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nurse practitioner salary

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does anyone know the average?

can't decide if I want to go back to school because:
1. will I then feel obligated to work full-time all the time b/c of my loans?
2. can you even ever work part-time?
3. my baby is 1 and I want a lot more, should I just stay an RN b/c of the flexible schedule?

We need more money
sometimes I feel like I sold myself short
the longer I wait.....

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Salary totally depends on geographic area and employer.

I'm in Boston, and NP salaries are farily high. If you are a hospital employed NP it's not uncommon to see salaries of $80,000+. If you work for a private practice it will probably be less ($65,000-$75,000), but it varies depending on the size of the practice, whether it is well-established, etc. I work for a non-profit so I'm in the middle of that range, but I love and support the mission of where I work so I'm willing to work for less.

NPs (and RNs in general) are highly respected in Boston and our salaries reflect that. In other parts of the country that could be very different.

Good luck with your decision.
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I am currently an RN-BSN working weekends labor/delivery and I start this fall to be a Physician Assistant and that salary around here in a private practice (which I will be going to ) is around $92,000. NPs around here make $75,000 to $80,000. I live in the Midwest.

It is HIGHLY suggested you not work during school, it is a full time job as it is. When I graduate I will work part-time so I can be with my girls when my DH has to work so we can avoid daycare. While I am in school they will be with DH and their grandma. I would recommend talking with a school counselor. They can fill you in on the logistics.
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It also depends upon how long you've been an RN. One of my coworkers has been an RN at our hospital for 14 years. She will finish her NP this year; and she's not sure what to do. If she gets hired by the hospital, she will TAKE A PAY CUT. That's right; she earns more as an RN with 14 years experience than what the starting salary for a new grad NP is. So she's not sure if she will go with a private practice, which will pretty much be the same amt of pay as right now, or take a pay cut, but continue with her current benefits, like her retirement and holiday pay (she won't start over in those if she takes a new position in the facility).

Pretty much I've decided that if I go on to get my masters, it won't be because of the money. The amt it would cost vs the amt I would make; I don't know if it would actually balance out. I make over 50K a year as an RN right now. If I paid 25K or more to go back to school, to only make 60-70K, work 5 days a week, and have more responsibility (and higher malpractice insurance), I don't know, it doesn't seem worth it to me.

Or it could be that I'm just lazy, and rationalizing my laziness. I really like working just 3 days a week!
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Lorijds, I have a lot of the same hesitations as you........

Hard to really know unless you graduate.

Anyone else have any advice?
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True, and it also depends upon your age. I would be in my early to mid 40s before I finished with an NP. If I were younger, even a decade younger, I would definitely recoup the cost over my work lifetime.
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It's a good question for sure.

I'm also an RN-BSN and have been thinking about going back for my masters (NP or CNS). But I'm just not sure sometimes.

I have a friend who graduated from NP school (Vanderbilt NP) and actually had a hard time finding a job--which really surprised me, he has a lot of experience and is SMART as heck! He moved down to Dallas Childrens and is making about $80,000 a year which is pretty good, but even here in Oklahoma he was making about $70,000 just as an RN. So is the loan debt compared to his salary worth it? For him it is. He had to relocate (he is a ped's NP), I'm not willing to relocate at all.

Also, what type of NP would you want to do? I think it depends on the specialty for sure as well as your area. Are there lots of NP/CNS jobs in your area (look in the newspaper as well as the hospitals employment websites, etc).

I definitely think NP in particular is the wave of the future for family practice, etc. It's something I'm very interested in doing as well. There is just a lot to think about.

The only PT job I've seen for NP is to work in the university clinic here and I was SHOCKED to see the salary for NP at $20/hr. I kid you not! I'm an RN and make more than that! Crazy.
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