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We will hopefully find out this Thursday. I don't have feelings one way or another, but if you ask my kids they both say girl.
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We are not finding out. So far, I haven't had any sort of intuition on this babe. But before DS was born, I would have sworn that he was going to be a DD! I was so surprised when he came out! So perhaps my intuition for these things isn't so great. I want a girl, DH thinks it is going to be a boy.
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We will find out on Feb 12.

I am thinking girl. Not sure though, we have 3 boys already. I will be happy with either though!!!
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I'm not finding out, but I am thinking it might be a girl, just because of DS's insistance that it will be!
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I think it is a GIRL. We will find out sometime in Feb or March when we have ourultrasound. This is my last baby and I already have a boy and a girl so I want to get the gender neutral and right sex stuff ready.

I'd be happy with either but I am slightly leaning towards wanting a girl so DD will have a sister. She and her brother get along great but there is something special about sisters.
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I'm in! I think I'm having a boy- I've had this feeling since conception. Of course, everyone has put in their two cents and its 50-50 boy/girl (surprised?)

We are not finding out, so until July....
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Not finding out here! Dd1 says she wants a brother, but I have no feeling either way.
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Team Yellow!! But strong feelings that baby will be a boy.
I've had almost everyone tell me they think the baby will be a boy, too.
I even went to Target and bought baby boy clothes, then threw in a pink onesie so I wouldn't "jinx" it. lol
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DH and I both think boy, but we'll be happy either way!! : We will be finding out some time in mid-late Feb.
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Well I'm glad there is so much interest in this topic! I will update post #1 tonight after the kids go to bed!
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I think it would be fun to keep a list of what people think/are having. DH and I aren't finding out, so add me to team yellow/green. I keep going back and forth about what I think it is, although I did have a very realistic girl dream the other night in which I told everyone the baby's name. It was very similar to the dream I had when pg with DD - the dream that solidified for me that I was having a girl. My intuition was right with her, so we'll see this time.
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I don't have strong feelings either way but I know given the timing if conception, etc., odds are good it's a girl. I'm really hoping for a boy though...
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Like a couple of others, my scan is scheduled for 20th Feb and I think I will see if I can find out.

I already have a boy and a girl so don't mind either way - altho my dd wants a baby brother so she will be the only girl!

I was strongly feeling that it was a girl until my first scan when I suddenly changed my mind. Now I think it is probably a boy.
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I'd like a girl but I'm really thinking it's another little boy. I'll find out in 5 more weeks...such a long wait!
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We weren't going to find out, but we need the 20 week u/s to make sure a blood clot has absorbed, so now my dh wants to know. I'm kind of hoping the baby will be modest. In any case, we should find out late February. I have vague girl vibes, but my vibes are always wrong!
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I think we'll find out, but we're still discussing it! Anyway, as of right now I think it's a boy!
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I'm excited to find out how our intuition pays out. I will keep adding anyone who wants to be added!
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We are finding out on February 2.

I have no idea what we are having this time. I keep going back and forth, which is funny because I just knew that DS was gonna be a boy.
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We're not finding out!
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We're not finding out either, and I go back and forth about what I think we have. No strong feelings either way.
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