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Help..In Missouri

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I have been anti vax for years..But the wife has not been on the same page as me. Our girl is 4 and will be going to kindergarten in the fall. I refuse to allow anymore of that crap to be injected in my child!! I have been reading these forums for 2 hours now,have found the religious immunization exemption form (printed it out) and a few letters stating my religious beliefs,but I don't understand what I am suppose to do with these forms? I have plenty of time to worry about it,just would like to know ahead of time..Thanks so much for what you all do here!!

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Missouri is really simple - you just fill out the form and turn it into the school instead of a vaccination record. That's it. I wouldn't over-do it with your letters about religious beliefs, and if you get asked anything about your religion you have every right to tell them that under discrimination laws you don't have to say. Sometimes the less said the better.

Now no form is going to keep your wife from getting her vaccinated, if that's what you're asking. The forms are just for school admission.
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Haha..No the wife and I are on the same page now..She was just quite the skeptic years ago. And thank you so much for answering so quickly!!
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Welcome! Glad you are finally on the same page. DH and I have been through the wringer because we disagree on vaxes, in fact I have objected to every one of DS's vaxes but was bullied into them. So I know the stress of not agreeing, and the stress of literally having to watch the crap being injected into your child.

If you want to do more research, I have some very good links and info on my website. One of the best is: http://www.insidevaccines.com
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The school will probably require that you have an "official exemption card" issued by the state. This is easy to get - you drop by the local health department and tell them you want an immunization exemption card for religious reasons. Depending on the current way the wind is blowing, they will either go get one, hand it to you and wish you a good day, or they will require you to speak to a public health nurse. She will then advise you that 1. Immunizations are a "good" thing and 2. if there is an outbreak of a VPD, your child may have to stay home and miss school until the outbreak passes. She will also emphasize that someone will have to miss work to stay home with them. Finally she will hand you a stack of propoganda about how wonderful immunizations are, give you the exemption card and send you on your way. Either way you'll be out of there in under 10 min. Just fill out the card, give it to the school, and that's all there is to it!

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