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help! burn pain relief asap?

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help! I burned my pinky finger badly by accidentally touching a stove burner. It's small, but REALLY painful, and pretty deep. (2nd or 3rd degree, I'm guessing - it had turned white by the time I noticed.)

I'm pretty hampered right now (typing one handed) and I hurt!

What can I do to relieve the pain? I put it in cold water for 20-30 min, and now have it on ice (in a washcloth - I don't want to add frostbite.). Whenever I remove the ice, it's astoundingly painful.

ouch. help!
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Its most likely second degree, since 3rd affects the nerves and you most likely wouldn't feel it. My advice would be to try to pick up some Neosporin with pain relief. Also silvadene cream. I don't know if that can be aquired over the counter though. I had 2nd degree burns over the top of my hand from an industrial grade coffee pot. Not fun! Took a long time to heal and they were talking skin grafts.

I bet some tylenol would take away the pain of inflamation too. I used to have to soak my hand in ice water daily.
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Raw honey!
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Aloe vera
breast milk?
and I second Gitti's raw honey suggestion
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I third the honey! Research has shown it works - brings in the good guys and helps speed healing.

Keep it cool/cold until the pain is lessened, then swab some honey on a band-aid and cover it up. Change it every 15 minutes if you want to - it brings pain relief as well. My recent burn (while nowhere near as bad) was painfree within a few hours and healed up a thousand times better than the similar one I got a few months earlier - you can still see the scar from that one.
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Thanks! I'll do the honey tonight.

Dh went out and bought me some lotion with aloe and lidocane that did the trick, together with the ice (or maybe the ibuprofin).
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yes to the raw honey again! i had a pretty severe burn year before last on my hand/wrist and putting the raw honey on it definitely helped with the pain. if you put any bandaging on, try putting on a thick coat of coconut oil to help prevent sticking. honey seems to cause sticking even with the "non stick" dressing ime. and the coconut oil is beneficial for the burn as well.
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I always use calendula lotion on burns. We've never had one beyond a minor burn though.

Feel better soon!

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BTDT so many times. I waitressed for 18 years so I've tried it all (everything on this list)

What I found works the best is ice water (recommended by our local burn unit). As often as you can for as long as you can stand it. Nothing else is going to take that burn out like ice water (ice inside of water ;-))

After the sting is gone, then you can put any of the above on to heal it.

btw: Some of the creams mentioned (like silverdene) actually cuts of your ability to release heat and it will feel worse. You must get the heat out first.

good luck!
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