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separated, now what

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well after 6 months of my girls sleeping in the same crip in our room i started spliting them up between the crib in our room and the crib in the spare room. mostly for naps but then for night too. i dont know why i guess i was worried about them waking eachother up. they were starting to crawl on top of eachother and make eachother mad. but now after two months of them sleeping separately i want to put both beds in the same room and i dont know if they will now wake eachother up all the time. I dont really do crying it out but i do let them fuss it out. they roll around a lot and talk themselves to sleep most of the time. i am thinking that they will wake eachother up.

i dont know what my question is exactly. is there anyone that has put there babies together after having them separated. they used to sleep so well together in the same crib but i know it wouldnt be like that anymore. they go to bed and different times almost always.
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Yes! This was our situation exactly. They were together in the same crib, then we had to split them up because they were really bugging each other and waking each other up. Finally, we put them in their own crib back in the same room, and that's how they are to this day.

Newborn and early infant stage, they sleep through everything. Then around 6 mos. they weren't sleeping well, and it was a nightmare. So part of the sleep better strategy was realizing they needed their own space. Plus I had them nap in separate rooms, but stil sleep all together at night. Worked great. Then around 14 months old, on a trip actually, they wouldn't settle down and go to bed without each other.. it was very cute. So we had them sleep next to each other (different beds) after that.

Every baby is different though.
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My two never slept in the same crib , but have always slept in the same room. They most the time will sleep through the others fussing. Ds started sleeping through the night at 6 months, but dd was still getting up once or twice to eat and he just slept through.
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