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Would this be weird??

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I am very strongly thinking of printing out in bold lettering a little sheet that says something along the lines of..."When changing diapers DO NOT retract foreskin. Simply wipe clean like you would your finger!!" Then taping it on the top of the wipes container that I keep in the diaper bag. That way if my parents or a friend were to change baby's diaper they'd be reminded, even though I would tell them before hand as well. Not sure that I'd let many people other than me & DH change him anyway but you never know what situation you'd be in & that would be an extra peace of mind. I fully plan on telling everyone(well, everyone who would be changing him) ahead of time how to do diaper changes & that the foreskin is NEVER to be retracted anyway. Ok, so would that be strange or over the top.(like htere is such a thing)
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I dunno... having dealt with a baby boy now for 7.5months- I can't see how anyone would think there is anything to retract- much less how to go about it...

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I think it sounds like a good idea. Perhaps a 3x5 index card or something. It certainly can't hurt.
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I think it is a good idea. After DS was born we talked to MIL and explained proper care, that didn't stop her from attempting to retracting him the first time she changed his diaper. Luckily I was right there and slapped her hand away, she tried to act like she didn't know any better and swore we never told her. Dh and I both think she was doing on purpose because we had told her that forced retraction was one of the reasons boys would have trouble with foreskin and get circumcised, she really wanted him circed. Needless to say the women has issues and we don't have much contact with her now. Anyway all that to say better safe than sorry.
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