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swaddling a toddler?

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my almost 20 month old is sleeping better at naptime and bedtime when i pseudo swaddle her in her regular blanket. i nurse her to sleep 99% of the time, and i started tucking the blanket around her tightly to keep her hands off my other nipple and to lessen her awareness of me rolling away from her when she falls asleep. now im noticing that its basically swaddling, and that she falls asleep much faster and much sounder when i do this. we did swaddle for the first 7 months with a miracle blanket, and it worked wonders for helping her to get to sleep.

does anyone else have a toddler that they swaddle?
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My boy in 13 months & we just started swaddling again. It had been about 4 months since we'd stopped swaddling. As he is falling off after nursing he sometimes starts this wild thrashing. Swaddling dampens it down enough so that he won't hit himself or something else hard enough to wake him up. One night DH actually swaddled and then held in in both arms and finally threw a leg over him to still him - only then did he fall asleep. At his daycare I found out they had just started loosly swaddling him again, independent of our doing the same at home.

I don't get what is up with this newly asleep thrashing. It is beyond getting comfortable or myoclonic jerks (which DH has most nights upon falling asleep).
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My 27 month old likes to be swaddled when awake and rocked when she feels stressed. She was swaddled until she was 19 months or so. In my husband's home country, children are swaddled until they outgrow their cribs, which is usually around 24 - 30 months.

I think the whole country is generally under-swaddled, personally, and that more swaddling, proper swaddling with an understanding that they occasionally cry a bit at first, would solve a lot of sleep problems. Not all, of course, but some.
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