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3 year old very lethargic and coughing alot

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I'm hoping for some help with my 3 year old. In the winter, he seems to lose alot of energy and really dislikes being outside. he is easily tired when we are walking and has periods of lethargy. I'm am getting concerned. He also seems to be catching alot of colds, but that may be due to the fact that he is in alot more playgroups this year. He seems to develop a lingering cough that lasts for weeks after every cold. He was recently on an antibiotic for an ear infection and is having really bad abdominal cramping that comes in waves right now. He just had his last dose yesterday.
He had been to an allergist and is allergic to eggs and has several environmental allergies as well.
I feed him a good diet with all whole foods, no food dye and processed food. He takes a probiotic and cod liver oil daily.
Can anyone help me? Do you think I am missing something big like asthma or another allergy?
The pediatricians just want to prescribe him an antibiotic every time I take him in. He has only taken antibiotics twice because I mostly refuse them to see if his immune system will fight off the infection on its own.
Thanks so much for the input.
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Hi Lindsay,
Would your doctor be willing to give a full blood work-up? If not, do you have another doctor you can do to for this? Once you have ruled out all possibilities of something serious, then you could approach this yourself YKWIM?

Some foods create more mucous than others, so you may want to share what kinds of food in his diet that he's eating so some of the mamas here can speak from experience.

As for tired, it definitely sounds like something is going on, but I don't want to make suggestions until anything serious is ruled out.

keep us posted,
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Asthma would be a strong possibility given his coughing lingering and the allergies. I'd say a strong possibility.
The asthma and allergies could be causing a lot of what you're describing. I'd think about possible sleep apnea (being caused by the allergic stuff) being a source of fatigue. If treating the allergies/asthma and sleep study doesn't uncover the problem with fatigue keep looking. Our fatigue did turn out to be serious here.

Is he otherwise healthy---growing well, gastro system running well, developing well?
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thanks for the input.
He is growing well.
I also suspected asthma too, mostly because he had RSV when he was 2 and was hospitalized on steriods and breathing treatments. That was almost 2 years ago and right after he developed food allergies and lots of environmental allergies.
Usually his GI system is fine with daily BMs, however he has had bad stomach cramping the last 2 days which I think is related to his AB that he just finished.
I think I will call the doctor tomorrow and insist on some testing. Any other input would be greatly appreciated.
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is your child vaccinated? That may be a big problem.
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