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That's is an interesting article Sarah.

My sister is obsessed with ridding herself of worms. She is constantly cleansing with Black Walnut and tells me I should too. I knew though that the intestines need balance and hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it! Right?

I like the part about the kids not having to wash every time they come in. Now I'll know I'll be an educated mom instead of a lazy mom when I do that.
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Originally Posted by Changed View Post
I GOT IT! No from this thread but this pic made me love it.
Yay!: I LOVE the look of the Rhombus and wow, silk a good score!
Can't wait to see pictures. You better post them on FB.

I swear, I could scrub the dishes with my nips now and not even blink
Sarah, you are killing me!
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Thanks and yes, I will. I'm ridiculously excited and feel just the teeniest bit guilty because I bought it for far, far under market value apparently. Still super excited!
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Aww, seeing the closing notice has really bummed me out! How sad that this is our last Chat Thread! Please, please, please keep in touch mamas. I'll really miss being able to come to one board and keep up with everyone's lives. Keeping up with the new board, LWAB, and FB might be too much! I'll aim to make it to LWAB and the new board but I'm finding FB to be too much for me. I get tired of all the "stuff" that goes along with it like tagging notes and such. So, sorry, if you've tagged me recently (I've had like 5 recently from you all and other friends!!) and I haven't tagged back. I'm doing the best I can to read and reply here!

Man, I sure do miss a lot of convo if I'm MIA for a day! We just had too busy of a day yesterday for me to make an appearance. Oh well. I think I'm caught up.

Changed, how exciting that baby B has rolled over! I remember how shocked I was when Ally did it....not to mention the look on her face!

On BW'ing, I emailed my Mom the link someone posted here with 50% off carriers and I'm hoping she took the hint and got me a Zolo for my birthday. :

AAM: My birthday is tomorrow! Is it bad or abnormal that I'm just not that excited about it? I forgot that it was coming up so soon until DH mentioned it last week. We're planning to go to dinner or something. My Mom offered to watch Ally Rae for us so we could have time to ourselves but I'm really hesitant. I know she's perfectly capable of taking care of a baby (good lord, she raised 4) but I know Ally and evenings are harder. She only wants her bewbies and nothing else and when she's ready for bed at about 9pm she's a bear if I don't take her to bed ASAP which means I have to go to bed and nurse her side-lying. My Mom can't do that stuff! Her equipment has been retired for 16 years! Plus, I know I'd worry for the 2 hours we'd be out whether or not she was fussing and if the fussing could be easily remedied by nursing.

We had our LLL meeting at Rae's house today. I so love having these meetings in a home! It's more relaxed, the older kids are happier, calmer and occupy more easily, and the babies even seem happier and will nap a lot of the time. Thanks again Rae for hosting! It's nice knowing you're so close!

When exactly does the forum close? I know it said 48 hours. Is that the a.m. of the 30th since today is the 28th? I don't want to be shocked when I log on and find everything locked here.

Have a great day mamas! I'll probably be busy the rest of the day but will HAVE to check in tomorrow (the end...). Ally is ready for her long nap now and then I have a wax appt at 4:45 and then working out with my Mom at 6.
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Tara, can you pump so that you wouldn't have to worry when you are away from Ally?
I have only left Jasper 2x- once for a doctor appt and once for a massage on Christmas Day- and I felt sooooo much better knowing that he had my milk to comfort him while I was gone. Both times I was gone maybe 2 hours tops and he sucked the bottle dry even though I had fed him right before leaving.
Happy birthday too and I hope you get a Zolo...I have one in Chai.
I also hope you can learn to like FB b/c I know I won't be on the new forum except for occasional check-ins. I will try my best to keep up with the LWAB one but on FB we have a forum/topics area where we can do different topics separately like on here and in LWAB, its all together in just one thread.

