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I found out a few weeks ago that we are having a BOY!! :
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Just got back from the ultrasound and midwife appointment today -- it's a boy!

*goes to subscribe to the "Truth About Boys" thread*
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thinking pink...

We are finding out on March 27th!!! I think it's a girl. Our ultrasound had to be delayed a week or so because my doctor is out of town on spring break!
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Jess, I am having a boy.
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We just found out we are having a girl
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it's a baby....

Hey mamas,
So we found out a bit ago and I forgot to post...SORRY! My feeling said girl....but we are having a BOY!!!! We are so thrilled...add me to the Blue team please. Good news is, we just had a boy a year ago, so we are SET UP for clothes, blankets, baby stuff galore. Congrats to all the mamas in whatever you are having.....
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We're expecting a girl. Still a bit wary of baby having a surprise penis, but we'll see
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Two ultrasounds have said girl. I hope they are right since I have so much girl stuff now
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Having a boy!

We're having a boy!:
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