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how wonderful!! Congratulations!!! Sounds like it is a good fit for you
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hey there,
I just visited Good Sam today. If you still want my thoughts on it, I'd be happy to post. But, it sounds like you've got yourself all set up?
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well i think I'm set, but I'd love to hear your thoughts anyway ...;-)
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well, I liked it. It did feel like a hospital. Although they made a lot of efforts to make it look cozy and friendly. Hardwood floors in the birthing rooms, and such. Decorated nicely. Babies never leave your side, unless you want them too. All testing done bedside. Lots of lacatation support. All private post partum rooms with an exception. There are a few of them that "can" be doubled up if they have lots of moms. As long as they remain private, dads can room in. infant security system in place. It seemed like they were open to a lot, while maintaining being a hospital. If that makes sense. If I already had an OB who births there, and I went to go visit, I wouldn't change. Does that make sense?
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Yes, it makes perfect sense! I am taking a tour of HVH next week so I'll let you know my thoughts with them, but I liked what I've read there and got from the midwife I saw whol delivers there already. They've got the same hands-off, pro-natural birthing philosophy but they have birthing tubs (and they apparently don't treat VBAC's any different so I'd be able to deliver in it if I choose), no IV or constant monitoring, comfy private rooms, a VBAC class in-house, dads and sibs welcome to room in. I think my LO is too little to be a "candidate" for staying but I really wouldn't want him to anyway. They also apparently provide snacks for dads in the evening and a continental breakfast too. It sounds like I'd want to stay extra long!

If I'd had a better experience at Tallman OB/GYN I'd have stuck with Good Sam but I am happy with my choice now that I have explored other options. I also have the added stress of possibly giving birth on or around Labor Day weekend, so I'm nervous about city vacation traffic! That's when the Thruway turns into a parking lot, and all the side streets aren't much better. So going over Bear Mtn. bridge to HVH will be MUCH easier, even if it's a little farther, because it's not going to have even remotely as much city traffic. I couldn't think of anything worse than being stuck on the side of the highway about to give birth on the hood of someone's chevy!

I'm glad though that you were happy w/ Good Sam. Did you meet with Olive yet?
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I know the original poster's question was answered long ago, but I'm posting in case anyone searches for info on Good Sam, Tallman, etc.
I gave birth at Good Samaritan in Suffern in October 2009, with midwives Lynnea Carstens and Sandra Heller from Tallman OB/GYN. My experience was mixed.
If anyone wants info on my experience with the midwives, please PM me, I'd be happy to share more information privately.

As for Good Sam, the staff was friendly, the hospital rooms themselves were very nice. However, they have practices which made my son's birth and the start of breastfeeding very upsetting. I had pregnancy induced hypertension, which got worse during labor, so I had to be on continuous fetal monitoring, absolutely still in the bed. I was required to get an epidural I didn't want. Eventually after about 24 hours, he had turned posterior and asynclitic (after having been anterior for weeks and weeks!) and I stopped progressing, his heartbeat started decellerating, and my bp went through the roof. I had a c-section.
My temperature went one tenth of a degree above their "line" during labor, which meant they determined I was at risk for infection. So, he was taken from me. I saw him in recovery for 5 minutes, but was not allowed to touch him. I next saw him 6 hours later when (at last!) they wheeled me into the NICU. I pulled off my top and his, and we snuggled skin-to-skin and he latched right on. Oh Bliss!!! After a day of horrible stuff, this was so good. The next morning I was not permitted to see him until noon, nearly 12 hours after the last time I saw him. I kept asking when I would be allowed to get up, but the nurses were too busy to help me up and in to see him. A NICU nurse came to tell me that she had given him 20cc of formula, against my express verbal and written wishes. I was devastated. Note that he had to go to the NICU ONLY because my temp had been elevated -- he was 100% perfectly healthy! No one asked me before this feeding, or informed me that it was necessary, they simply told me after the damage was done.
I had asked for a breastpump while still in recovery at 5PM, and did not receive one until noon the next day. I asked repeatedly for the pump and assistance from the lactation consultant, but did not receive it for hours, and not until they had filled my precious boy's belly with formula.
I asked after this that they STOP giving him any formula whatsoever, but they continued to feed him formula, sometimes right before I was set to shuffle back to the NICU to feed him myself. This really impacted my milk coming in, because he was full and sleepy by the time I got to him.