Changed: how much did you pay? I must ask...you savvy shopper you! I am next gonna try to save for a silkie myself. You inspire me.
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Tara- Happy Birthday! What about doing a lunch on the weekend or an early dinner? You could also get some fancy takeout and have a late dinner after Ally Rae goes to bed....

I wish there was a jealous smiley to insert regarding all the moms getting new wraps. I'm asking my oma for one for my birthday. She had one when she lived in Jerusalem with my dad/uncle and raved about it to me when she came to visit and saw me pouching it with Hazel.

This just might be my very last post in our DDC

It's been so amazing getting to know all of you fabulous women, seeing you grow beautiful bellies, and bearing cyber witness to the birth of our ever growing babies. :
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Aww, that made me mist over Jenn.
I am hoping so much that one day Jasper can play with his ddc baby buddies.
I would love to make that happen.
I love you all and your babies as well.
If any of you are ever out here in LA, please look me up.
That would be a wonderful treat to meet IRL.
Ah geez, I feel so damned emotional over this. I know its just a forum on a website BUT somehow this is attached and tied up with my pregnancy and the whole experience. I know you all must feel the same. Letting this DDC go is like saying good bye to the pregnancy and that makes me deeply melancholic.
I am actually crying now...geez, what a sap I am huh?
Love to you all my DDC sisters.
Shine on and see you on FB and in LWAB!
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Yes, it is sad to see this DDC get locked. I guess we can just think of it as a journal in which each page has been written and filled.

A new season awaits us. And as sad as I am to let my last pregnancy and childbirth go....I am happy to look forward to the new season in our lives. I smile at the day Annie will sit next to me at the pool and the day she crawls around the kitchen....I love crawling babies.
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Sarah - Addie has latched below on my boob before, must have been at night while I was asleep, b/c my Dh asked me how I got a hickie!

I'm with you all on the teary-ness about our DDC closing. I knew it was coming, but it's still rather shocking.

AAM: Addie has the runs I think. She's nursing all the time so I'm not worried and I think it's from all her drool. It's really annoying though; for the past few days she's been practically asleep and then she'll poop again and we have to wake her up to change her diaper and then she's stimulated and won't go back to sleep. This is resulting in not enough sleep for her and very tired parents.

A while back you ladies were talking about pp hairloss and I wasn't really with you... I am now!! I filled the drain in the shower twice AND had to clean out my comb once in the middle of combing my hair. I can't believe I have any hair left on my head!

My parents are going to be here this weekend! I'm so excited! I miss them tons and they of course miss Addie. My mom will probably also clean my whole house and do all the dishes while she's here!
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Tara I'm glad you enjoyed the meeting today, and please.. now that you know where I live.. call sometime and drop in .. I almost never get visitor's so I would totally love some company ! Since I consider you a friend though I probably wouldn't make the house quite as nice/clean as it was for today's meeting LOL!

Also Tara IMHO if you are not feeling comfortable leaving Ally Rae for your Birthday.. then don't do it. You take her with you for your regular dates anyway, so it's not like you aren't used to dealing with her in those situations. I think I was kinda pressured into leaving my first kid for dates and such, and it was SOOO hard on me (and as babe got older hard on babe too). I didn't leave my 2nd much at all, and have no plans to leave my third as yet. I know you aren't wanting to give her any nipples other then yours.. but if you do get pushed into leaving her you could still leave some expressed milk (even hand expression works) and have them feed her with a dropper/syrnge if needed. I know the few times I have left my babies I was much more comfortable if there was some milk available if needed. Though I don't think Ian really ever took a bottle can't even remember if I tried or not lol, I do remember giving him some expressed milk in a sippy when he was very sick/in the hospital once (ha pumping in front of a baby who is refusing to eat ((he was 13 months old)) then offering them that milk in a sippy.. both confuses and angers them LOL!.. tricked the booger into nursing again.. and hence getting enough fluids to be taken off his IV!). Whoops got off on a tangent there LOL.. sorry

I think I too am probably going to go with the LWAB thread and FB though mostly I just talk with/comment individually on FB with people. And yes Tara FB can be confusing.. but don't give up entirely. I have taken to refusing/blocking some of the games/applications that get passed around and I totally ignore the 'note tagging/chain mail' lol. So I guess I almost treat it like another blog type thing.. except that I know more people who use FB then blogs and people more readily comment on FB then they do on blogs lol.

