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We are almost positive it is a BOY! (but we don't really have a preference, just want it to be HEALTHY!!) Don't have an ultrasound appt yet, but hoping for mid-late Feb.
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I keep having this feeling that we're having a girl. I really really really really want to have another boy. Like REALLY a lot. I adore my boys and it would be so fun to add another to the mix! If this babe turns out to be a girl at our u/s (which is coming up soon), I will be disappointed. I'll get over it and everything will be great, I'm sure.
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we are definitely going to find out in mid feb. i can't wait.

i'm almost positive we're having a BOY but of course, it may just be wishful thinking.

hoping everyone get what they want.

until then...
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I don't know!!!! I want a girl. We are finding out this week. I will be shocked if it is a boy!
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I don't know either! I can so easily imagine either! We're having the big ultrasound Feb. 13th, so we'll probably find out then. If the baby is uncooperative, at least we'll get cute baby pictures out of it!
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We are not planning on finding out until July but I am getting the girl vibe.
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I really think I'm having a girl, which is what I would choose if I could. I won't be too sad if it's a boy, but I really really think it's a girl.

We didn't find out with our last two and I loved that, BUT I am thinking about finding out this time. I don't know why. Maybe because I am such a miserable, whiny, pitiful wreck that I haven't even gotten too excited about the baby yet, and I think I will if I know it's sex. I think my u/s will be at the end of February or early March, so I have a few weeks to decide.
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Hi! I think this baby will be a girl. Before we started trying to conceive our first child, I had a strong feeling that we had a boy and a girl waiting to join our family. I think it was becase I had names picked out for either and I started to talk to them by name to ask one or both of them to show up soon! After our first child was born, I was totally against having another one for like 2 months. Then, I started to feel that little girl out there and just had to make sure she could join us! Really, I just wanted another baby . And I never did end up using the boy name and I don't remember the girl name...

So, I still feel like this baby is a girl. Symptoms are a bit different than the first pregnancy. I am actually happy either way - two boys would be a heck of a lot of fun. But, it would be really neat to have my intuition proven right since my head is usually so far up my butt that I never feel any type of inner knowledge.

So - pink for me!!! We find out on 2/12 at 10:30am - can't wait!!!
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Can you add me to the list? I think I'm having a boy. I'll let you know in a few weeks.
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We're having our u/s on Feb. 20th, too.

I think we're having a boy, just what I've felt from day one. DH believes it's a girl. Either way we'll be happy. Can't wait to find out since this is baby number 1 for us!
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DF and I are not finding out..
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we went and had an ultrasound (sort of spur of the moment~ i asked the doc to please just check real quick and she said ok) at my last ob appointment and the doc said shes 80% sure its a GIRL! im so thrilled as a girl is what i was wanting!
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Everyone in the house thinks its a girl. I'm not convinced. I tell the kids not to get too attached. I don't want anyone to be disappointed. I tell them- it might be a girl with a penis! (wouldn't be the first time!)
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Had my ultrasound today. The babe almost didn't show us the goods. . . .

My DD is very happy to know that she's going to get a sister!
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We are having a girl. Due 7/31/08 =)

Perfect addition after DS.
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I guess I'm going to hang out in team yellow...little one had his/her legs crossed
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Can I change my answer to boy AND girl? lol Now that we know we're having twins, that is our guess. We will find out in about 3 weeks.
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we're having a BOY!!!! yippidy!!! so you can update my status. had an ultrasound today and got a toilet shot of the little peepee.
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Holy cow, we've been so sick! I promise to update the first post tonight, and yes, you can change your guess anytime, especially in the case of additional babies!!!
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Well, color me shocked! I was SO SURE we were having a girl....nope! There was a very obvious penis there, so put me on the blue team!
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