but want to learn more.
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have you thought about aspen for him? That has that unsettled, not quite right in the skin, can't really say what's wrong kinda feeling. You may also want to add walnut.

And maybe some impatiens for you? If it's that you just can't find compassion for him in the midst of your own stuff you can consider heather too. Just for right now.
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Thanks Panser!

aspen and mustard are coming up strong for now - walnut not quite as strong, so just focusing on those first two.

I don't have heather, but am thinking it might be a good investment for me, especially while pregnant.
But took some impatiens for myself.

I appreciate your feedback.

I think I will focus on the trips mixture later today, when his current emotions are a little sorted out.
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did you muscle test? i find that really helpful in situations where you jsut cant decide.
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thanks for the suggestion.

I use a pendulum to help guide me. The issue I was finding was that so many came back strongly. I am hoping that if I stabilize him now, my pendulum can help me pair the rest down.
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I was thinking walnut for while he's traveling. Perhaps try Wednesday morning or when he's more stabilized...just to help with the transitions. He may not need it at all. If he's still bouncing around and acting agitated then impatiens may help him as well.
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thanks for clarifying.
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He is stabilized - I have my old, somewhat neurotic, somewhat anxious, somewhat always bored son back. I think I will keep up with the essences though.
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Yay! And YES! Just like homeopathy some remedies are fast acting and some slow. You want to give continual support with the slower acting remedies to keep progress moving.
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Just ordered some homeopathy books I've been meaning to do for a few months, got a few other things done I've been dragging my feet on.

Thank you hornbeam and Panser.

Also have to say that beech works really well for me. A couple of months ago I spilled most of it onto the counter and considered lapping it up but had a giggle instead at the absurdity.

Spent some time on the FES site and had my family pick flowers that they like. My oldest, myself and DH hand picked some good ones. My youngest just thought they looked pretty. Looking forward to exploring with them.
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that intuitive selection can be fantastic. Let us know how things go with your chosen flowers! And yay for hornbeam. That is a truly amazing, underutilized flower. I don't know many mamas that wouldn't benefit from it. It the perfect overwhelmed with responsibilities, what am I doing, I feel no connection to the world, it all seems pointless, I need to get back to the earth, flower. It's really wonderful when we feel out of connection to the rhythms of the world and want to get back to basics.

Enjoy your new books-it's always like christmas for me when new books arrive!
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pulling out this old thread.


I've decided to explore Australian Bush  Flower Essences - well because I certainly don't have enough on my plate, and my mind is just not busy enough (where's that tongue waggling smilie?)  But really, I am feeling pulled toward them,  have heard amazing things about them from Panser, and have used them in blends from Panser. 


I have some issues that I am trying to work out with my boys which I will fill in later.


The following site has them for super cheap, and it looks as if they are wholesale prices.  I'm going to order some now, and order more later from them if they are still on sale when I have more money.


Free shipping on over $50.


I also want to buy a book for ABFE.  Can anyone give a recommendation?  Panser also recommended large picture cards which work well with kids picking their own out.  I'm interested in these, because both of my boys have been startling accurate with their choices in the past.


Off to pick my first batch of essences.

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