I guess I'd better start dinner, DH is hoping we can have a 'in-home date' tonight (it's sad but two kids and now definitely with three.. we just plan a 'date night' after the kids go to sleep.. and do something together at home LOL!), so hopefully the kids will all go down to sleep without to much trouble.
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I am absolutely exhausted after hosting yet another successful playdate with some friends and their babies today but I just had to come in and post on our very last day in the DDC together.

I will keep in touch with FB and in LWAB so, although I will miss having our own little area, I'm not going to be sad because I know we will continue to stay in touch...alright, who am I kidding...I'm sad!

Cheers Everyone,
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i know there is a facebook group but i cant find it. can someone post the addy again (or pm me i guess).
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OrchideZ, I'm not giving Ally any artificial nipples or I'd definitely pump so my Mom could watch her and make me feel more comfortable if she did really need to eat. Unfortunately, when I say Ally wants her boobs at night, it's more that she wants the actual boob and not so much the milk that's in them. I'll have to post the pics on the LWAB thread I have of her cuddling it.....soooo cute!

Rae, I'll definitely call you up and come over for some mama time! I have hesitated up until now simply because I know how overwhelming it can be to have people over when you have multiple children. My BFF hates it when people just drop by or come over at all really. It makes it harder for her I guess when it comes to controlling her kids and she hates having to tidy up her house. Don't hesitate to call me also if you have a day where you really need someone around. I'm normally home.
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Originally Posted by PassionateWriter View Post
i know there is a facebook group but i cant find it. can someone post the addy again (or pm me i guess).
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Oh no, I didn't even realize our DDC would be closed so soon!! : You ladies have really helped save my sanity over the past 3 months - it's so nice to have people to talk to who know what you're going through, especially since DH is as clueless as I am, and as great as our moms are my youngest sibling is 21 and DH's is 19, so it's been a while since they've had babies to deal with.

Eleanor has continued rolling over every chance she gets, and she tried rolling from front to back today. She's also trying to do situps, which is so cute! I can definitely feel some little teeth starting to come up, and I think I can see them getting ready to push through the gums as well. She wants to chew on everything in sight, including my fingers when she gets ahold of them! She's also making little raspberry sounds with her lips and spraying drool all over.

I got the cutest book for Eleanor: it's called Little Hoot, and it's about a little owl who wants to go to bed early like all his friends, but his parents make him stay up late because that's what owls do. It's the cutest thing ever! :

I'm glad we'll be keeping in touch on the new forum and on FB. See you there!
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Kudos to you Tara for being able to keep that up!
I am curious...is it because you are worried about what is in the artificial nipples? As in BPA and toxins? I know there are good brands out there like Born Free and Dr. Brown's for two examples.
If its strictly an attachment thing, I respect you for being able to do that.
I know I couldn't!
I am doing my form of AP by staying home, with our sleeping together, by wearing him as much as I can but I have to say I love being able to give my DH the opportunity to feed him as well when I pump a bottle. Its only once a week but its very special to them both for bonding. I make sure the bottles we use are BPA free of course.
He does get it straight from the bewb 90% of the time.
I guess then in your case, I wouldn't leave her home even on your birthday b/c it doesn't sound like its what you would want the most and you should have it your way on your day of course.
You have never left her before for an evening and to leave her w/o milk when she is used to having access to drink and cuddle with you 24-7 will be traumatic I think.
If she has never taken from a cup, I would worry about your mama trying that. The syringe thing would work but would be a hassle for your mama especially if Ally is upset when she is trying to give it.
I think you might be happiest in your case to keep her close to you.

