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? about garlic oil

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the only garlic oil i could find to drop in my ears is by Nature's Way and it says use externally.. but arent the ears internal? the ingredients say olive oil infused with garlic. also how many drops do i put in each ear? i know you're supposed to do it three times a day but i'm not sure how much to put in there. Also, do you just lay down on one side and drop it in there and lay there for a while, or can you get up immediately and do the other ear? what exactly is the garlic oil supposed to do-- relieve pain, or just help heal infection? because i have no pain, except wheni lay down at night (i mainly have ringing in the ears and one ear I can't hear out of and the other one is on it's way there)


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I'm no expert, but these are my thoughts: External use means it's not to be ingested, so it is fine to go in the ears. I have only used homemade garlic oil, but I used about 3-4 drops in each ear. I would wait a few minutes after putting it in the ear before flipping over just to make sure it gets in there. My understanding is that the warm oil is supposed to help the pain, and that garlic is a natural antibiotic. If you haven't done it already, try sleeping propped up on pillows to relieve the pressure on your ears.
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My son has frequent ear infections and we use garlic oil in his ears and then put in a cotton ball. Our pediatrician said that it was fine to put it in the ear. We use Willow-Garlic oil by herbs for kids and I think it is supposed to help with pain and infection.
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I am not a dr., but we have been using garlic oil for ear pain and infections in our kids for years. My Mother use to use "sweet oil" for my ears. The garlic oil heals and sooths the pain as well. We have had drs.check ears before and after and say the swelling/inflamation had gone down after using garlic oil. I buy garlic gel pills and just poke a hole in one and squeese it in the ear. I'm sure drops would be easier, but that is just how we have done it. If I can I massage behind the ear and neck to get it well in while the child lays his head to the side. Sometimes kids are too wiggley for this.
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