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Do we want to do a thread for boys and girls and not finding out? So we can keep track? I think they are fun even though I'm not finding out I still loooove to know what everyone else is doing!

Ok, well i'll start a list here i'll put what we "think" we're having in black and when you find out we'll add that next to what you predicted. All the people who aren't finding out I'll put under "yellow" for now, I'll update it when we know!

Still waiting:
durafemina- girl
lil'mama - girl
kristinb - boy
christibale - girl
nicoolmama - girl

Boy/Girl Twins!!!

Pink Team:
koalove - girl Girl!!
JudiAU - Girl!!
wishchik - Girl!!
bemommy Girl!!
sdmama- boy Girl!!
*violet* - girl Girl!!
Springbride - Girl!!
amydiane - Girl!!
Amberoxy- girl - Girl!!
teta - boy Girl!!
BlueWolf - Girl!!
Avani - girl Girl!!
MissApril - Girl!!
treehugger75 - Girl!!
chrissy - girl Girl!!
Snuzzmom - Girl!!
Sk8ermaiden - Girl!!
Angelika13 - boy - Girl!!
honeybunny65- boy Girl!!
Baize2006 - Girl!!

Blue Team:
cafechi - boy Boy!!
FiveLittleMonkeys - girl Boy!!
LizzyQ - girl Boy!!
Georgiegirl1974 - Boy!!
curious&eager - boy Boy!!
ck1 - boy Boy!!
LauraReaux - boy/girl twins Boy/Boy TWINS!!
KatyLynn - boy Boy!!
vonn's mama - boy Boy!!
Graciebell - girl Boy!!
mags - girl Boy!!
blissful maia - boy Boy!!
BlessedEarthMother - Boy!!
pinksprklybarefoot - boy Boy!!
Mamajax -boy - Boy!!
veganmama719 - girl Boy!!
serenekitten - Boy!!

Yellow Team:
Eli's mama - boy
Atruck - boy
Haren.13 - boy
rj ruiz 415
wencit - boy
Quindin - boy
KimProbable - girl
Reha - girl
penstamon - boy
SequoiasMom - boy
willowbelle - girl
Angelorum -
Chamomile Girl - girl
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We are finding out this Thursday....sigh... A part of me would rather it be a surprise but DH really wants to know and I let him decide so little...
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We are not finding out. My guess is that it is a boy. Not sure if that is b/c I have real intuition, or if I am trying to prepare myself b/c I want it to be another girl.

We shall see!
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We are finding out, but not until March 2nd. I am feeling boy, and everyone else thinks girl. I really hope for a second boy. Maybe we can also keep track of what we think we are having and what we end up having? That way people not finding out can have fun too!
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I'm finding out Feb.20. I'll be 19w then.
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Amy ~ I'm the same way We're not finding out (well, DH is finding out, but not me ), and I really really really want another girl. But, I'm pretty sure it's a boy. I think part of the reason is just to prepare myself so I'm not disappointed (though I will love a boy, too, of course ).
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That might be a cute idea. Like team pink, team blue and team yellow (or green). That way, for those who find out they can chat about boy/girl things or chat about neutral things with moms in the same situation. We will be finding out, b/c we're having a 20 wk u/s.
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yes, yes Mags. Exactly. Well,i started a list in the first post, but I am not married to the list so if you want it changed or think we should start a new thread for it that's ok too. Let me know!
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I am sooo on team yellow I really think it is a boy though... Not really sure though, obviously-lol
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We're not finding out either, but I am totally convinced it's a boy. I will eat my socks if it's not a boy.
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I think i am having a girl but no idea if i will be finding out before the birth.
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We find out on the 23rd, but I have a girl feeling, but we will see if I'm right or not!
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I am finding out on Feb 2.. hoping for a girl!
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I'm intuiting a girl, although dp wants a girl this time and wanted a boy with dd, so. . . he might just skew things boywards
(as if it actually works that way )
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I am not finding out, but I am thinking BOY
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We are having our scan on February 10th, so hopefully we'll find out then

I'm mixed boy vs girl. My intuition says boy, but I keep dreaming girl...
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We won't be finding out, but everyone in the family is predicting girl.
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Fun idea!

I should be having my u/s on Feb 25. I think I'm having a boy. Mainly because of the timing of BDing and ovulation, but also because this pregnancy reminds me so much more of my pregnancy with Camden (ds). We shall see!
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Hopefully I will be finding out during my u/s on Feb.4. I am thinking boy because my morning sickness was less severe. I will be equally happy with whatever we have.
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Both dh and I are leaning girl. I have an u/s scheduled for Feb. 20th, so we'll see!

I do feel pretty strongly about the baby being a girl. I will be very surprised if there is a penis!
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