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Teething rash, Excema or Rash Pictures?

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I've tried googling but can't seem to find any, I want to see pictures of rashes etc that babies can get, allergy related and not, so I can educate myself on what these things look like if they are reactions etc. Has anyone found any informative sites like this? SO far I found this one.


The reason I am asking is because my son gets rosie cheeks from what I suspect is teething, but I have nothing to compare it too so I just want to stay on top of it and make sure its teething. My pediatricians office says rosie or flush cheeks are NOT from teething and various sources online say the same but then when you google this, so many moms online report rosie cheeks from teething! Never easy!

EDIT: ok so I found some more pics the more I googled. Here's another in case anyone else is interested
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I'll let the pics speak for themselves.
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My DD always got one rosy cheek whenever she was teething badly on one side so, yes, it does happen. It literally just looks like a red cheek - like you've been working out and are hot and flushed.
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