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Thanks again for responding to my frustration, Panserbjorne. I think that's the trouble for me, that makes it so frustrating. I don't see things coming together. Not at all. I am pursuing fixing the mechanical problems, thank goodness, thanks to you ladies and the dental forum for making me aware of them. But it seems like I can't see the forest, despite desperately trying to see past the trees. :( I am beginning to look into the MTHFR (is that right?) stuff due to posts here, though, so maybe that will clear some trees? :)

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Does anyone know if pectum excavatum would be considered a midline issue?

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Yes, though there are probably doctors that wouldn't lump them together. The development of the sternum  happens in the first trimester...at roughly the same point where the tongue separates from the floor of the mouth.  This is when just about all midline issues actually occur as far as I understand it.

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gabbyraja, I definitely recommend asking your Dr. to test you for MTHFR (just check with your insurance co. first - it can be some pricey bloodwork I think!).  I asked my doc to test me, and she did, and I have it!  Would have never known if I didn't find these msg boards and research it on my own.  After that I took my baby to Dr. Dahl in NYC (ENT) who confirmed a subtle tongue tie (which at this point is not worth clipping because she doesn't feel it will affect her speech, but should have been clipped months ago when we were having trouble nursing.)  I have an appointment in a week with a perinatologist to discuss the MTHFR and future pregnancies.  I just read someone's post that says that these things can get worse with subsequent kids.  Why is that exactly??? I hope that diagnosing the MTHFR will help me to avoid these things in the future. 

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the answer seems to be the nutrient depletion that happens when mother's stores aren't replenished between kids. 

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I'm glad I investigated MTHFR after my first was born with tongue-tie.  I feel much better going into this pregnancy because I know I upped and monitored my nutrient levels.  I worked on cramming in lots of good stuff between pregnancies, then got some tests before conceiving.  I guess we will see in the spring about the smaller midline defects like tongue-tie or butt dimples, but at least I know from the ultrasound that there are no major ones like spina bifida or obvious heart issues.

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I just stumbled across this thread and my DD almost 3 has many of the same issues: sacral dimple, colic for at least the first 3 months, food intolerances (gluten/dairy), eczema before I cut dairy out of my diet when she was EBF, digestive problems (will go a week without pooping), she has never slept good at all - gave up naps early, has a hard time falling asleep & wakes many times during the night, AND a lip tie which I think is the cause of a large gap between her two front teeth & now what appears to be tooth decay on her front teeth. She has a deep indention on her left front tooth and the tooth next to it.  


I was wondering if any of you have experienced tooth decay with your kids with midline problems? I just ordered the book "Cure Tooth Decay" and some cell salts and pasca-dent.  We already try to follow WAP diet and she eats really healthy.


My second question, I just found out I'm pregnant with our second child.  Although my nutrition is much better than my first pregnancy, I'm still very worried after seeing how most peoples children got worse down the line.  What can I do NOW to help this baby? We do green smoothies every day and I eat at least 1/2 an avocado every day. Also nettles infusion and bone broth daily. I don't know if I should be taking prenatals or if they're more harmful than helpful? 


Also, DD still nurses ALOT and I was wondering if this would deplete more nutrients from the growing baby.

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Wow, I just stumbled across this thread, too, when I was about to post about something else.




I have spent DS's entire life trying to figure out what his issues are, and what they may have stemmed from.  We have been to every type of doctor under the sun, and have had every sort of blood test and therapist evaluation and everything is always inconclusive.  Yet I know he clearly has issues- many of the ones described on this thread.


The sacral cleft was noticed at birth by the midwives.  He had unexplained nursing/sucking issues that no LC could ever explain or find a way to help.  He has a V-shaped jaw and very crowded teeth (but surprisingly, no tooth decay at all- yet my very typical healthy 2nd child has rotten teeth!)  He also has ptosis (drooping eyelids), wierdly-shaped overlapping toes, kidney abnormality diagnosed at prenatal ultrasound which never amounted to anything, super tiny ear canals necessitating tubes long past the age they supposedly grow out of it, eczema as a baby, super fussy and always seemed miserable as a baby and toddler, horrible sleep, and suspected food intolerances although I've never identified what they are.  As well as learning/developmental delays, emotional regulation issues, and possibly Asperger's (according to one psych, but no others identified it).


I haven't read the whole thread yet but I'm anxious to learn more and see what else we can do to help since a lot of it is already a done deal.  I feel terrible that it was likely my own diet, and the fact that I was on hormonal birth control for many years before getting pregnant and never did much to improve my own nutrition before pregnancy and this likely happened in the first trimester :(  I ate fake vegetarian foods mostly and probably was quite deficient in B vitamins :( 


For those who are wondering about subsequent children, I gravitated to more WAP- style eating and my other children are super healthy and none of the possible genetic abnormalities.

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Originally Posted by Awaken View Post


For those who are wondering about subsequent children, I gravitated to more WAP- style eating and my other children are super healthy and none of the possible genetic abnormalities.


Thank you, Awaken :)  This makes me feel more hopeful about my current pregnancy and the health of this baby.  I've completely changed our diet since my DD was born, hopefully the new baby will benefit.

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Awaken, I  highly suggest this bok http://www.amazon.com/Healing-New-Childhood-Epidemics-Groundbreaking/dp/0345494512/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1313497340&sr=8-1 It's AMAZINGLY comprehensive. We've begun working on our plan w/our alternative-minded dr and seen amazing results already. GL.

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Awaken - have they ever suggested Noonan Syndrome to you?  Look it up - a lot of the things you are saying are common with Noonan Syndrome (which my third kiddo has).

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important info.

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very interesting...still need to read through it all.



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