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Covers are hard. The covers that worked with DD, I don't believe will work for DS. He has chicken legs and the proraps are working wonderfully. Not a single blow out *knock on wood*. DD had a little more chunk on the bottom 1/2 and thirsties seemed to work well for her (until they started leaking like crazy).
Yeah, as a result of a lot of people giving me some old diaper covers/buying a few different ones to try on ebay I've discovered the only ones that I've never had a leak on have been the pull on covers. Even the few all in ones that I have (which I use basically as a last resort or when DH does diaper changes) leak. Disposibles of course leak poop all the time.... So far, through four kiddos I've had the best experience with the pull on covers. Irony being those are the cheapest ones!
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I'm using a combination of things. I love using fitteds and prefolds with interlock or knitted wool, and I have some fuzzi bunz and BG for going out; and at night, I use my fitteds with a thirsties or wool cover and she sleeps in a fleece sleepsack.
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We are using g-diapers as covers with prefolds inside. Also a couple of drybees ..all size small. I have several BG and happy heiny pocket diapers that were my older daughters. I haven't used them yet because I thought they would be too big. They are supposed to be one-size fits all though, so i guess i should try them.
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We're using Baby Kanga one size pockets. Sophie was 10lbs 12.5 oz. at almost 4 weeks.
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We're just using prefolds and covers and it's really been great...he was in the orange edge newborn size until probably about 6 1/2 weeks, then we switched to the yellow edge ones, which are still a little big at 8 1/2 weeks, but are working out pretty well (he's about 11 1/2 lbs at this point).

Our covers (I think we have 8 or 9 total in small) are all from Blueberry and Swaddlebees, my favorites are the minky wraps and the merino wool covers, which we use at night. We also have a few of their other covers, and even when DS has had a total blow out from the diaper, all of the covers have always contained it. I think there's been one where a little escaped up his back, but it was a ridiculous amount of poo to have come out of such a tiny being, and I think I could have had the cover on tighter...anyways, I can't recommend their covers enough :

We also have 5 of their AIO one sizes for babysitting, since I generally can't part with DS for long these have only been used once when we went to the AFC championship game, but they worked out well, esp considering that the friend watching him is completely critical of all of my granola tendencies, including CDing
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We're using the BG 3.0 and I love 'em!
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I can finally join in on the CD discussion! What is working for us right now is Thirsties Fab Fitted and Thirsties covers. I love them! I'm selling off the other stuff in my stash and just going with these for now. I'm keeping my BG though and will try them again when he gets a little bigger. I'm using disposables at night still, and will probably continue to for a while, if not always. I have some prefolds that I'm going to try out as well, if I can find the darn snappis.
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WE're using lots of different stuff, but I seems to like the PFs with covers best... Bummis original covers, g diapers covers, and fuzzi bunz as covers. I bought a ton of imse vimse and I have to admit I'm not too fond, he's always leaking out of them. I bought mostly an assortment of smalls to see what I like and he's still "in" them, thinking I might order bumkins for sz med or thirsties or the covers on gmd.
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We're using a mix of a whole bunch of stuff, courtesy of a friend. My favorites are the fitteds under a wool cover though. Actually, my absolute favorite diaper is a contour with two sewn in liners. It dries super fast, and the contour part of it allows to completely customize the fit. I ordered a few more KL contours, two to fit her now and for a bit longer, and then a bunch for when she's bigger. I like the contour aspect of them, and I got them on sale, but they don't dry very fast (my main complaint with the Kissaluv0 we have). We *love* the Stacinator wool covers. The aristocrat cover we have is growing on me. We only use it at night cause it's so bulky, especially over a prefold. We also have a few TinyTush diapers, and they dry really quickly. They worked really well until about a week ago, when we started getting leaks nearly every time. Not sure what happened there.
Anyway, back to schoolwork! Break time is over! It is incredible how much longer writing a paper takes when you have to do it while bouncing a baby on a ball with breaks to read her a story, change a diaper, giggle with her... I feel terrible about neglecting her while I work.
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