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Congested with Cough

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Maya has been congested for a few days now and I just figured it was the typical nose stuffiness (my dd was like this for months after she was born), but starting yesterday she's been coughing a little bit as well! Last night was lots of congestion..we put some breastmilk in her nose and sucked out some mucous (it was yellow-ish) but when she tries to take deep breaths through the congestion, she coughs too and it sounds musous-y. When she's sleeping or not breathing deeply she's fine.. it's not consistant and not too often. Is this bad? I know there's nothing much to do on my end. She's still nursing as usual. Do I call her pediatrician (or wait..we have an appt. Tuesday)? Or should I just monitor it and start taking her temp. every now and then? If it turns to something worse will her temp. go up? I feel helpless, she's just over a week old and she's already sick!! I don't like having a winter baby.
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we're stuffy with a bit of a cough, too. it's distressing -- she's still so tiny! i use a bit of saline a couple of times a day to keep her nasal passages moist, and i put a humidfier in our room. i check her temperature in the evening or if she feels especially warm to me to make sure there's no fever. i think it would go up if it was something worse than a mild cold. we have her two-week appt on monday, so i'll just mention it to the doctor then. if maya isn't any worse between now and her appt on tuesday, i'd just hold off and ask about it then. if you think she's getting worse, by all means call. that's what they're there for!
good luck! i hope maya's better soon!
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Stuffy here too and i put milk in her nose and it seems to help but only if I do it regularly - like every few hours. Maybe that'd help with the cough too?
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Sophie has been really stuffy as well. She seems to have a huge spit up when it's especially bad. I guess it's just getting rid of the mucous. I hadn't thought of breastmilk in the nose. Both of my bigger kids have had a bad cold with fever. Thank goodness Sophie has had a fever. *knock on wood* I credit the antibodies in breastmilk.
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Funniest thing - I caught DH using the tweezers and pulling the biggest crustiest booger I'd seen in a while out of DD2's nose. The thing was *giant*! And she cried as he pulled it out, but then she could breathe much much easier.

Oh and I'd like to share my 'put the milk in the nose' method since I can't aim with my nipple very well and others might have the issue too. I express a few drops of milk onto a spoon and then tip it into her nose. Works really well!
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