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Let's see our.... other multi-racial babies/children! - Page 2

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Awesome, I love this thread.

Here's yours truly with my guys.


My oldest


My youngest


And DH with the boys, who is a grab-bag of nations from the UK and Ireland.

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I posted some pics in my blog so you can see my three darlings. My oldest is the darkest and each kid got lighter and lighter. I posted a pic of my DP too so you sneak a peek at him. Pic of me is in the profile on the right of the blog page.
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Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom View Post

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b3...oysandbaba.jpg (these pics were scanned, thus the double)
I couldn't help but notice the flip flops, a truly classic African look.
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What a fun thread! I love all the pics! I am German/Scandinavian and DH is Mexican.

DS with DH this fall:

Here's an old one of me and DS:

I love this one too:

I have a recent one in my siggy too.
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what beautiful families you all have!!! :
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OMG!!! The cuteness that oozing out of my computer screen is almost too much!!!

All of your little ones are just gorgeous.
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Love threads like this! All the little ones are just adorable chunks of adorableness.

DD with her umbrella
Me & DH, pre-kid

I am whitey-white-white, DH is half Han Chinese, half Australian of Irish descent.
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We're not muti-racial, but certainly multi-cultural.



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Here is my crew...great thread, btw. My DH is German-American and I am African-American.



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my girls are in my sig

theyre german, romanian, mexican and native american.
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fun! click the links in my sig:
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beautiful pictures!!!
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mrsgoho, your DD is beautiful (just like her mama and papa). My DD was born on June 13, 2008. It's a shame we live on the opposite coast. They could be cute, little, curly haired buddies.
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I never pass up the opportunity to show my kids off
I'm white (american so a mixture) and dh is mexican



Christian and the one on the left is my oldest son from a previous marriage
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I couldn't help but notice the flip flops, a truly classic African look.
I love it. but dh made me but that part off the hard copy pictures I put in our album, because he thinks Americans (and my family in particular) will look down on him because of it.
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I really need to get some decent pictures online!

This is the kidlet with his grandparents this past Halloween. I'm mostly German by ancestry; my husband was born and raised in Tamil Nadu, India.

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OMG, love grandma in her Crocs! ROFL! His parents look so sweet.
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I LOVE this thread !! Look at all the cuteness .. everyone's babes are sooo beautiful !!
Now its my turn to "show-off" my little bug !

DH is Brazilian and I am good ol' American with a dash of Native American Indian.

Here is my DD at 1 month ..


Here is DH with DD


Here is me with DD

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Great thread! DH is Filipino and I am Slavic/Irish/Italian/German, etc. We have two DDs and one on the way!

DD#1: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...DSC_0013-1.jpg

DD#2: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...ember20086.jpg
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