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New Moon = Baby?

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I'm not due until next weekend, but I am so impatient to meet my little one. My midwife was telling me that she sees a lot of babies appear on the new moon, which takes place in a couple days (Monday). So, she thinks my baby will come this weekend:. I got curious and checked the moon phases when my DS was born (he was two weeks early) and, sure enough, he was born the day before a new moon. Anyone else think their baby will make his or her appearance with the new moon?
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I can only hope and pray!! I am due tomorrow and would love for the babe to hurry up and get here!!
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that would be awesome!
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My MW thinks it is storms that bring on the babes. And we've got 4 days of storms coming! Her apprentice thinks it is the moon though.
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We've already *decided* we're going to have this one on Monday (no induction or anything, just wishful thinking)

But, it would be awesome since we're thinking it's a girl and her name translates to "a new moon"
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My mw told me she'd think of any day to guess for me the new moon would be it. I'm not getting my hopes up.
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So, I think there might be something to this whole new moon thing. I have been having contractions this morning for almost two hours. I am still trying not to get my hopes up, especially because DS woke up in the middle of the night with a fever , but this could be it!
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Sure enough, my second DS was born at 7:45 this morning :. I hope you all get to met your babes soon! Maybe today .
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The next full moon coming up is supposed to be on Feb 9th, btw.
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