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Help me educate my congressman - please!

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So my congressman (whom I did NOT vote for, but that's neither here nor there) was at my local grocery store today. I thought it the perfect opportunity to meet him and discuss my concern about vaccines. I didn't bring any research with me as I thought that this would be a more casual conversation. Anyone get a sense of foreboding?

He was asking for facts and figures and I was just sputtering. To sum up his responses: "Didn't they prove there was no link between autism and vaccines?" "The vaccine argument is like the seatbelt argument, people may not like them but they save lives." "I don't believe in letting some people take a risk (meaning get the vaccine) so other people don't have to." "If there is very little risk and a huge benefit it seems like there is no argument there."

I waited an hour to have my behind handed to me because I didn't bring my computer to back me up. The only time I was able to stump him was to say that if he believes vaccines work the only person who could potentially be harmed is the unvaxed person. He just skipped right over that.

He fancies himself a scientist, so I would like to prepare a COMPREHENSIVE collection of data for him - specifically with links to information about the vaccines NOT being tested for safety, etc. I know there was a great post in here that discussed that.

So please please spam me your best ammunition. I was so upset I was shaking in the produce section because he was so, well, political about the whole thing. And he had no good response when I asked what gave the government the right to legislate what I put in my child's body.

Help me mamas. I don't know if I will even make a difference, but it is dangerous for a congressman to be so ignorant.
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I don't have the comprehensive data you are looking for, but it's pretty easy to look up the exact years when each disease started to decline and then when the vax was introduced. Usually, the decline started well before the vax. There are plenty of those charts around this board and the sites listed in various posts.

You can also pinpoint other factors, like better water filtering systems, a sharp rise in formula feeding (so less bfing), and others. The decline in bfing certainly didn't help any disease prevention in the 40-50's. The water filtration systems did help and probably helped to strengthen people's images of the vaxes, unfortunately.

Good luck!
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well I have spent the last 3 years pulling all of my research together. To compile a comrehensive list would be impossible!

I would focus on getting a few key peices together and sending them to him, but i wouldn't hold my breath. hopefully it may make him at least pause. I have so little time, but i will try and pm you some stuff I think may be useful...may take me a few days to get it all together.
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You didn't get many responses yet. Why don't you type up and post a rough draft and let others add to it?
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suschi compiled this list which might be helpful to you. I am sure she doesn't mind me posting it -

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Who is your congressman?

Representative Dan Burton-R, of IN, introduced the legislation that took mercury out of the vaccines back in 1999. He has grand children with autism. You could have asked him if he was in favor of that legislation.


As of early 2008, Burton continued to maintain a page on his Congressional website called House.gov "Wellness Information" which included his speeches, transcripts from hearings, and newspaper articles on the relationship of autism and vaccines; the most recent posting was from June 2005.
(40 words)

My Congressman is Brad Sherman-D of CA.
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Inside Vaccines
A User-Friendly Guide to Child's Vaccinations

Both of which can be found at the bottom of this page:

Good luck!
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