In general, the staff at Good Sam was friendly, and tried to be helpful, but I did NOT have a good experience with them as far as breastfeeding is concerned. It took us weeks to get back on track.

I will not give birth at Good Sam again.
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I had both of my babies at Good Sam 5 and 7 yrs ago. I was using Tallman Obgyn at the time and will NEVER recommend them. As far as the hosp goes I have no complaints at all. The room, nurses, lactation staff were all excellent. the babies never left my side and I felt as comfortable as you can feel in a hosp environment.
I wanted to deliver there again with a new dr. or midwife but unfortunately I had 2 c/s because of Tallman and I couldnt find a dr or midwife in Orange, or ROckland that would let me do a vba2 so Im stuck going all the way to Hackensack.
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Mom2Happy, I am surprised to hear that Hackensack has an OB willing to try VBA2C. Would you mind sharing the name of the Dr. or practice?
Hackensack's official caesarean rate is at 50% (!) - and the four moms I know who went there all had 1st time c/s - so I always assumed they were not VBAC or mother-baby friendly. But I would love to be wrong, and to find out that there was an exception on staff, or that they were changing their ways. Its a local hospital to me and so many moms in my area want to go there to get the best NICU.
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I do not have any experience with Good Sam personally as I delivered both my boys at St. Anthony's in Warwick. However, I work in Rockland and out of the 9 colleagues that have had babies there, 8 had c/s...one medically necessary as she knew going it...mom had a spinal issue, one was a breech and the rest were told their labors were too long...my one friend was in labor 12 hours...I think they are quick to do c/s and I ruled them out when I looked into them and thank God b/c they never would have let me go to the 58 hours that it took to deliver my 1st son.

I have 3 friends that delivered at Valley hospital in Jersey. They rave about the hospital and the doctors/midwives associated with it. I wish I had known about them before my 1st as it is as far for me to drive to Warwick as it is to drive to Ridgewood (40 min) from Central Valley area. I have been to the hospital with my son for a pediatric sleep study and the place is really nice and I really liked the pediatric nurses. I'm not sure where in OC you are, but it may be worth checking out.

I will add that GS has great Lactation Consultants...my LC was a labor/delivery nurse there who has now started her own doula practice
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My littlest sister (9) I (20) were born in Good Sam. My mother loved it there. She did it through the actual hospital with her OB/GYN though. Totally naturally--her ob was awesome about that. Mom didn't like Nyack with my other sister (17) but I've had 2 friends give birth that without a problem...then again, they were into the "drug me, get it over with" mindset. I can't offer too much help at all but I wanted to wish you good luck.

You guys really don't like Tallman? Lynnea was my midwife for a year or two but she transfered me downstairs to Dr. Passano becuase she couldn't help me anymore. I've only seen her once but my mother loves her and she was very nice to me.

Then again, I've only been in for routine things/help for my very painful period. They could be totally different in with L&D. *shrugs*
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Joanne, the other midwife in the practice delivered my baby 1.5 years ago at Hudson Valley. I also live in Orange, and yes it was a treck, but the hospital is AMAZING! I labored in a hot tub the whole time. Joanne was great, great, great. I love her and Sue so much. I still go their practice and plan to have more babies with their practice at Hudson Valley. THe nurses at the hospital are also amazing and they are who you'll spend lots of time with anyway. Best of luck!!!
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Originally Posted by murphysaangel View Post

