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Leaking ??

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I know this is really stupid .. but I am soo sick of breast pads and spots on every shirt I wear I am 5 weeks PP and was wondering when the breast leaking tapers off .. or does it ever ? : Just curious ... seems my boobies are always leaking !
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I never found I had really severe leaking but I do still find sometimes (usually first thing in the morning or if I skip a feeding 'cause I'm out & LO got a bottle of ebf) I will leak on the side I'm not nursing on. But usually I do not leak anymore between feedings.
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I'm 14 weeks pp and still leak a ton, esp. at night.
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Mine settled down around 3 months.
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I can't remember when I stopped leaking (dd is 23 months). I think it might have been around 6 months.
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Mine stopped leaking around 2-3 months.
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3-4 months for me. I still leak if it has been too long since a feeding.
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Yup, I also leaked until about 3 or 4 months but I did leak less and less during those first few months.
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dd is 6 months and i still leak... i tried a few things, like block feedings (when you feed from one side foe x hrs and then the other) but nothing really worked for me.

i think you have to give it a little longer before you try anything. your suply is still trying to work out how much you really need.

i'm still leaking, but just one side. i don't know why this is.
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I still leak an I've been nursing for 5 months. It's not as bad as it was the first 8 weeks, but I definitely still leak. If I've been feeding very frequently I can get away sometimes without a pad, but I won't go out without them. I have a pretty heavy letdown and if it happened while I'm out I'd be soaked pretty fast.
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I am majorly slowing down now at three months PP. I am like some of the others...I still leak if I go too long between feeds.
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I've found it totally varies. With DS I had to still wear pads well over a year... but this time with DD I have hardly worn any at all past a month.
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my ds just had his 1st bday and i'm still soaking thru my bra and shirt! with dd, it was about 8 months pp.
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I leaked really bad with DD. I'd be standing at the checkout at the supermarket and felt that I had a letdown...how embarassing (I always forgot those pads). It's better now that she is 5 months old. I still leak occasionally especially at night when she doesn't nurse for longer streches.
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For the first couple of months I felt like I was damp all.the.time between leakly breasts and baby vomit! My DD is 11 weeks and I still leak but not as much as at 5 weeks. I don't know how you feel about disposable nursing pads but the Johnson and Johnson ones really work well for me. I was using a different kind and kept leaking through my shirt but havn't at all since I started using the J&J.
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We're 3 months out now, and it just dawned on me the other day that I haven't leaked in a week or two, not even at night. Knock on wood, I hope this continues!

ETA: I say this, and not 20 minutes later I noticed a small wet spot on my shirt. Sigh.
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I'm almost 5 months PP and still using nursing pads, although the leaking is slowing down, I think.
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Around 3 months the major leaking stopped for me. I don't need to wear a bra around the house anymore. I still leak a bit during night-time nursing or if I go too long b/w feedings.

Though, I did learn the trick of pressing on my nipple to stop the leaking not too long ago. I wish I had known about that earlier, especially for night-time nursing. Just take the palm of your hand and push on your nip and hold it, and it stops the leaking. Sometimes it takes 2-3 presses, but it does stop it so you don't leak out the other side when your babe is nursing.
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Let's see....the baby was 7 months old on the 13th of this month....and I still leak like crazy, especially "lefty".
By the end of the day, my nursing pads are soaked!
And at night I wrap up in a beach towel and it's soaked by morning.
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3-4 months for most daytime leaking to stop. Around 6-7 for nighttime.

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