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Breastfeeding Gone Wrong

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I have a 7 week old who was 6 pounds when she was born but was a full term baby. From the beginning we had trouble breastfeeding. I called a Lactation Consultant to help me and she suggested that we supplement with pumped and formula milk until the baby gained weight as well as continuing to put her to the breast until she was strong enough to suck on the breast efficiently. The lactation consultant thinks she may have an insufficient suck but thought this would get better as she got stronger. Now 7 weeks later and 2 pounds heavier we are still having problems and have introduced nipple shields to help her suck better. I do not have a problem latching her on and she is able to get millk from the breast. We nurse every 3-3.5 hours and I will let her stay on the breast for up to an hour if she is active. It appears that she is getting enough milk because the nipple shield and her face is covered in it. I do have a hard time telling if she is swallowing the entire time. After the feed she still is not satisfied and cries. I check her diaper, burp her, give her the pacifier and rock her but nothing gives. I wait up to 30 minutes to see if it is something besides hunger. Due to all this I end up giving her a "top up" in a bottle and she drink up to 3-4 ounces of breast milk or formula whatever I have on hand. I know I am not overfeeding her because she is not spitting anything up and is completely satisified after she finishes the bottle. She does have some gas and constipation (poops every 3/4days) so I have added extra fibre to the bottle (suggested by our London pediatrician), she has clear urine so not dehydrated. When I pump I can get anywhere from 4 ounces to an 2 ounces. After I nurse I will only an ounce +. This has been going on for atleast 6 weeks so it is more than just a growth spurt.

I need help! I am getting very frustrated and ready to give up. Is it me? Is it the baby and her insufficient suck? Are we ever going to be able to do this? I am tired of constantley pumping, nursing and washing bottles. Is it true that nursing does not always work for everybody?
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There are very few people that nursing does not work for. This is what nature intended so the design is rarely flawed.

I'm not an expert but I would definetely get rid of bottles. She may have developed a preference for the bottle's faster flow and ease. It is harder to get milk out at the tap. Let her stay on as long as she wants to. No bottles.

Also, seems like the nipple shield is something you want to work out of as well. I'm sure other mamas will have more advice for you.

Good Luck!
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Are you nursing her on a schedule? I too would ditch the bottles and pacifiers for now.

I am confused as to why you nurse her, burp her, and then if she cries do not nurse her again rather then give her a bottle. And why do you still think she has weak suck?
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I am nursing on demand. I do try to put her back on the breast but all she does is fall asleep. I think she has a weak suck because she is not swallowing consistently. Any suggestions?
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Can you wear her skin to skin a lot? I found that really helped me and my baby get in synch. Also, if he was falling asleep and took him off, burped him, and switched sides. I kind of figured out his schedule-I knew he had a habit of falling asleep at say 10 minutes into the feeeding. So, at eight minutes I would burp him and switch.

I did not have to do this for long at all-wearing him really seemed to help us establish a good nursing relationship (and he was tongue tied so also had suck issues).

The other thing that truly helped me was weighing my son before nursing and then weighing him after. He would gain four ounces so I knew he was getting enough. Once I could relax about him getting enough, we both seemed to be able to settle into a relationship and once his tongue tie was corrected his suck improved tremendously.
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