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High Blood Pressure in Children

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Does anyone here have a dc with high blood pressure? DD (22 mos) has had 2 high bp readings and one high end of normal reading in the last few months. We think it is probably related to her urinary/kidney issues and after yesterday's reading, uro seemed a little concerned but said hypertension was not his area and he would get back to us after he talked to a nephrologist.

So how worried should I be? We eat pretty healthy with lots of fruits and veggies (we live on a farm), but obviously we have some major changes to make in how and what we eat.

I am just wondering if anyone else has any experience with childhood hypertension, and what is working for your lo. Any advice? Anything to watch for? No one has given us any info (they didn't even suggest we cut out salt ), but from the tables I've looked at, her diastolic is pretty high at 75 (she's almost 2 and about 75-80% height). Her systolic was better this time at 114, but I still don't know how high is ok-high or when you get to freak-out-high.

I have lots of research to do, but if anyone has any links, books or advice to get me started, I'd appreciate it!
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I'm sorry you haven't had any responses.

The only times I have seen HTN in very young children it has been related to either cardiac or renal disease. The plan has always been to try and correct or minimize the underlying problem.

I hope you are able to find answers to your questions.
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I don't have any links, but I do have a suggestion for you that has helped people I know in the past.

Try picking up Ultra Meal for Kids by Metagenics

You can make them really yummy and doing that 1 or 2 x a day should balance things out.

I'm really surprised that the docs don't seem concerned.. that's rather disturbing.

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Thanks ladies!

We are still trying to figure out what the underlying cause really is, since her kidneys are functioning well - it's all pretty confusing.

I'll be talking to our peds tomorrow to see what he says. I'm hoping he is a little more helpful than uro was (but I'm not holding my breath!). Most of the time I like having laid back docs, but I'm freaking out a little with this one.

Thanks for the Metagenics link, I'll be looking into that!
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Oops... duplicated post
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I am wondering whether she was fussing a lot when they took her B/P?

A lot of things make the pressure go up: crying, talking, lack of sleep, slight dehydration...

Is she very overweight? I mean from table food not breast milk.

If you are worried about salt, switch to sea salt. Not the white powder, but natural ocean salt (unbleached brownish/pink). It regulates the pressure.

dh and I use only Himalaya sea salt. Unlimited. As much as we feel like. Once a week or so we make a salt solution and just drink that on an empty stomach. It give you all the minerals you need. We have never had a B/P problem. And we are both past 60.

Avoid all aspartame and MSG. Both are in most prepared, packaged foods.
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Thanks Gitti!

Unfortunately she's used to medical stuff, so taking her bp doesn't bother her a bit - so no fussing or crying. She's also not overweight (about 70% weight on the growth chart/75-80% height). We eat a pretty healthy diet, and try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, which is one reason it all seems so unusual.

Thanks for the tip on the sea salt. We have been using sea salt for years, but sounds like we are using the kind that is refined (it's white), so we need to switch.
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