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Absolutely adorable photos. We're a German/black couple (I'm German/black and he's just German) Here is my DD and my DS. More pics in the sig blog.
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Such beautiful families! I'm AA (creole on my dad's side, AA on my mother's) and my DH is from Trinidad and Tobago.



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Originally Posted by WilliamsMama View Post
Hi, Jannah!
Yes, I do speak very, very little. I understand a lot more than I can speak, though. I also cook Korean food pretty frequently. :
Your children are so beautiful, Jannah!
Thank you, your son is quite the cutie pie. Korean food, sounds yummy:
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Ok, here goes:

DD, DSS and DSD-6 this past summer (DD is black/white; DSS and DSD are Black/Mexican)

DD playing chef

Almost all of us.

Sad to say I have no recent pics of the older girls. Oh wait, DSD-18 and her son, DGS
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I just discovered this forum! I am divorced now, but ex-DH is African American and I am white. Our son, Torin, is 14 and very blended. When he is with me, people say he looks just like me and when he is with his dad, they say he looks like his dad. The blue eyes always throw people off(and actually threw us off at first too) He has been confused as being hispanic or Arab. Here are a few pictures of him over the years.....

With me and DH at 6 months....


With me and DH at 2 years


At six years old....


At 12 years old...

This past summer at the beach...


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Umm... Oh my gosh. He is so gorgeous, Marsha!
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Thanks, I think so, but then I am a little biased I was just looking through all the thread and seeing all these precious kids. I sure wish Torin could have stayed little for longer. These cutie pies make me want to start over....almost, LOL!

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I love looking at pictures of little ones.
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Hi Everyone! I've been gone from the MDC boards for awhile, and have recently returned. I'm so happy to see this forum!

I'm divorced now, and have been raising my dd solo since she was 4 months old. My ex-dh is from England, but his family is from Ghana and identifies more as African than British. My dd is now 6.5 years old.


Anyway, it has been fun to see everyone's families... I look forward to getting to know everyone here.
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It has been a while since I posted in this forum! I had fun looking at the pictures... and thought I would post as well

The three of us - I am Canadian, Dad is Turkish and son is American

Here is a picture of my son
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Wow what a fun thread, I love looking at pictures of all the gorgeous littles ones and families. It's really so nice to see the different backgrounds that come together. Recently one of my favorite books to read to DD is "The Family Book" by Todd Parr.

DD at 7 weeks, the day I had to return to work I had such a hard time leaving this little face. http://www.flickr.com/photos/32372171@N02/3371173338/

My little gypsy with her playsilks http://www.flickr.com/photos/32372171@N02/3370350679/

Just over 6 months and yesterday was her first taste of solid food http://www.flickr.com/photos/32372171@N02/3370350753/

DH: 50% Polish / 25% German / 25% Irish
Me: 75% Chinese / 25% Caucasian-Unknown (My Mom's father was some American GI, we have no idea what his background is)
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Aww they're all so adorable!!

Here's my lil dumplin' (i'm AA/DH is white), DD @ 3 months!
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My older daughter is 1/2 white (me) and 1/4 Jamaica & 1/4 Chinese (biological side):


My younger daughter is white (me) and my dh is 1/2 white (mom) & 1/2 Trinidadian (dad):


Daddy & his girls:



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i just had my little multiracial babe- a boy born 1-31. yesterday a girl at a deli said he's the cutest baby she's ever seen!
now i experiment with posting pictures...


napping with his daddy:

eta: dh is peruvian, i'm a mainly-irish-european-mutt with a good bit of cherokee in the mix
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All of these beautiful little ones.

Here is my wild child. http://auctions.hallcrash.net/images...wildchild2.JPG
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Originally Posted by ncas72 View Post
All of these beautiful little ones.

Here is my wild child. http://auctions.hallcrash.net/images...wildchild2.JPG

He'a a cutie. Oh, I love your "Norbury Ramblings"
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OMG so many beautiful babies. Congratulations to everyone you have wonderful children, I will post pics of mine tonight
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ok so I've posted before but, well, my babies have gotten bigger since then! So I'm going to throw down more pics.





dd & dh

ds & I

dh is 1/2 Mexican (he's 1st gen american citizen on his dad's side. They are from Oaxaca Mexico), a bit over 1/4 native american (mostly sioux) with his mother's family origionating from the north dakota area, and a bit of random whiteness scattered about on his mom's side as well.

I am prodominatly English (whales) with a tiny bit of Spanish, Irish, French, (from mom's side) and possibly dutch (from dad's side). Both sides of my fam have been in the US since the origional eastern coast colonies and some of the first settlers to move into the western US as well.
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here's ds hubby is from India, i'm white/american. http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z...s/DSC_0184.jpg
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My daughter is 3.5 now; this is the most recent one on here, when she was 2. She's 1/4 English, 1/4 Armenian, 1/4 Honduran, 1/4 Nicaraguan.
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