Jana: That was beautiful the way you put that!:

Passionate: I will pm ya!

Em: I never thought about it being from drool but man oh man, did Jasper have the biggest runniest poop of his life today.:
I reacted right away when he did it and still it rolled down his leg past his wool interlock covers no less, got on his leg, socks, bootie, the floor, the change pad, me and my outfit. It literally was a shit storm!
Poor guy.

Carrie: thanks soooooo much for the Lucky Child link info the other day!
I got my package today and I love my Gypsy Mama gauze wrap. Its beautiful...a shade of pure crimson and will be nice and light for the warm season I have ahead here in LA. The bamboo stuff is amazing.:
I wish I had bought more. I now only want to put him in bamboo. It feels to the touch like the softest silkiest cotton you have ever touched and it is antibacterial naturally plus keeps baby 3 degrees cooler in warm weather and wicks. So, I foresee that bamboo will be great to put him in when doing wraps to keep him from sweating.
I got him a onesie in moss green and a top in fawn. The next size up, I got him a dark brown top and a green polo top. I wish I had gotten more like I said...wah.

I feel like I am yapping now b/c I don't want this forum to be locked.

ps- Re. FB, they do have an area on our group where you can start topics and people can post replies. We definitely should start using that area more. Its where people were posting their forum names.

Crabby, thanks for the book rec. I will pick it up. We have been going hogwild with buying/getting books for Jasper. We are both serious readers/writers (and I know writing and smarts run in your family as well!) so we want him to love reading as much as we do.
He does seem to naturally love them though.
Earlier this afternoon, I got him to calm and stop crying by reading him a poetry book for kids I picked up in a shop this past weekend.
Its for older children but the illustrations are so lovely and its rhymey and he loved it. He was laughing out loud.
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Originally Posted by OrchideZ View Post
Carrie: thanks soooooo much for the Lucky Child link info the other day!
I got my package today and I love my Gypsy Mama gauze wrap. Its beautiful...a shade of pure crimson and will be nice and light for the warm season I have ahead here in LA. The bamboo stuff is amazing.:
Our package came from Lucky Child today, too. I only got 2 coveralls but the bamboo...OMG...I want some in my size for me now. It has an amazingly awesome feel to it, huh?

AAM: I'm starting to feel like I'm back in the swing of working. I got called in last night and last Saturday night. Iris was totally fine...dh said she hardly fussed. I was so worried about her but when I got home she was happily swaddled in bed snuggling her daddy. Being around babies at work makes me really, really miss her though.

Iris is also doing the pop on and off the boob thing and its driving me bonkers! She'll be so sleepy and push the boob out of her mouth and then get really frustrated. Its kind of amusing to watch her do it but after a few rounds of the same it gets really annoying. :

So is tonight when our DDC closes??
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Ashley: what colors did you get? I want to see pictures of Iris wearing her bamboo. I got one coverall but it was the striped green cotton ribbed one...super cute but not as luxurious as the bamboo I am sure.
Yep, its our last night here.
Jasper has been popping off too. I noticed it more since you all mentioned it.
Do you work with NBs? That would make me miss Jasper too. But still it sounds great to be helping sweet lil babies.

For those who are CD-ing, can anyone point me to a good vendor for hemp liners with fleece layer on top? I bought one from Goodmama and I love it but their shipping took almost two weeks and I want these like yesterday.
Jasper when wearing one at night will sleep straight through for 8-9 hours...only waking to feed in sidelying position...its heaven!
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^Oh, I will for sure. I got her the bamboo coveralls in orchid and the mod squares in cotton...although it really feels like there's some poly in it. :
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OrchideZ ...... for hemp doublers topped with fleece try http://greenmountaindiapers.com I just got some from there for my older boys (I got the huge over night one.. I mean it's HUGE!! big even on my 4 yr old!!). They are great . And shipping was less then a week to me at least.
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