So I had my consult with Sue Cavanaugh of Hudson Valley OB/GYN and I was THRILLED with her and the practice. She and the rest of the staff (2 OB's and 1 other midwife) are very pro-VBAC and treat them like any other birth. She recommended I tour the hospital which I wasn't able to do today, but she guaranteed that the nurses and entire staff are also VBAC friendly and very natural-birth oriented. She said I could labor and even birth in the tub if I want. She also told me that I'd have a great chance at a VBAC since I got up to 8 cm (the other place just said it was "so-so" because of the FTP diagnosis I'd gotten at the hospital - though they never read my records!) which collaborates with what my HB mnidwife had originally said. Anyway, I really liked her and just kinda "gelled" if ya know what I mean! The ONLY thing I wasn't super thrilled with is that her practice will not allow anyone to go over 41 weeks. The other practice it was 42, then they automatically section you. With Sue and HVOBGYN, they induce at 41 weeks, but she said Pitocin would be the LAST resort and we'd try all natural methods 1st, then stripping membranes, then AROM, then pitocin. It does concern me because I was 41 weeks + 4 days with my son and it'll be likely I go past my edd with this one too. She did take a look at her handy pregnancy calendar-thingy and said we could stretch my EDD from 9/1 to 9/3 to give me a few extra days. And who knows, maybe my next u/s will give me a few more. She seemed really willing to do whatever possible to avoid induction, but it isn't something she can control, yk? I'll be visiting the hospital within the next few weeks but I'm pretty sure this is the place for me!
That is great!
Im so glad they are going to let you have a vbac at Good Sam.
DO you know how that practice deals with vba2c?
I couldnt find anyone and am stuck going over an hour away which freaks me out to be that far from my kids.
I was happy at Good Sam, besides the fact that I had 2 c/s. but that was the dr. fault not the hosp. staff.
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Originally Posted by miriamh912 View Post
Joanne, the other midwife in the practice delivered my baby 1.5 years ago at Hudson Valley. I also live in Orange, and yes it was a treck, but the hospital is AMAZING! I labored in a hot tub the whole time. Joanne was great, great, great. I love her and Sue so much. I still go their practice and plan to have more babies with their practice at Hudson Valley. THe nurses at the hospital are also amazing and they are who you'll spend lots of time with anyway. Best of luck!!!
K I'll update here since I went ahead and delivered at HVH and I ended up with another section
BUT...my experience was decent. DURING labor I felt that the mw could have been more involved. One of the OB's was on call (Mahon, who I really thought had a horrible attitude toward my VBAC in general and did NOT want to attend my labor) so I requested Sue...she said she would attend, but then didn't show up for 9 HOURS later, and then only popped in a few times and only checked me once. I hired a doula (who's a hb midwife - Jessica Lawlor in NJ) so she was with me the whole time and was awesome. My c-section was inevitable - lil' Joey did NOT want to descend and after 24 hours of 2-min contrax he hadn't dropped at all. So I think we (if not THEY) did everything to avoid it, and although it didn't happen I was impressed that the majority of the time I was laboring they really left me alone to do what I wished - almost to a fault. I had to be hooked up to a monitor most of the time too, and they let me walk around and stuff, no problem. I was excited to try the tub but never got to - we didn't want to risk slowing things down.

Post-partum, the hospital is FANTASTIC!!!! I can't express that enough. They truly want your baby to be with you after he/she is born. They truly want you to sucessflly bf - but they also give you ample time to bond with your baby. I felt that EVERY nurse was kind and gentle and supportive of my "ap" style mommying. No one ever tried to take the baby away besides for the hearing test, and they did that in the middle of the night. I could have come with him but by that time I was intuitively comfortable with the staff. They even OFFERED to bathe him (not demanded) - after a day or so, and also said there was "no need to give him a bath right away because he came out so clean"!

If you're in the vicinity I highly recommend HVH. But, I would check out Hudson RIVER ob/gyn first, instead of hudson valley obgyn. They seemed awesome, and they stay with you 100% of the time of your labor. I wish they'd been in my insurance or I would have gone with them.

hope that helps

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It is late but congratulations on your little boy and thank you for the update. It is very helpful!

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