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Ikea Ektorp Furniture?

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Any opinions? Thinking about getting the sofa and loveseat. The washability sounds nice with the kids, but will it hold up?
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We bought the sofa because the washability as well. I have washed it a couple times, it is a really and feature and it will hold up, for sure. I have a rather rambunctious 7 yo that jumps all over ours and it keeps it's shape. Word of warning though, it's uncomfortable as can be when you first get it. It took a good 6 months before it really felt squishy and comfy couch like. You have to wear your bum grooves in
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We have it as well, I have a few complaints about it but for the price and style (I love the Pottery Barn slipcover look minus the pricetag!) it's well worth it. We've had it over 2 yrs and 1 transcontinental move. (Florida to Hawaii)

We have the 3 seater sofa and the overstuffed chair and ottoman.

I agree it's quite firm (compared to the store display!) when you first get it,...too us probably 6+ mo to get it softer from use but it is awesome now.

My cons:
-Nearly all the zippers on the slipcovers have broke! UGG! Some of them I can still zip with the tips of what's left but some have actually broke. So most of my cushions are just slipcovered without the cover actually attached and the good news is, they still work/look fine. I only have the white color covers (at the time that's all I could afford) and so we keep a throw or quilt over them at all times.

-my DH and kids somehow always make the bottom cushion untuck out from the top cushion so the bottom cushion kinda sticks out. I just have to take the cushions off and fix it but it drives me nuts sometimes. I blame it on my kids and DH though LOL.

-Comfort and quality...we've had ours 2 yrs+, moved them a few times, my family is a little rough on them but they still look great.
-Look...this was one thing that was key. I wanted something cottagey/slipcovered but affordable.

I'd order them again, I do love them, but I think we are going to order new slipcovers to fix my broken zipper problem.

We also ordered ours online and had them shipped to us in Florida. Our nearest IKEA was in Atlanta and shipping was about $200, which I thought was reasonable.
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I don't have this sofa, but I wanted to pass along a slip-cover tip: use a piece of PVC to push the slipcover into the back of the seat, under the cushions, to help keep the cover tight and hold it in place. I saw the tip on HGTV and it works really well on MIL's sofa.
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I have an ikea sofa, as well, but I have the tylosand. And I LOVE ::: it! The modularness of it is very appealing. When we move to a bigger place, I can make it into a corner unit, like I wanted.

This is what we have, the sleeper sofa, in sand. I like the storage within the sofa as opposed to having a seperate place to have to put the blankets and what not. Oh yes, the mattress pad does come with the sofa. Very nice.
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We have the Ektorp corner sofa, plus a few of the overstuffed/oversized chairs (one in the den and two in the living room). We've had them for almost 4 years and finally are where we'd be better off with a new slipcover. Actually, the cushion covers all look great still, but the main part that goes on the back of the couch/arms of the couch is starting to get ratty under the cushions. That said, we really like it and are pleased with it. The only zipper we have ever had trouble with (and that eventually broke) was the cover for the top of the ottoman. Otherwise, everything has held up very well, even after multiple washings (three boys and two dogs).

And I totally agree with the seat cushions getting squashed out from the couch when dh's or children sit on it and slouch all down. It drives me batty too, and I'm constantly "fluffing" up the couch. I just think of it as my lot in life.
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We are considering this as well for our new house, so glad the reviews are good. I am planning on getting it in white with 2 extra slipcovers (also white) to rotate out. I love the look, and you just can't beat the price : )
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